Employee morale is the main set of feelings, the level of satisfaction and overall outlook employees enjoy at a workplace. It has been directly correlated to productivity therefore it is a factor employers take into consideration and need to keep high.

How to maintain the morale of employees

  • Recognition: one of the most significant aspects, it is important to note that most times, employees do not consider paychecks as important as having a sense of accomplishment. By praising a supporting completed projects and keeping interested in their work, employers guarantee to raise their employees’ morale.
  • A personal approach: whether to discuss setbacks or leave positive feedback, employees appreciate one-on-one meetings with their supervisor or personalized feedback. It ensures the manager has reviewed their work and it heightens the personal connection.
  • Training and free time: employees appreciate time devoted to self-learning, therefore trainings and workshops specialized on particular areas for improvement would be appreciated, as well as time allocated for the employees to pursue their own interests and hobbies. The time is thus made up by an increase in motivation and productivity.
  • Investment: employees are in fact human capital, therefore the business should offer above industry-average benefits and compensation to keep the employees satisfied and retain top talent.

Benefits to raising employee morale

  • By raising the level of satisfaction of the employees, the latter are motivated in working more and improving their skills to achieve company goals.
  • By feeling appreciated at their work place, there is a higher chance of retaining the personnel and they would be in a positive work frame that enables open and productive communication with their peers, as well as managers.
  • By having a positive outlook, employees are able to focus on and improve the relationship with the client which leads to higher productivity and client-retention.
  • By contrasting with motivated employees, the disengaged ones are on average less efficient, have a worse relationship with the client, take more time off and have a reduced level of productivity and job satisfaction.

In every company, the method of raising morale is different and is usually correlated with the size of the business, the objectives and long-term strategy and sometimes even brand. However, a personalized approach is encouraged that best fits the company overall strategy and the personality of the employees. Suggested activities may range from team building retreats to going out to a local pub and play karaoke and there are no right or wrong answers as long as results are seen.