Employee rights

Employee rights are a common topic for discussion in our everyday life, especially among work colleagues. Any sort of discrimination at the workplace is strictly forbidden in the legal systems of the societies that are considered a part of today’s modern world.

Even though the law forbids workplace discrimination, there are still cases of wrongful employment termination, workplace harassment, and job applications being rejected due to the applicant’s gender, perceived race, disability, sexual orientation, or political views. In addition, sometimes rightful but prolong family and medical leave can negatively affect the relationship between the employer and the employee.

Employee attorney

The employee experiencing any of these situations should be informed about rights they have and the possible ways they can fight for their rights. One of them is to hire an attorney who primarily represents employees in employment-related court or mediation cases. There is a Workplace Fairness Attorney Directory where discriminated workers can find such lawyer close to their location.

Each employee should be educated about the labor rights even before them finding themselves in a situation to be discriminated against, so they know that once they initially feel under pressure they should start collecting evidence. If there is a legal case at a later stage, this will make it much easier and faster for the employee attorney to prove the employer’s discriminatory actions.

Workplace harassments

It not always easy and it takes lots of courage for a discriminated employee to speak out and come forward with a demand to have their rights protected. One of the hardest forms of workplace assault is sexual harassment. If an employee experiences sexual harassment, they should immediately report the case to Police as well as to their supervisor and the human resources department, if applicable.

There are special procedures in the law and within the Ministry of Internal Affairs for this kind of harassment, and these procedures are confidential, encouraging victims not to be afraid to report such crime. Before or after that, the harassed employee should also contact an employment attorney.

Employees should feel free to file a complaint or reports about any potential wrongdoing they witnessed at their workplace – also known as whistleblowing. That is how they will ensure their own rights are protected and raise awareness about workplace fairness. It is important for the employee to be informed that they may need an attorney in many unfair workplace situations – winning lawsuit cases against employers without a lawyer is very hard. An attorney will advise you about what details you need and how to obtain them to win the case.