Do-it-yourself or commonly known as DIY is a method used to build, modify or repair objects without any professional help. This type of behavior encourages individuals to use raw materials and spare parts to modify or remodel the material objects. This behavior has many attributes such as economic conditions, lack of materials, low quality of products and many others. It also encourages people to seek a better standard of living by acquiring the skills of craftsmanship.

The term was initially coined in 1912 with respect to activities related to maintenance and home improvement It became popular in the 1950s, where people undertook the projects of reconstruction, home improvement a well as small crafts in order to save costs and for recreational purposes too.

Presently, DIY projects cover a wide variety of skills. It is associated with rock music, radio stations, arts & crafts, as well as for military purposes.

Benefits of DIY projects

  1. It saves time and money. Once an individual understands the project details, he can save money as there will be no labor costs involved. For instance, if you want to remodel your home. The prices of the products used by you will be less, as you will buy only the essential material required. You will not have to the service charges to the experts for the project. The time required to complete the project will depend on the individual’s capability.
  2. You get to learn a new concept and enjoy throughout the process. A DIY project satisfies an individual once the activity is completed.
  3. Once you start engaging in DIY projects, you meet people of a similar nature through social networking forums or local classes organized for that particular skill.
  4. You acquire a new skill which can be a source of additional income. This may lead to a better economic standard for you.
  5. You can earn a side income that will reduce the stress of the layoff situation. This will make you confident in your work premises.
  6. DIY projects act as a good substitute during life after retirement. As it can become a potential source of income, you may opt for an early retirement and pursue the skill in an efficient manner to gain the expertise.

DIY projects in Fashion

DIY projects are very popular in the fashion world. Social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube include various online fashion videos ranging from redesigning old clothes, studded denims, and many others. Fashion videos are posted daily by individuals demonstrating how to revamp your old clothes. Videos also include remodeling jewelry, rooms, and hairstyles

DIY projects for home improvement

Various skills are demonstrated through online videos highlighting the use of hidden skills to remodel a home. Ideas are suggested by individuals to maintain your vehicle, computers, or any material property in your house. The small spare parts and tools come in very handy for these kinds of projects.

Examples of DIY projects

  • Create a pop tab bag from pop tabs of a soda can.
  • Create a lampshade using plastic spoons.