To realize the benefits of production, there is a need to ensure that the product gets to the intended consumer. This can be done through the use of various models that include among others the use of retail chains, direct sales and using sales agents and brokers among others. All of these selling models provide varying experiences as well as performance of the product in the market.

Direct sales is the process where the manufacturer embarks on providing the finished product direct to the consumer without the use on middlemen such as retailers, wholesalers or agents. Use of direct sales is among the best sales options available. It comes with a range of benefits to the manufacturers as well as the client.

Among the main advantages in using this process includes:

  • The manufacturer gets to learn of the immediate reaction of the consumer upon receiving the product. In such way, the manufacturer takes the opportunity to alleviate any fears that may be growing within the consumer society and in such way increase the consumption margins.
  • Through direct sales, consumer satisfaction is also guaranteed. The interaction between the manufacturer and the consumers offers an opportunity for the consumer to ask any impending questions, raise any fears and have then addressed in a convincing manner from a knowledgeable individual in this case the manufacturer who fully understands the technical composition of the product in the market.
  • For the manufacturer, this method offers a cost-effective means of presenting their products to the market. While the reach may be limited, the cost and time required for massive products to release to franchise and other merchants may not be necessary and therefore an effective method for beginners and those who are operating on low capital.

Of importance to note is the fact that direct sales differ in a great way from direct marketing. While marketing features more on informing and enlighten the consumer on the available products and the advantages of using the product, selling includes providing the product to the consumers and ensuring they gain by learning the advantages of using the product alongside having any fears and information regarding the product composition and usage cleared. In using this process the manufacturer gets direct contact with the consumers through manufacturer agents who are fully trained on the product specifications as well as ability to collect information from the clients to be used by the manufacturer on improving the products

Direct sales are an approach that can work well in a great way for a range of products. These include plants and machinery where the manufacturers develop products in regard to the market demands and targeting a specific type of clientele. This product is then sold to the prospective client where it is tailored to meet individual requirements, and the technical capabilities of the product are tailored to meet consumer specifications. This mode of selling is also ideal when used for food and pharmaceutical products where the manufacturers get into contact with the consumer with an intent of informing the consumer on the merits and demerits of using the product.