In sales planning, there is a need always to ensure that a target is set before embarking on the process. Delphi technique is one of the best modalities where the sales team or any other body that is embedded with the responsibility to set targets gets a chance to forecast the performance of the projected sales through the use of anonymous figures that are kept open until a consensus is reached.

This technique is used in a variety of fields that are not limited to the business sales only. It includes among others:

  • Used as a measure of performance in public sector where Enterprise Resource Planning Systems are measured in regard to their performance in regard to service provision, its effect in the mode of services provided and the life cycle of the procedures involved.
  • It is also used in the establishment of various government agencies and as well in outlining the range of services that can be offered by such agencies to the general public.
  • It provides various stakeholders in the business an opportunity to take charge in making business prepositions and decisions and in such way give a feeling of ownership hence better performance and exchange of ideas by the stakeholders.

With the prevailing technological advances, businesses are facing stiff competition and market forces that are not only from the domestic market but the international community as well. This means therefore that any decisions that are made in regard to the performance of the business required to be done in respect and focus to this wider market. It is in this regard that the Delphi technique gives an opportunity to various members of the technical team that is under obligation to make such important choices an opportunity to voice their views and as well make considerations for other choices raised by other members.

The main advantage in embracing Delphi Technique in decision-making is the fact that the panel members who are involved in decision making for the purposes of the required forecasts in business remains anonymous. In this respect, the panel members are always free from blame in regard to the outcome of the choices they pick or the forecasts they make in regard to the running of the business. In such way, free expression of ideas, criticism of the opinions from other members and admission of errors committed by the panel members is made easy and in such way giving room for better decision-making ideas. This advantage ensures the panel members are kept from regulating authorities, as well as reputation of the organization in question.

The use of Delphi technique mainly focuses on two main factors these include:

  • Forecasting – When introducing a product in the market, there is need to set ways and means of ensuring it performs optimally. This can only be done through understanding the market forces and predicting the changes that the forces will undergo upon introduction of the product.
  • Decision-making – this is an important aspect in every business angle. The technique provides a platform where amicable decisions can be made for better business performance.