A community manager is a professional, who uses his social media analysis skills for effectively delivering the necessary community updates to a company. He also taps the relevant feedback for a company and uses it for improving its products and delivering a better and effective organizational message. A competent social media manager has the qualities and skills beyond the use of basic social networks. He not only has a good background in analytics, but also has amazing communication skills, adaptive abilities, organizational skills and passion for his chosen brand. With his high-end abilities and prolific social skills, a community manager acts as a representative of his organization.

Skills that makes a good community manager

Following are a couple of skills that makes a good and competent community manager. Take a look.

  • Effective communication skills: A professional can never be a competent community manager unless he communicates flawlessly. Thus, while choosing a community manager you have to ensure that the chosen professional is a ‘people’s person’. Being the representative of the brand, a community manager has to be extremely communicative. He should be outspoken and be able to craft the ideas and opinions of the organization in any relevant medium. A competent manager will be communicable, friendly and relatable.
  • Ability to make a proper judgment: Many industries choose a community manager for analyzing and filtering the right content from a vast level of content in an organization. Due to this reason, the community manager needs to have a proper judgment. He needs to understand what, how and when to share the content. These professionals should also determine the best way of handling the feedback received from the audience. All in all, unless an individual is able to make the right judgment, he can never be a competent community manager.
  • Extensive adaptability: A community manager can never be successful in his position unless he is extensively adaptive. Flexibility at workplace is the key to becoming a successful community managing professional. This is highly relevant because, the job of a community manager may often extend beyond the simple job of communication and conversations. As a community, manager has to play a lot of roles he needs to competent enough to multi-task. He should also be adaptive to the multiple roles and work efficiently.
  • Proper background in analytics: An efficient community manager also has proper and extensive background in analytics. He should understand the way communities respond to engagement and should also be able to determine the efforts that are effective and the ones that are not. She should build tracking links in his website, analyze the traffic of his website and have a proper measurement on client impressions. He should be effectively able to incorporate the analytics in order to understand what the community is not anecdotally sharing with him.
  • Passionate about the brand: This is the final and the most effective skill that a community manager should possess. The professional should not only be driven by his basic job responsibilities, but also he should also be passionate about the brand he is working for. Instead of merely going through the company motions, he should act as the eyes and ears of a company. He should represent the company and act as its voice.