The chief sales officer (CSO) is typically a high level executive within a company or corporation, usually in charge of managing the marketing and sales-related activities of the company’s range of products and/or services. Though this C-suite executive’s day-to-day responsibilities may vary, he usually oversees the creation of sales strategies and studies sales numbers to assess how successful such strategies are. Commonly, this executive answers directly to the company’s chief executive officer (CEO).

Qualifications and Background

Most people in this role are in possession of a Master’s Degree and have no less than five years of professional experience in team leadership and management. The officer generally has wide-ranging experience and a professional background in managerial and sales roles.


The role of the chief sales officer usually starts with coming up with an overall sales approach or strategy for the company. The CSO must comprehend the varied requirements of various markets and take note of those requirements to come up with the right sales approach or strategy for those markets.

Other responsibilities that may be associated with a chief sales officer are mentioned below:

  • Delineate targets for growth
  • Qualify leads and concentrate on opportunities with maximum financial and strategic impact
  • Support pricing strategy
  • Offer direction and leadership to capture and market products and services to various markets
  • Develop solid and deep customer relationship by way of professional networks and other means
  • Proficiently identify and pursue opportunities for business development and interface with clients at the executive level
  • Function as a trusted advisor
  • Prospect, pitch and close intricate and important deals with business prospects
  • Foretell predictable revenue increase by way of analysis of the main metrics around the sales pipeline

A chief sales officer is usually expected to bring in positive sales numbers for him to remain in office.