A chief marketing officer (CMO) is a C-level corporate executive in charge of all the marketing activities or initiatives in an organization. This includes advertising, sales, electronic and web services, marketing channels, media relations, customer outreach and experience, public policy and corporate programs. A chief marketing officer is expected to have qualifications in both marketing and business. His chief objective is to enable growth and boost sales by coming up with a detailed plan to encourage brand recognition and assist the organization with getting a competitive edge. The CMO’s responsibilities usually traverse all geographic regions as well as company product lines.

Day-to-day Tasks of Varied Categories

In a particular day, the CMO may perform tasks of different categories including analytical (such as market research and pricing), interpersonal (such as harmonizing different ways of thinking in one team) and creative (such as designing promotions and advertising material). In most cases, the CMO reports to the chief executive officer (CEO).

More about the CMO’s Responsibilities

Here are some of the key responsibilities of a chief marketing officer as would appear in a job description of this high-ranking organization executive:

  • Facilitate sales and growth
  • Devise the overall marketing strategy
  • Develop product roadmap and oversee creation of new products
  • Develop market intelligence, segmentation, lead generation, sales force effectiveness, revenue retention and growth, communications and budgets, pricing, product and market development, prospecting, revenue retention and development, communications and budgets, and services units
  • Redirect or alter business intelligence strategy
  • Execute and manage marketing budget
  • Reduce costs
  • Boost revenue generation
  • Carry out risk mitigation
  • Create and measure focal metrics around the business such as conversion rates, user acquisition, satisfaction and renewal rates and engagement rates

The chief executive officer is ideally quick to respond to shifting situations in the company and shapes its comprehension of a specific project, marketing idea or sales strategy. In addition, he molds the company into a single voice.