Before engaging in any form of a project, it is always important to draw up the reasoning behind the initiation of the project. As such business case may be referred to as the justification of the project with the intent of having the stakeholders’ acceptance and approval of the project. Written after a series of meetings and research undertakings, it provides a stipulated outline of the gains that are set to be achieved once the intended project has been completed.

For effective business case to be created, there are various considerations that must be put on place. They include among others:

  • A business case requires to be convincing. It is for this reason that the writer identified for the undertaking should have adequate knowledge of the project in question. This will enable the writer to give convincing details to the audience and thereby win their approval.
  • The case should also provide information on the prevailing condition of the department where the project is expected and the reasoning behind its development as well as the persons behind the concept.
  • The research that has been undertaken to establish the need for the project should also be included. This should as well include the research methods put in place as well as the findings of the research.
  • The requirements for implementation of the project should as well be stipulated. These include among others the cost and other resources required. In such way, the budgetary allocation that is required as well as ways to source for labor and materials required are also essential.
  • The time that is required to implement the project. This should as well address the areas to be affected during the implementation period as well as the available alternatives in ensuring that the organization processes are not affected by the implementation while in progress.
  • The case should also present an elaborative argument on the repercussion of not adopting the project. This includes the consequences that the organization stands to face in the event that the adoption of the project fails.

Before the presentation of the business case to the stakeholders, it is important to ensure that the reasoning behind is justifiable. This means that it requires to be valid and present a lasting solution to the organization needs. As such the case requires to be reviewed accordingly, and necessary amendments made in accordance to the prevailing environment. This will ensure that the project’s validity is ascertained accordingly.

Writing and presenting a business case is a process that varies with the intended project. It is for this reason that the team behind its development require to have adequate knowledge of the intended project. This is can be done effectively through undertaking of extensive research that should have its focus on the status of the organization, developmental trends and the gains that are to be attained on adoption of the project. This is alongside having a series of meeting to discuss and evaluate the findings and in such way ensure that the information provided in the case is reliable.