Whether you work in a school or a corporate office, you need a tool to tell others about your post and work without verbally repeating it at every instance. For this reason, a business card is used commonly by almost all professionals working at different levels of an organization. A business card is a card that contains basic business information about a company or an individual. The common information printed on the card includes the person’s name, or business affiliation and company’s logo, his designation at the company, his postal office address, fax number and office contact number and company’s web address.

At all occasions we need business cards, be it a meeting or a corporate event. We need to give away our cards to people we might encounter. The business card should immediately tell people about an individual and should provide necessary contact informationto be used in future. Most people now keep their business cards with them in their purse so they’re handy when needed. While there are still a handful of people who fail to understand the importance of business cards. Those who overlook its significance can leave a negative professional image.

Designing of a business card: A business card is usually made on the same format as the company’s logo; same font size and color. The dimension of a business card is usually 2×3 inches. A business card belongs to an individual and can be used for networking. Hence, the importance of business cards cannot be overlooked as they form a part of the company’s overall collateral package.

Essential features that need to be taken into account when making your business cards are as follows:

  • Hiring a professional to design your business card is always a better option because they have the experience and expertise.
  • Avoid going for cheap quality; your business card tells everything about you and your organization. You can have a fair idea what image that would set.
  • Your business card should be simple and not overloaded with information so it does not look cramped.
  • The back side of the card should always be left empty. Usually the back side is empty but if you put an important chunk of information on the backside then you’re at the risk of people overlooking that piece of information. However, if you want to put something there, you can imprint your company tagline or motto at the backside to increase brand identity but care should be taken that it doesn’t give the impression of a marketing tool.