Broadcasting is the distribution of information or data to the masses via popular electronic media such as satellite media or the internet. The concept of broadcasting is derived from the practice of throwing seeds in the field in an elaborate manner to fill up a field in a quick manner. As thus the general concept of broadcasting is not about publishing media information for a specific listener but for the masses.

The concept of broadcasting was introduced by the time when Morse code was used to send electronic telegraph signals from one point to the other. At first a Morse code based broadcasting was used for military purposes, but then the business and the news media started using it as they found it to be an efficient way to send and receive information from one place to the other. With the evolution of the electronic media, radio technology came into existence in the early 1920s, which inherited broadcasting method as their primary method of sending their programs to the masses. From 1920s to today, broadcasting as a method for conveying information has come a long way and now internet based platforms like YouTube or Facebook, are providing more efficient and almost free broadcasting methods, which were not available in the past.

Depending on the economy and the means, broadcasting can be divided into these two types:

  • Commercial broadcasting: Usually ran by private sector companies, the major objective of commercial broadcasting is to air programs and advertisement to do promotion of various products and services in exchange of revenue from the advertisers.
  • Public broadcasting: Unlike commercial one, public broadcasting is fully concentrated on broadcasting news, information and quality audio and video resources toward the general population. Generally, public broadcasting services are managed and maintained by local government and government funding.

Generally, the government holds full authority of providing broadcasting license to a company or a firm. By paying a certain amount of fee, a television or radio company can achieve their broadcasting license, which will authorize them to broadcast their program to a specific demographic market. But to broadcast a program or a recorded performance through the internet by using YouTube (video) or sound cloud (audio), one does not need to get permission from any authority at all. By recording quality content and registering on the mentioned website, one will be able to start broadcasting his/her content in an almost instant manner.