Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication system. It initiates data and information exchange between mobile and fixed electronic devices within a specific distance, but, without the long and strenuous cables. This impressive technology helps us listen to music, enjoy video games and talk on the phones without the miles long cables scattered around our place. For example, Bluetooth can be used to transfer files or other important information between two phones. In a more technical term, Bluetooth can be explained as a radio wave technology. The short-range transmitters of Bluetooth send and receive radio waves to share data between electronics.

How Does Bluetooth Work?

If you want to connect your phone to a wireless speaker, for example, both devices should have Bluetooth connectivity for that. The devices should have hardware and software components required for establishing the desired connection. Ideally, the two devices that you want to connect together should have an antenna equipped chip. This chip sends and receives signals at a specific frequency. The software installed in the electronics helps to interpret the incoming signals so that a device can understand and read the signal. In case of the above example, when a Bluetooth connection is established successfully, you get to see the list of Bluetooth devices available on your phone. With this technology, your phone will have power to control and play the audio tracks on the wireless speaker. The specialty of Bluetooth technology is that it successfully detects reads and sends correct signal present in a specific range no matter how many other signals enter the wavelength.

Different Ways to Use Bluetooth

Bluetooth is fast, inexpensive and very convenient to use. Here we’ve tried to handpick few most popular and modern day uses of this technology.

  • Connect a Wireless Mice and Keyboard: Bluetooth keyboard and mice can be connected to a computer without the dongle. That way you will have free USB ports to use for other devices like the printers or flash drives.
  • Use Bluetooth to Transfer Important Files: Bluetooth is great for transferring small size files from PC to phone, computer to computer, or mobile to mobile.
  • Connects the Car Dashboard and the Smartphone: This is a great use of this technology because it allows a person to speak over the phone through the car’s speakers. You don’t need to engage your hands. Also, you can stream music to your car by connecting it to your phone.
  • Helps to Stream Audio to a Music System: You can connect your computer or Smartphone to your Bluetooth speakers to stream audios and enjoy music without the annoying cables.
  • Enjoy Video Games Wirelessly: Bluetooth controllers do this job and improve the experience of the consumers. Almost all videos games come with Bluetooth controllers today which help us get rid of the hassles of the wires.

Advantages of Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology doesn’t only simplify our lives, but it is also a far more secure connection than the Wi-Fi. To set up this connection, we don’t require many hardware components, unlike a Wi-Fi. The connection between devices can be established simply if the devices are Bluetooth enabled.