B2E (business-to-employee) is an approach, where the businesses establish the intracompany tools to provide products and services to their employees. This approach is highly unconventional and quite different from the general B2B approach or the business to consumer approach. The B2E approach has its inception due to the constant shortage of IT workers. In a broader and vaster sense, B2E tries to encompass all those aspects that businesses do for attracting and retaining competent staff in a highly competitive market. Flexible working hours, bonuses, opportunities for education, aggressive recruiting are some strategies that a business incorporates as a part of the business-to-employee strategy.

B2E Portal

A B2E Strategy specifically refers to the B2E portal, which is more like a well-customized desktop and homepage for all the members of an entrepreneurial house. Even though this portal often seems like the ‘intranet,’ yet, it primarily differs as it focuses on the needs and desires of an employee. While the focus of the intranet is an organization, the focus of the B2E portal is the employee. The B2E portal is designed in such a manner that it holds every necessary feature that an employee expects on an intranet. It has some relevant features like the corporate directory and the customer support information. On top of that, it also comes with additional personal information as required by an employee and some refreshing games for the purpose of entertainment. The aim of a B2E portal is to increase the efficiency and the satisfaction of an employee, simultaneously. It also brings a sense of unity and community in the entrepreneurial house.

Features of a B2E portal

A B2E Portal comes with several features. Some of them are listed below.

  • This portal always allows an entry from a single point. It has one URL that is used by every member of the business house for logging into the portal.
  • These portals combine business-specific and employee-specific features simultaneously.
  • The aim of these portals is to be well-customized and perfectly altered for suiting the requirements of the employees.
  • The portals come with a feature for managing the online insurance policies.
  • The various supply requests are also handled swiftly from these online portals.
  • Each of these portals comes loaded with lucrative and high-value offers for the employees.
  • The corporate announcement is disseminated from these portals.
  • The portals are equipped with a 401k management unit.

Business houses may come up with their B2E portals. Again, they may also depend on the services of the popular B2E portal developers.

Benefits of B2E models

B2E models deal with the employee and organizational benefits cumulatively. Employee benefits are availed when the relevant organizational information, scoops from the staff bulletin and other specific information are disseminated to the employees. Again, at the entrepreneurial level, B2E assists in making better decisions, reduces the costs and also improves the business processes.

Thus, if an organization is looking forward to comprehensive benefits for both the staff and the organization simultaneously, B2E business models can be a highly effective option.