Apprenticeship is a form of training that provides a new generation of practitioners of a trade skills and competencies that are necessary to perform tasks as per industry standards. The training provides hands on learning experience under the direction of a certified trainer as well as an opportunity to earn as you learn the skills.

After the apprentice has completed the required hours of training, they can write a certification exam that tests the skills that they have learned. The certificate that is issued is recognized all over the country. It is accepted across industries as a valuable indicator of high-quality standardized training.

Levels of apprenticeship

  • Entry level or intermediate
  • Supervisor level or advanced
  • Higher or manager level

As an apprentice, you have a legal contract known as the training agreement with the employer. The contract lasts until you have completed the training, and both you and the employer agree that you have completed it in a competent manner. The training agreement can be terminated with the mutual consent of the employer and apprentice.

The length of time that is taken to complete the apprenticeship may vary on the type of occupation you are training for and the level of apprenticeship. In most cases, it takes 1 – 4 years for the apprenticeship to be completed. The length of time taken may also depend on the ability and skills of the individual taking the training.

Benefits of an apprenticeship

  • Ability to get qualified and trained in a particular type of job or trade.
  • Able to earn money when getting the qualification and skills.
  • Getting a nationally recognized qualification on successful completion of training
  • Ability to get real time work experience in the workplace as it combines a mix of classroom and practical learning.

Get started

If you are thinking about getting apprenticeship training, you need to find out who can become an apprentice and the different occupations for which such programs are available. Read all available information about the opportunities available in various industries so that you are able to choose the right type of training. You may also consider doing a pre-apprenticeship training.


The employer decides where you will be trained. This can also depend on the type of training you had chosen. You can be trained on the job, at college (full time or part time) or at a training center that you can attend once a week for a pre-determined number of weeks.

Getting paid

The best aspect of the apprentice training program is that you get paid while learning the skills of a particular occupation. The amount of stipend that is paid is decided by the employer. A minimum wage standard is applicable to apprentices too.

Prepare for the future

The apprenticeship training programs can help industries prepare for the future. As business and economy diversifies, industries across sectors may face an acute shortage of technically skilled employees. The apprentice training program recognizes the demand for skilled workers and responds quickly by providing qualified and skilled workers for the ever-changing needs of the business.