Do you wish you didn’t have to interact with other humans? If you dream of spending your time working away on your own, the thought of landing a job that’s all about human interaction might frighten you.

The good news is that you don’t have to get a job that forces you to be all smiles and learn the secrets of small talk. There are plenty of amazing career options for people who dislike people.

Below are jobs that suit introverts and those who’d rather work on their own. The roles are divided into three categories:

  • Indoor jobs,
  • Outdoor jobs, and
  • Travelling jobs

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If you are a self-confessed introvert, then you know that hanging around with other people can seem daunting or even annoying. Introverts are people who like spending time alone and avoid all the hustle and bustle of spending time surrounded by other people. They don’t like to be the centre of attention – a quiet corner to themselves is the ideal situation.

While it’s rather easy to be an introvert in your personal life (just close the phone and stay home with a good book or movie!), the work life can be a little different. It can seem like you can’t avoid spending time with other people at work. The thought of having to spend eight hours a day talking to strangers or colleagues can seem dispiriting.

For the introvert, the important qualities of a job are:

  • The ability to work alone
  • A detail-oriented role
  • Focus on listening, discovering, and reading instead of speaking

Ideal introvert job


Let’s start with the safe and sound indoor jobs. The jobs are similar to your average office job with the exception you don’t have to hang out with many people.

Now, some jobs here do require some interaction – it’s hard to block yourself completely from any human interaction. However, the communication with people can be performed via e-mail or other written format. You don’t necessarily need to talk to anyone when performing these roles.

A big benefit of the following jobs is the fact that some are home jobs. You don’t even need to leave the house because you can perform them from the comfort of your couch. Not only are you able to avoid having to talk to people, but you can also work in your pajamas!

The jobs

Here is a quick outlook on the jobs and the kind of work you’d be doing. You’ll also notice the average salary in the field.


What do you do?

If you’re interested in numbers, you could work as a mathematician. You will use mathematics and technology in order to develop new principles and understand the relationships between existing equations, solving different problems along the way.

A mathematician can work in the private or the public sector. If you seek solitude, then you’ll probably go down the academic route to focus on researching rather than teaching, for example. While you’ll often be part of a bigger team, the daily job involves you working on the problems alone.

Salary expectations? $111,000 annually.


What do you do?

Statisticians are a branch of mathematics professionals with similar educational background. You will use mathematical techniques as you examine data, creating conclusions on your findings. Aside from analyzing and interpreting the data, you will often be in charge of coming up with surveys and experiments. Occasionally, statisticians will need to travel to gather data.

You might find a slight level of interaction during the collection phase but you will often be able to work alone as you interpret the data. You will create reports on your findings and you can make recommendations on how to move forward. A statistician can work in the public and private sector.

Salary expectations? $80,000 annually.

Financial analyst

What do you do?

Financial analysts don’t have to spend a lot of time with other people, as their attention is on the numbers. You might be working as an advisor although you don’t have to give tips face-to-face – many financial advisors operate fully online. The other option is to work for a bank or insurance company, ensuring things run smoothly and according to financial regulations.

In the role, you’ll need to evaluate the situation, interpret available data and write report recommendations. You might operate in a specific industry or look at the economy as a whole. Most of your job will see you crunching numbers on your own.

Salary expectations? $80,000 annually.


What do you do?

Artist is another role that’s solitary and doesn’t require you to necessarily deal with other people. It will depend slightly on what kind of artist you want to be – you could be a painter or a musician. The opportunities in the field are endless and your interactions with others depend on the kind of route you choose.

Artists are essentially professionals providing works of art in their chosen field. You’ll often do the work on your own and then present or perform it for other people to enjoy – it’s possible to be a rather recluse as an artist.

You’ll most likely be a freelancer or an entrepreneur as an artist, although certain private or public position can exist.

Salary expectations?

It’s hard to talk about salary expectations as it depends on your chosen field and your success as an artist. Here are a few examples:
  • Sculptor: $42,000 annually
  • Composer: $49,000 annually
  • Cartoonist: $42,000 annually

Creative writer/poet/blogger

What do you do?

Similarly to an artist, you might make a living by writing. If you choose to be a creative writer or a poet, you can create works of fiction and texts to inspire other people. You will probably spend most of your time at home, coming up with the right words or travel around for inspiration.

Nowadays, those who are good with words might also make a living as a blogger. It’s possible to base your blog on works of fiction but you might also write posts about things happening in the world. You might write about politics, finance or sports, for example.

Salary expectations?

It’s hard to talk about salary expectations as it depends on your chosen field and your success as a writer/poet/blogger. Here are a few examples:
  • Author: $60,000 annually
  • Blogger: $5 an hour

Computer programmer/software developer

What do you do?

As a computer programmer/software developer, you will be in charge of writing code for specific applications. You will be creating efficient software solutions and often ensuring things run smoothly within an organization, for example. Software developers can work in a range of industries from finance to game design.

Your daily tasks will include designing, writing, testing and maintaining the source code of computer programs. Therefore, you might be in charge of creating something new or you could be in charge of ensuring old software is running smoothly.

Salary expectations? $79,000 annually.
However, the salary can vary depending on the industry and the actual role.


What do you do?

An archivist is in charge of assessing whether certain information has value (in terms of a specific cause/situation) and then ensures the information is kept safe. You might be studying and analyzing documents, photographs, recordings, video clips and the like – archivist can work in a range of industries from film to archaeology, for example.

You might need to travel as part of your role but you will mainly spend the day working on your own. You will analyze the records and conduct research to establish the value of these records. The job requires great attention to detail – you will be looking after important historical records.

Salary expectations? $50,000 annually.

Audio or video engineer

What do you do?

You’re a trained professional that works with the mechanics or audio or video recording and editing. You will be in charge of capturing the video or the sound and then reproducing it to create the perfect clips and audio materials.

The role might involve editing as well, although you won’t generally be in charge of deciding the storyline or the gist of the video or audio recording – you are simply in charge of the technical aspects.

While you will often work as a member of the team, your job might be away from the main hustle. You aren’t creating things per se and therefore, you often don’t have to spend as much time with people as sound or video producers might.

Salary expectations? $53,000 annually.


Just because you don’t like people doesn’t mean you couldn’t enjoy the great outdoors. In fact, many introverts prefer the company of animals and the quietness of nature to the hustle and bustle of the office. There are quite a few great outdoor jobs for people who dislike people but want something active.

The jobs here let you enjoy outdoors and to spend time in nature. The list has jobs for those that love animals and those that just want to be away from concrete environments.

The jobs

Here are short descriptions what these jobs entail and the kind of average salaries you could expect.


What do you do?

Zoologists study animal behavior, origins, genetics and life progression. It’s the ultimate job for those who enjoy animal company but not the company of other people. You can specialize in numerous ways and either focus on a specific aspect, such as behavior, or a specific animal. There are general zoologists and specialized zoologists.

You will often observe animals, take samples, organize and conduct experiments. You might work at a zoo or other controlled environments or you might do these things in the natural habitat of the animal. While it can often be an outdoor job, certain aspects of the job take place in a lab environment.

Salary expectations? $59,000 annually.

Wildlife or street photographer

What do you do?

If you are a big fan of capturing the moment, then becoming a photographer might be your thing. The profession will see you taking photographs of various things – you might become a street photographer, capturing people and buildings, or you might go into the wild, taking photos of animals or nature in general. Naturally, your job will also include a bit of indoors work, as you’ll need to edit and develop your photos in a studio.

While there are certain photographers who need to spend a lot of time with people (wedding photography, for example), the above mentions are examples of photographers who work alone. As a street or wildlife photographer, you don’t need to interact with others – you can just travel around and snap photos.

Salary expectations? $31,000 annually.


What do you do?

Foresters are professionals who look after forests. As part of the job, foresters do ecological restoration, harvest timber, and manage the protected areas of the forest in different ways. There can also be a level of hunting or learning about the animal behavior as part of the role.

You will typically work in a natural park and most foresters work alone, although they are often part of a bigger conservation team. In this job, you will spend most of your time outdoors, either performing different tasks or simply examining the condition of the forest. The priority is to ensure the wellbeing of the forest and its ability to be a nice place for visitors and wildlife.

Salary expectations? $58,000 annually.


What do you do?

Geoscience is a broad category that includes job titles such as geophysicist, geologist and sedimentologist. You are performing tasks relating to interpreting geophysical, geochemical and geological data. With the data, geoscientists develop models of the earth and create models and systems that allow the use of natural resources.

Your job is mainly conducted outdoors in nature. You will travel and collect samples. However, you will probably also work in the laboratory, analyzing the samples and creating your models based on the findings.

Salary expectations? $89,000 annually.

Agricultural operator/farmer

What do you do?

Farmers and agricultural operators are part of an umbrella group of agriculture workers. The main goal of farmers is to produce food products for either human or animal consumption – you might work with animals or grow crops for either of those purposes. The different types of farmers include organic farmers, poultry farmers, dairy farmers, beekeepers and so on.

Now, while you might think farmers are generally entrepreneurs running their own farms, you can work as a farmworker on someone else’s farm. This will mean you don’t need to be in charge of the business but just focus on the day-to-day management of the farm.

Farmworkers and agricultural operators have many responsibilities – you will need to purchase and plant seeds or feeding stock for animals, for example. In addition, you need to maintain and manage the farming equipment and you have to ensure the practices follow government regulations.

Salary expectations? $70,000 annually.


What do you do?

Hunting is another animal-related job that doesn’t involve hanging out with other people. Hunters don’t just go around killing animals – the job also involves conservation efforts and animal welfare. It is your job as the hunter to ensure the animal population thrives, stays out of areas with human population and that the numbers stay in control.

Of course, you will also need to capture and kill the animals. The killed animals might become food product or be used in scientific study. The other similar job to a hunter could be a fisherman.

Salary expectations? $30,000 annually.


It might seem like travelling the world is not for introverts but you don’t have to like spending time with people to enjoy different locations and cultures. You might want to s the world even though you don’t want to talk to people while doing it.

As with introverts who enjoy the great outdoors, there are those who like to avoid staying in one spot. The restless introverts who want to experience different things and come to work each day not knowing quite where they’ll end up.

If you are a restless soul and you love the open roads ahead of you, here are a few travelling jobs to keep you going. You’ll get to travel without the need to hang out with others.

The jobs

Here are what the jobs for the open road lovers look like and the salaries you can expect.

Truck driver

What do you do?

You won’t get a job that combines your ability to be alone and travel much better than by becoming a truck driver. The road will see you transporting goods materials from one place to another – you can do this locally or travel across the country or different countries. The content of your truck can be anything from raw materials to consumer goods.

Truck drivers might be on the road for days and you might not have to interact with anyone except the motel owner during this time. It’s a straightforward job requiring a love of driving and the ability to stay focused for long periods.

Salary expectations? $40,000 annually.


What do you do?

If you are looking for a real adventure, you could become a modern-day explorer. The job title includes different job titles from science-related roles like marine explorers to explorers looking for hidden mysteries and past stories. You might be looking to discover new species or learn about ancient civilizations.

Explorers tend to work on their own, although you might also be part of a bigger group of discoverers. You might do the work as a freelancer or be working for a public or private organization.

Salary expectations?

It’s hard to share average salaries because it depends on what kind of explorer you choose to be and the things you study. Here are a few examples of job titles and average annual salaries:
  • Marine biologist: $70,000
  • Archaeologist/anthropologist: $61,000


It’s important to find a job that fits your personality. You’ll be spending a lot of time working away and if you don’t enjoy what you do, you’re going to burn out and have a miserable career. If you don’t like people, the above list will provide you with many opportunities to earn money and build a successful career.

You’ll have fun without being pestered by other people! So, whether you like a typical office-type job, you like to spend time outside or you just want to see the world, the above jobs are perfect for introverts.

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