SiteOps Manager

The main responsibilities of the SitOps Manager are to prioritize and manage the operations of the business’s employee/consumer website initiatives and interactions. This role will involve considerable management of site support teams, that is, other engineering teams who enable site planning, design, building, testing, deploying, web-based tool enhancement, and issue resolution.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the SiteOps Manager

Management: The SiteOps Manager plays a managerial role in the department where he leads the development of design and requirements of all the business’s websites. In this position, he also manages relationships with the business’s clients for the purpose of understanding the existent website issues and limitations.

He translates the business needs into website design plans in an effort to address those needs through website development. The SiteOps Manager also maintains processes and tools necessary for the effective implementation and management of web content ensuring quality assurance across all of the business’s websites.

The SiteOps Manager further manages site and content configuration by using various content management solutions, especially SharePoint. In this position, he manages the content staff, by training and developing their familiarity with new technologies, developing their accuracy and skill on existent technologies, developing and maintaining schedules, and providing final approval and validation of links.

Analysis: The SiteOps Manager also plays an analytical role where he is tasked with the weekly/monthly analysis of the business’s websites in an attempt to identify trends, potential site enhancements, and to identify and address site inefficiencies.

The SiteOps Manager also identifies suitable maintenance updates and ensures that notification guidelines are met. In this capacity, he drafts reports and recommendations for senior SiteOps management for further formulation of solutions and decision-making.

Testing and Maintenance: The SiteOps Manager additionally provides website support in case of incident and in problem resolution initiatives, constantly ensuring that all initiatives stay within the confines of the business’s policies and industry best practices. In this position, the SiteOps Manager is tasked with writing T-SQL queries to support issue resolution initiatives.

The SiteOps Manager is also responsible for the development and implementation of testing procedures for all new programming development, inclusive of criteria, testing processes, communications with the programming staff on test results, and the validation of the accuracy and completeness of necessary changes. After site issue resolution, it is also his duty to effectively communicate any changes to both internal and external users/clients.

Collaboration: The role of the SiteOps Manager is an extensively collaborative one. The SiteOps Manager works closely with senior SiteOps management in the management of the business’s websites, regular monitoring of service level metrics, provision of proper escalation to the business’s consumers, and improvement of processes.

He further works closely with the business’s clients to support and assist in their issues and requests. The SiteOps Manager will also work with the business’s external website hosts in understanding the current relationship and the management of new and existent sites, domains, and billing processes.

He will also work with the programming engineering teams in assuring they stay informed on all initiatives, issues, and changes that impact their work on the business’s websites.

Knowledge: The SiteOps Manager is additionally charged with maintaining a keen understanding of the business’s websites, ensuring proper documentation, processes and procedures, and maintaining user manuals and their regular updates. He also keeps up with the current business trends and best practices, ensuring that the websites offer users/clients the best interactive experiences possible at any given moment.

Other Duties: The SiteOps Manager also performs similar duties and duties as delegated by the Senior Manager SiteOps, Head of SiteOps, Director IT Operations, Chief Technology Officer, or the Empoloyer.

Required Qualifications of the SiteOps Engineer

Education: The SiteOps Manager must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in practical experience is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A candidate for this position will have had at least 3 years of working experience in either a supporting role as a SiteOps support staff or as a website systems administrator. He will also have had experience in technical project management within a fast-paced environment as well as experience with the direct supervision of a technical engineering team.

The candidate will further have experience working with a scripting language, for example, powershell and have an intimate understanding of operational principles, for example, monitoring, capacity planning, and incident handling. The candidate must have had experience with automating processes, for example, deployments and repairs and a deep knowledge of DevOps principles.

He will suitably have had experience working in an ecommerce environment preferred and experience working with C# inclusive of experience working with web services. He will additionally have gathered experience using and configuring CMS systems and the administration of solutions based on JavaScript, .NET, HTML, jQuery, JSON, among other web technologies.

Communication Skills: The SiteOps Manager must be an excellent communicator both in written and verbal form. He will need communication skills in his collaborative role where he will be required to convey sensitive information and instruction to collaborating teams, ensuring optimal management and maintenance of the business’s websites.

Communication skills will further be a necessity in his managerial position which will require that he convey instructions and sensitive information in a clear manner in order to ensure the proper execution of functions. The SiteOps Manager will further be required to draft regular reports and recommendations for senior SiteOps management. These reports have to be clearly articulated, concise, and convincing, influencing accurate decision making within the department.

Technology/Software/Analytical Skills: The candidate for this position will need to be technologically adept and display exceptional computer skills. He must demonstrate proficiency in MS SQL, TSQL and other server related tool-sets such as

The candidate must also be fluent in one or more scripting and development language, for example, and PowerShell. He must also demonstrate vast knowledge of monitoring software, for example, SCOM, Foglight, and Keynote and have a strong understanding of PCI/SOX.

Interpersonal Skills: The SiteOps Manager must also be highly effective in the prioritization of tasks, have excellent analytical and problem solving skills, have exceptional attention to detail, have an ability to work effectively in a collaborative setting, be highly organized and detail-oriented, have an ability to multitask and meet tight deadlines, work comfortably in a constantly evolving environment, and have an ability to stay calm in a constantly evolving environment.

People Skills: A candidate for this position must additionally be a people person who is highly capable of forming strong and lasting relationships with other people. He will be likable, approachable, and relatable, inspiring confidence in others who will then be more willing to trust and follow in his insights, judgments, and directives.