Senior Recruiter

The Senior Recruiter is primarily responsible for the management and overseeing of all recruitment activities in the junior departments of the business. The Senior Recruiter has a keen understanding on all levels of the full-life cycle recruitment and takes full accountability of the recruiting activities conducted by the junior recruiting personnel.

The Senior Recruiter collaborates with senior recruiting management in designing and driving recruitment strategies, processes, and programs that will attract and acquire talent in the market all the while ensuring their alignment with industry best practices.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior Recruiter

Management and Recruitment: The Senior Recruiter plays a managerial role where he oversees all recruiting activities in the junior department and manages the full-cycle recruiting process; all the way form from sourcing, to negotiation, and closing. He evaluates, interprets, and explains talent-based selection tools to junior recruiting management, guiding them through the entire recruitment process when needed.

The Senior Recruiter also oversees and participates in searches and screening of candidates through referrals, social media, and other sources. He creatively sources candidates from multiple channels inclusive of research, social media, networking and so forth. The Senior Recruiter will also coordinate interviews and offers, and implement programs that attract a diverse talent pool. He manages all phases of candidate interviews inclusive of phone interviews, debriefing meetings, and online interviews.

The Senior Recruiter ensures the selection of the top most talent in the market through the assessment of capabilities, experience, and potential as well as systematizing the screening process across the department in order to ensure that all recruiters are aligned on selecting the right culture fit for the business.

Strategy/Tactics: The Senior Recruiter also plays a strategic role where he builds scalable talent acquisition programs and processes, inclusive of sourcing platforms, workforce planning, social media recruitment strategies, interview scheduling, interview training, feedback processes, and new-hire onboarding.

In this position, he works together with the junior recruiters in order to aid them in understanding the business’ hiring needs and effectively develop and execute recruiting strategies for all business functions. The Senior Recruiter is additionally responsible for constantly improving existing recruiting programs, processes, and developing innovative strategies for finding the top most talent and developing a sourcing plan for filling the open positions in the business inclusive of creating a consistent pool of candidates.

The Senior Recruiter further plays a role in the designing of interview panels, creating strong assessment criteria rubrics, and ensuring that the business sticks to the process.

Analytics: The Senior Recruiter is tasked with an analytical role and here he establishes accurate recruiting metrics in order to assess the effectiveness of the existent recruitment strategies and processes as well as drive process improvements. The Senior Recruiter additionally conducts extensive research and analysis on talent acquisition systems in order to ensure that data is captured accurately and that the most suitable candidates are eventually selected for hire in the business.

This data is also essential since it aids senior recruiting management in making data-driven decisions and strategy formulation. The Senior Recruiter additionally develops metrics and reporting systems that drive continued strategy and process improvement.

Collaboration: The role of the Senior Recruiter is also a collaborative role. In this position, he liaises with junior recruiters, mentoring them in recruiting best practices and in the use of recruiting tools. He further collaborates with senior recruiting management in establishing recruiting tools and strategies as well as recruiting goals and targets. He also collaborates with key internal stakeholders in the refinement of employee value proposition and the establishment of a recognized employment brand for the business.

Knowledge: The Senior Recruiter also has the responsibility of maintaining knowledge in the business as well as knowledge of the business, having a clear understanding of why candidates and the best talents would be interested in working at the business. The Senior Recruiter stays abreast of the latest market trends and best practices, ensuring that the business has an added advantage in a highly competitive market in regard to attracting the best talents.

Through his various research, the Senior Recruiter may also provide the HR department with broader people-related insights, inclusive of those related to compensation, technology, benefits, employee engagement, talent management, and talent development.

Other Duties: The Senior Recruiter also performs other duties as are necessary for the proper execution of his duties and duties as delegated by the Head of Recruiting, Director Recruiting, the Chief Human Resources Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Senior Recruiter

Education: The Senior Recruiter must have a High School Diploma or G.E.D. College Coursework or a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or any other related field is preferred. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had at least 5 years of recruiting experience, working in a recruiting capacity, preferably as a junior level recruiter. The candidate will also demonstrate great networking skills and ability to enable high-quality recruiting partnerships.

A suitable candidate will, therefore, have a track record of establishing strong relationships and acting as a coach and talent advisor for the business’s junior level recruiters or support personnel. He will demonstrate a passion for sharing knowledge and mentoring junior team members aiding them in the development of their skills. He will additionally have proven and successful experience engaging in full-cycle recruiting within a highly competitive environment.

Communication Skills: Communication skills both in verbal and written form are a necessity for this position. The Senior Recruiter must possess these skills in order to facilitate effective communications between himself and junior recruiting personnel, which will lead to the effective execution of duties and enhanced performance levels. Communication skills will also be necessary for facilitating clear communication with candidates and potential talents.

He must be able to sell the business’s messages and convince these candidates and talents into taking position at the business. Communication skills are also essential for drawing reports directed at senior recruiting management and senior stakeholders for decision making and strategy formulation. These reports must, therefore, be clear, concise, convincing, understandable, and tailored to suit each particular audience.

Computer Skills/Ms Office: A suitable candidate for this position must possess great computer skills and demonstrate high proficiency in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. All of which are necessary for the creation of visually and verbally engaging recruitment materials for candidates, junior recruiting management, and collaborating personnel as well as reports for senior recruiting management, executives, and key stakeholders. The candidate must additionally be proficient in the workings of communication software such as Skype.

Technological and Analytical Skills: The candidate for this position will have to demonstrate basic knowledge of technological and social platforms and tools. He will have an understanding of recruiting metrics and an ability to back up the business’s recruiting goals and projections with existing data. He will also demonstrate an ability to analyze the performance of the existent recruiting strategies/tactics and procedures.

Interpersonal Skills: The Senior Recruiter must possess certain attributes that make better suited for the position. A candidate for this position will be comfortable working in a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment, be welcoming to change, be comfortable working in a collaborative/group setting, and be highly organized and process-oriented.

He will be self-motivated working under minimal supervision, have keen attention to detail, have excellent problem-solving skills, and have an ability to maintain composure in times of uncertainty and stress, inspiring the same in his team.

People Skills: The Senior Recruiter must also have exceptional people skills, which will attract top talent and candidates to the business. He must be capable of establishing strong and meaningful relationships with others and as a representative of the business’s image to potential hires; he must be a likeable and relatable individual, which will bring out a similar perception of the business to candidates and talents in the market.

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