Senior Product Analyst

The Senior Product Analyst generally plays the role of supporting the efforts of analyzing, reviewing, as well as evaluating informatics system and consumer needs performed by the Product Analyst. The Senior Product Analyst documents product requirements, defines the business’s scope and objectives in terms of the product, and finally comes up with systems that parallel the overall business strategies.

The Senior Product Analyst does not work alone. He also works collaboratively with key project team members in defining product requirements, designing functional solution for the product, identifying and resolving project issues, as well as ensuring the solutions formulated meet requirements. This role requires extensive experience and judgment in order to plan and accomplish goals; as such, the role of Senior Product Analyst is a role best suited for an individual progressing from the role of Product Analyst.

Objectives and Responsibilities of Senior Product Analyst

Data Evaluation: The Senior Product Analyst evaluates data formulated in conjunction with the Product Analyst and applies the results in influencing the direction that other product departments take as well as informing decisions of the business. At this capacity he also works closely with other Data Engineering departments in order to develop core data sets that promote accurate product analyses.

Collaboration: The Senior Product Analyst has also been tasked with the duty to partner with other product teams, for example, the Product Management Department and the Product Marketing Department. This is for the purpose of defining goals collaboratively as well as the identification of key metrics for the products.

At this capacity, the Senior Product Analyst also works closely with the Product Engineers in order to rapidly design experimental products and iterate on the results.Further, at this capacity the Senior Product Analyst also liaises with senior management in matters of significance in order to determine methods and techniques that will lead a product project into successful completion.

Educational/Informative Role: The Senior Product Analyst is also responsible for the education or informing of other product departments on the patterns and trends in consumer behavior. In this capacity the Senior Product Analyst also points out new product opportunities and presents reports that are meant to increase an overall understanding of key product metrics.

Quality Checks: The Senior Product Analyst is responsible for ensuring that the business’s products are of the utmost quality. In doing this, he monitors the product and ensures that it is in compliance with local and international quality standards. He also evaluates and monitors quality check trends in the market to ensure that the business product quality is always up to standard. The Senior Product Analyst is also tasked with the development and management of the product’s quality review process.

Product/Project Auditing: The Senior Product Analyst is also responsible for presenting proposed budgeting allocations to the Head of Product Analytics as well as maintaining account summaries of a particular product project. He is also responsible for organizing and analyzing audit data as well as summarizing audit findings for the senior managers’ review.

Required Qualifications of Senior Product Analyst

Education: A Senior Product Analyst has to have at least one degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Science, or Engineering. As a bonus, a candidate will have professional certifications in either CPA or CFA.

Experience: Must have had 3 to 5 years of experience as a Product Analyst. A proven track record in the use of quantitative analysis to impact key product decisions and also have an impeccable ability to effectively communicate results of complex analyses.

In this requirement, a good candidate has had adequate experience working in a scripting language, for example, Ruby, Python and PHP. In addition, the candidate must have a concrete understanding of common statistical methods and applications such as experimentation, regression, and probabilities.

Communication: A Senior Product Analyst must have strong written and verbal skills, inclusive of the ability to communicate technical subjects to non-technical audiences, such, as stakeholders and directors of the business.

Creative and Analytical Skills: A good Senior Product Analyst has a strong analytical aptitude, and possesses the ability to quickly convert complex business processes into understandable and easy-to-manage processes and decision points. In addition to this, he is also able to creatively analyze and adapt functional requirements into alignment with any budgetary constraints and emerging technologies.

Team Player: As much as a good Senior Product Analyst has the capacity to work alone, he is also able to work with members of other product departments in researching issues and reflecting the findings of those researches on the product’s roadmap.

JOB SKILLS REQUIRED FOR Senior Product Analyst
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