Senior Manager SiteOps

The Senior Manager SiteOps oversees the activities of the junior SitesOps team, leading the team through all website activities. He is highly knowledgeable, talented, and passionate about technology, and seeks to exploit his skills in the management and development of the business’s websites. The Senior Manager SiteOps is driven by the primary objective of increasing client engagement, in turn increasing revenue for the business.

He is responsible for improving site and service quality, enabling cross-functional partnerships leading to optimal site management, attraction and retaining of consumers, and attraction and development of junior SiteOps talents. The Senior Manager SiteOps focuses on leading and continuing the alignment of junior SiteOps teams and integration of solution and development measures in the business’s existent websites.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior Manager SiteOps

Management: The Senior Manager SiteOps plays a managerial role in the SiteOps department first by monitoring and overseeing the activities of the junior SiteOps team. The Senior Manager SiteOps leads the junior teams in routine maintenance of systems, inclusive of security patches, backups, system monitoring, and so forth.

He oversees the maintenance and setup of automated configuration management of the business’s sites across various staging and production servers such as Puppet. He also conducts regular physical and virtual server setup and database administration inclusive of migrations and backups. He manages database configuration, replication, and scaling, ensuring compliance with the business’s standards and policies as well as industry best practices.

In his managerial capacity, the Senior Manager SiteOps also oversees site log inspection, testing, intrusion detection, among other services. The Senior Manager SIteOps also maintains an accurate overview of all site activity and constantly strives to find new and more effective processes that will enable excellent site management every day.

Strategy: The Senior Manager SiteOps plays a managerial role where he leads the formulation of site maintenance strategies based on performance testing of the websites. He plans for website client experiments that enable further scaling strategies in anticipation of future growth.

In this position, the Senior Manager SiteOps applies project management skills in overseeing all operational initiatives linked to the business’s sites. He also oversees and develops the operating budget for the websites and identifies opportunities for improvements in areas of inefficiency. The Senior Manager SiteOps is further tasked with aligning strategic website plans with the business’s overall performance goals.

Deployments: The Senior Manager SiteOps plays an active role in the deployments of the business’s sites and features, ensuring that these deployments are as smooth as possible.

Research and Analysis: The Senior Manager SiteOps also plays an analytical role in analyzing, tracking, compiling, and reporting all site statistics to senior SiteOps management in a timely manner. He also conducts research and communicates useful trends across the SiteOps department.

It is also the Senior Manager SiteOps’ duty to identify and test new utilities and software in an attempt to uncover their usefulness in site enhancement. The Senior Manager SiteOps will conduct analyses on solution options as presented by senior management, aiding in the establishment of solutions, plans, processes, and procedures that yield the best possible website results.

Collaboration & Relationship Management: The role of the Senior Manager SiteOps is a highly collaborative and interactive one. In this position, he is tasked with meeting consumers in an effort to review site performance and identify insights on areas of improvement. The Senior Manager SiteOps also meets with potential clients in an attempt to make them aware of the operating capabilities and advantages of the business’s websites, simultaneously assisting in the sales process. The Senior Manager SiteOps will further work closely with the senior SiteOps management in communicating current business results in relation to the website through regular reports and recommendations.

Other Duties: The Senior Manager SiteOps will also perform similar duties and duties as delegated by the Head of SiteOps, Director IT Operations, Chief Technology Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Senior Manager SiteOps

Education: The Senior Manager SiteOps must have a bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in practical experience is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had at least 5 years of working experience in a website administrative position or a SiteOps position, preferably working as a SiteOps Manager within a fast-paced and fast-evolving environment. He will also have had successful experience maintaining a secure web hosting environment for a business as well as experience with basic database maintenance and administration. The candidate must also have had experience working with MySQL databases and experience with load-balancing.

The candidate must additionally demonstrate experience in the management of server security as well as experience managing web applications such as Apache and HTTP. The candidate will also be highly knowledgeable and experienced in site deployment and database migration. A suitable candidate will also be highly experienced working in virtualization environments as well as experienced in working with Rackspace, Redis, Memcached.

Communication Skills: A suitable candidate for this position will demonstrate exceptional communication skills, both in written and in verbal form. He will also demonstrate equally good listening skills. Communication skills will be necessary for this position due to its highly collaborative and interactive nature.

The Senior Manager SiteOps will need exceptional communication skills in his managerial position, where clear conveyance of information will greatly determine how junior SiteOps teams execute tasks. The Senior Manager SiteOps will also need excellent communication skills in his collaborative and interactive role where the quality of his communications will determine how effectively collaborative tasks are executed and how well information is exchanged, ultimately leading to consumer satisfaction and retention as well as revenue generation for the business.

He will also need exceptional communication skills in drafting reports and recommendations for senior SiteOps management, having ability to convey the most complex messages in a clear, understandable, and convincing manner, leading to accurate decision making within the department.

Technology/Software/Analytical Skills: The Senior Manager SiteOps must also be technologically adept and possess exceptional communication skills. He will demonstrate aptitude for working with Internet tools such as databases, multimedia technologies, and web-based reports.

He must also possess advanced knowledge in HTML, Git, and CSS and monitoring software such as Foglight, SCOM, and Keynote. He must additionally be highly skilled in the use of Ms Office applications, specifically, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, and MS Access.

Interpersonal Skills: The candidate must be a visionary and a strategic thinker, be highly analytical, have strong attention to detail, have an ability to handle multiple projects and meet tight deadlines, work comfortably in a fast-paced and fast-evolving environment, be self-motivated and proactive, and demonstrate an ability to remain calm under pressure and in uncertain times.

People Skills: The Senior Manager SiteOps must also possess exceptional people skills, having an ability to form strong and lasting connections with others. He will be a people person who is likable and approachable, inspiring trust and confidence in his senior, juniors, and most importantly in the clients.