Senior Manager Marketing Operations

The Senior Manager Marketing Operations has the primary role of managing the marketing processes of the business as well as overseeing the junior marketing team. The Senior Manager Marketing Operations works closely with marketing managers, the sales department, finance department and other departments as needed in relation to marketing activities.

It is the Senior Manager’s responsibility to ensure that there is smooth execution of all marketing programs. The Senior Manager Marketing Operations also plays a leading role in marketing strategy formulation and the general improvement of the effectiveness of the entire marketing department in solving marketing challenges.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior Manager Marketing Operations

Strategy: The Senior Manager Marketing Operations plays a major role in marketing strategiesand data governance for all of the business’s marketing campaigns and activities. In this capacity, he defines, communicates, implements, and optimizes new functionality and tools within the marketing departments in order to improve data accuracy and quality, which will in turn bring about better insights and influence creation of better and more effectivemarketing campaigns. The Senior Manager Marketing Operations, in conjunction with senior marketing operations management, also defines ROI and KPIs for the purpose of shaping and influencing the shape and direction that marketing campaigns will take.

Opportunity: The Senior Manager Marketing Operations also has a responsibility in keeping an eye out and identifying areas for process efficiency and improvement in marketing programs and campaigns. He consistently gathers knowledge on new and emerging marketing trends and best practices that will ensures that the business stays competitive in the market in terms of sales, acquisition, and retention. Here, the Senior Manager Marketing Operations is serves as an evangelist for continued adoption of suitable technology across the marketing and sales departments in order to enhance program performance and deliver results for the business.

Analytics: The Senior Manager Marketing Operations plays an analytical role where he conducts analysis on marketing program and campaigns performance. He supports marketing programs execution and attribution across Google Analytics, Salesforce, Marketo etc, and makes sure recommended improvements to existing processes and systems are implemented appropriately. The Senior Manager Marketing Operations also defines, extracts, reports, and interprets key metrics in regular marketing dashboard.

At this capacity, the Senior Manager Marketing Operations extracts data and information from online reporting and databases, which aids in accurate measurement of the business’s marketing campaign performance and the subsequent formulation of solutions. He also builds and manages marketing financial plans with various marketing managers ensuring effective utilization of resources and maximization of campaign initiatives’ potential.

Management: The Senior Manager Marketing Operations also plays a managerial role in managing the maintenance of target segmentation, data cleanliness, and touch cadences. At this capacity the Senior Manager Marketing Operations works to instill the departmental vision in all departmental levels, and establish a culture of continuous improvement.

He also, oversees the operating efficiency of the marketing automation systems inclusive of lead scoring, data workflows, revenue model, and reporting. The Senior Manager Marketing Operations also manages and oversees the budgetary allocations of the junior marketing operations department as well as voicing financial needs of this group to the finance department.

Collaboration: The role is also naturally collaborative and, as such, he collaborates with internal marketing departments in order to ensure that marketing programs meet business objectives and also to identify areas where new investments could yield targeted ROI. The additionally partners with the Senior Manager Marketing Operations sales department for the purpose of developing, executing, and ensuring that strategies between CRM and marketing platformsare aligned with the targets and objectives of the business’s marking goals as well as the overall goals of the business.

In his collaboration with the sales department he also follows up on leads, ensuring visibility through the department and timely follow-ups that ensure CRM is employed effectively by the sales team. The Senior Manager Marketing Operations also partners with the business’s online presence team and the IT departments for the purpose of ensuring that inbound traffic is translated into qualified leads and also providing support by relaying information on technological best practices that will drive effective prospecting. He also partners with the finance department in calculating and determining the marketing operations department’s budgetary requirements, allocation, and distribution.

Other Duties: The Senior Manager Marketing Operations also performs other duties as he deems  fit in the execution of his duties or duties as delegated by the Head of Marketing Operations, Director of Marketing Operations, the Chief Marketing Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Senior Manager Marketing Operations

Education: The Senior Manager Marketing Operations must have a bachelor’s degree (master’s preferred) in a business related or technical field, for example, Information Technology, Marketing, Public Relations, Computer Science, Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable.

Experience: The candidate for this position must have had working experience of at least 5 years in the marketing field. He must also have amassed skills in the utilization of marketing automation systems and CRM in order to drive successful campaigns. A suitable candidate will also have a proven and successful experience working as a leader in a marketing project leading a team from conceptualization to the achievement of the project’s objectives. A suitable candidate will also have had experience working in a finance position in a marketing program of substantial value.

Analytical Skills: The Senior Manager Marketing Operations has to be a data driven individual with an ability to interpret data and present results to senior operations management and business executives. He has to possess exceptionally strong qualitative and quantitative analytical skills. He has to have an ability to translate data insights into strategies for future marketing initiatives.

The candidate for this position has to have amassed vast experience in order to demonstrate proficiency in working with Google Analytics, Marketo, and Salesforce. He must also be a results-driven individual with a strong ability to conduct quantitative data analyses in determining ROI, program effectiveness, forecasting, and lead volume trends.

Communication Skills: A candidate for this position will need to have exceptional communication skills that will enable him to effectively convey important information down the line and to cross-functional personnel, which will facilitate smooth and efficient execution of duties. Communication skills will also be necessary in the preparation of reports and presentations directed to senior marketing operations management and key stakeholders. The candidate must be capable of tailoring even complex messages in consideration of the audience at hand and delivering messages in clear, concise, and unambiguous terms.

Ms Office/Platforms: The Senior Manager Marketing Operations must demonstrate proficiency in Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel, necessary in the creation of both visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations. He must also be proficient in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, WordPress, Linkedin ads, Facebook ads, and Twitter ads.

Interpersonal Skills: The candidate for this position must possess multi-tasking and organizational skills,have an ability to work comfortably in a fast paced environment, have a keen eye for detail, have an ability to prioritize and meet deadlines. The candidate must also have exceptional project management skills, and demonstrate an ability to stay calm and composed while inspiring the same in others during stressful and uncertain times.

People Skills: The Senior Manager Marketing Operations must also possess exceptional people skills, enabling him to relate easily with cross-functional groups. People skills will make him relatable and approachable, making it easy for junior management to follow in his directives and earning the trust of collaborative and senior marketing operations personnel.

JOB SKILLS REQUIRED FOR Senior Manager Marketing Operations
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