Senior Interaction Designer

A Senior Interaction Designer is a multi-skilled and multifaceted designer who, with the assistance of the Interaction Designer, assists in the translation of products and shortcomings into new and improved consumer experiences. The Senior Interaction Designer forms part of a team that is focused on bringing out the best possible consumer experience.

The Senior Interaction Designer simplifies complex products and user flows and makes them accessible, beneficial, intuitive, and easy to use products and product interfaces. The Senior Interaction Designer teams up with the various product managers, engineers, and product designers form the beginning of the product’s life cycle to the end.

The Senior Interaction Designer takes part in the ideation and designing of breakthrough consumer experiences and innovative solutions through the business’s product. The Senior Interaction Designer works especially close with the Creative Director in order to formulate and advocate for the product’s vision.

From Research all the way to Production, the Senior Interaction Designer collaborates with product developers and product designers in an attempt to develop innovative experiences that suit each and every faction of the consumer base.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior Interaction Manager

Collaboration: The Senior Interaction Designer is tasked to collaborate with the product development department as well as the product visual designers in order to execute approaches and solutions based on user research.

At this capacity, the Senior Interaction Designer also works alongside the product development departments in comparing and contrasting their various design approaches and solutions before deciding on the best approach to apply in improving the product for consumer experience purposes.

Research: Apart from the research conducted by the Interaction Designer, the Senior Interaction Designer is tasked with conducting his own research that is focused on the identification of patterns in the market that support excellent consumer experience. This may involve researching on the most competitive products and realizing their competitive edge over the business’s product in terms of consumer experience.

Communication: The Senior Interaction Designer is also responsible for ensuring that there is consistency in proper documentation and communication of interaction designs amongst the Interaction team and the product development teams. This is done to ensure that even the smallest approved design modifications and enhancements do not get lost in the noise of product development, which will hinder the achievement of the main agenda; consumer experience enhancement.

At this capacity, the Senior Interaction Designer is also responsible for ensuring that the members of the product design departments and the product development departments have easy and open access to the materials that describe consumer needs and the latest approved product design enhancements.

Education: For proper execution of his purpose, which is the improvement of the consumers’ experience through the product, the Senior Interaction Designer cannot simply rely on the proper documentation and communication of approved interaction designs.  The Senior Interaction Designer must additionally take up the task of educating the product development department and the product design departments on how to further create and maintain new design systems as consumer needs evolve.

Consumer Relations: The Senior Interaction Designer, like the Interaction Designer, works towards regular consumer interactions. However, the Senior Interaction Designer does not simply endeavor to get feedback that will be used in the near future in the enhancement of products. Rather, the Senior Interaction Designer is focused on the establishment of long term relationships that will ensure that consumers perpetually provide the business with consumer experience insight and tips on how to improve the product now and in the future.

Required Qualifications of the Senior Interaction Designer

Education: The Senior Interaction Designer must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design, Graphic and Visual Arts, Service Design, Interaction Design, Information Science, Industrial Design, Marketing, Computer Science, or any other degree in a functional field.

The alternative for this educational background is an equivalent in work experience.

Experience:  A suitable candidate will have an experience of 10 years in consumer-centered design research, consumer interaction design principles, product ideation, product definition, methodologies, and processes. In addition to this, the candidate must have a proven track record of successfully working with a product development and product design team from the beginning of a product’s lifecycle all the way to its end. The candidate will have, in the past, collaborated with diverse business departments and disciplines in the creation of new product ideas and opportunities.

The candidate must also display superior skills in graphic designing, typography, visual presentation development and layout. It will also be an advantage if the candidate has experience in a technical field for the purpose of creating tangible product prototypes to be used in presentations for product departments.

Software: Due to the position’s requirement for engaging and in-depth visual presentations, a candidate must demonstrate proficiency in the latest Adobe platforms, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign softwares.

Ms Office: The Senior Integration Designer must also be proficient in Ms Word and PowerPoint in order to create engaging content for presentations made to the product development and design departments in the performance of his functions.

Adaptability and Creativity: A Senior Interaction Designer will possess an ability to learn quickly and formulate immediate solutions for product improvements and enhancements. This is because the product market is constantly evolving and what will deliver complete satisfaction to the consumers today will definitely not be what delivers them satisfaction tomorrow. The position, therefore, requires the occupier to have a high level of creativity and fast adaptability to come up with prompt solutions and product approaches that guarantee constant consumer satisfaction in a volatile marketplace.

Communication Skills: The Senior Interaction Designer, as the title suggests, needs to possess excellent communication skills since the position demands a great deal of interaction with, product development and design departments as well as the consumers. Good communication skills will, therefore, ensure effective clear and effective communication and conveyance of information between all the involved parties. Communication skills for this position will have to be great both in written and verbal form.

People Skills: The candidate for the position must also demonstrate exceptional people skills for the purpose of ensuring that all interactions necessary for the performance of the role’s functions are carried out smoothly. This will ensure that the goal of enhancing consumer experience through the product is reached without unnecessary complications. People skills will also enable the Senior Interaction Designer to influence colleagues into accepting and adopting new product designs and enhancements and, therefore, speed up the process and facilitate prompt goal achievement.

Interpersonal Skills: The most prominent interpersonal skill for this role is a passion and readiness to collaborate with other key creative persons in the business in order to come up with the best product approaches and solutions for the product in regard to consumer experience.

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