Senior Inhouse Consultant

The Senior Inhouse Consultant oversees the activities of the junior Inhouse Consultancy team and provides support and consultancy services to the business’s consumers in specific areas of expertise and product knowledge with the aim of ensuring the successful delivery of various business projects.

The Senior Inhouse Consultant implements challenging strategies along with growth and improvement projects within all functions and departments of the business, for example, research & development, marketing, and sales. As a professional with substantial experience, the Senior Inhouse Consultant is in charge of consulting with all management levels within the business ensuring the achievement of all projects’ objectives.

The Senior Inhouse Consultant is also responsible for the training and development of the business’s junior consultancy team, ensuring constant improvement in their skills, hence guaranteeing top notch support to both the consumers and business management within the business at all times.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior Inhouse Consultant

Project Management/Strategy: The first and most prominent role of the Senior Inhouse Consultant is his contribution to the strategic transformation of projects through the provision of conceptual and strategic support. In this position, the Senior Inhouse Consultant provides clear direction for the business’s objectives, translating and prioritizing objectives into the business’s performance measures.

The Senior Inhouse Consultant, in this capacity, develops the business’s marketing strategies and oversees the establishment of business processes. The Senior Inhouse Consultant also answers strategic and organizational questions on how to further develop the business as well as how to produce recommendations that are reflective of the business drivers, for example, risk, timescales, and cost.

The Senior Inhouse Consultant is additionally in charge of the identification of growth potentials and developing strategies that enable the business to capitalize on those potentials. He actively engages with the sales department in pre-sales activities, playing an active role in encouraging revenue generation for the business through impending business activities.

In this function, the Senior Inhouse Consultant monitors consumer requirements in order to identify potential enhancements that will lead to profit and value increase for the business. The Senior Inhouse Consultant is also tasked with the identification of defects and errors within the business and its projects and subsequently providing a defect resolution process through the provision of clear descriptions of the errors and defects as well as the validation of the resulting solutions.

Customer Relations/Consultancy: The Senior Inhouse Consultant establishes and maintains a healthy supportive and consultancy role with the business’s consumers. He works with the business’s internal and external consumer teams, for example, the CRM team in translating the consumers’ needs into creative and effective consumer journey maps created through process-mapping tools.

In this position, the Senior Inhouse Consultant will also liaise with project/product management and development teams in ensuring that any configuration and development is delivered in accordance with the requirements agreed upon with the consumers.

Collaboration: The role of the Senior Inhouse Consultant is a highly collaborative position where he liaises and provides support to both junior and senior members of the Inhouse Consultancy department and pro-actively develops and shares best practices. The Senior Inhouse Consultant plays the role of the strategic advisor to senior managers and project managers within the business, managing project modules as well as smaller projects with full ownership.

In this collaborative position, he also works with the managers to ensure consumer satisfaction at all stages of project implementation, inclusive of the provision of regular feedback on opportunities and issues.

The Senior Inhouse Consultant’s work spans the entire business with focus on marketing and sales. The Senior Inhouse Consultant, therefore, works closely with the business’s development teams in determining suitable and functional solutions that meet the requirements of the consumers. In this capacity, the Senior Inhouse Consultant additionally maintains a proper working relationship with key stakeholders in order to consistently progress business process analyses.

Analytics: The Senior Inhouse Consultant plays an analytical role that leads to the development and improvement of concepts for business functions regarding effectiveness, structure, and service quality. In this position, the Senior Inhouse Consultant evaluates the business’s complexities, service quality, interfaces, responsibilities, culture, and so forth. The Senior Inhouse Consultant also analyzes business processes for the purpose of gaining an understanding of the business’s inputs and outputs that drive the consumers’ needs.

He further provides consumer problem solutions and identifies customer sensitive issues and high-priority product/project defects and subsequently works with the project teams and consumers in resolving each problem issue through appropriate channels.

In this capacity, the Senior Inhouse Consultant analyzes and evaluates requirements and provides product guidance and expertise throughout project implementation. He conducts portfolio-analyses, market surveys, and competitive analyses in the development and improvement of project strategies for the business. Additionally, it is also the Senior Inhouse Consultant’s duty to draft relevant analysis reports and recommendations for the relevant managers, project managers, and stakeholders as well as relevant instructional and consumer-guide materials for the business’s consumer-base.

Knowledge: The Senior Inhouse Consultant takes initiative and develops, consolidates, and enhances business and third-party project/product knowledge for the purpose of delivering first-class consultancy to the consumers. In this capacity, the Senior Inhouse Consultant also stays abreast of all the current and relevant statutory requirements and internal policies relating to the business and its various projects, relaying the information to senior managers and project/product managers.

Other Duties: The Senior Inhouse Consultant will also perform similar duties as he deems fit for the proper execution of his duties and duties as delegated by the Head of Inhouse Consulting, Director Inhouse Consulting, and Chief Business Development Officer.

Required Qualifications of the Senior Inhouse Consultant

Education: The Senior Inhouse Consultant must have a bachelor’s degree (master’s preferred) in Marketing, Sales, Economics, Business, Business Administration, Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Design, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A candidate for this position has to have had at least 5 years of working experiences as an Inhouse Consultant within a large, fast-paced, and dynamic business organization. The candidate will also have had extensive experience in leading cross-functional projects in a matrix organization as well as experience in communicating information for the purpose of ensuring management transparency in business/project/product issues and potential solutions.

The candidate will demonstrate some experience in leading teams in an advisory capacity and demonstrate successful experience providing useful strategic advice to senior management and stakeholders within a business. A suitable candidate will also have had some experience working in CRM and will additionally demonstrate a deep and fundamental understanding of project management within a consultancy capacity, delivering on short-notice and within proposed budgets to the highest possible standards.

Communications Skills: Communication skills, as is easily foreseeable, will be a necessity for this position’s occupant. The Senior Inhouse Consultant will need exceptional communication skills for this highly interactive role where the clarity of his communication with the business’s management, project managers, and stakeholders will determine the effectiveness with which projects are executed as well as the effectiveness with issues and defects are corrected in these projects.

The Inhouse Manager will be required to draft reports and recommendation for management and stakeholders on a regular basis and for this reason he must also possess exceptional written communication skills and demonstrate equally good presentation skills. Most importantly, the Senior Inhouse Consultant will need communication skills in his interactions with the business’s consumers.

The quality of his consultancy services will be directly correlated to his ability to convey information clearly to the consumers and his ability to draw engaging and relatable materials, conclusively addressing various consumer issues, leading to consumer satisfaction and enhance business performance.

Ms Office: A candidate for the position must also be demonstrate proficiency in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, and PowerPoint, all necessary for the creation of both visually and verbally engaging informative materials for management, project/product management, stakeholders, and consumers.

Analytical: The Senior Inhouse Consultant must have exceptionally strong conceptual and analytical skills that will enable him to evaluate the business and its projects identifying any existing issues and defects and subsequently availing actionable and lasting solutions. The Senior Inhouse Consultant must be capable of conducting basic analyses such as consumer behavioral analyses, competitive analyses, and performance analyses that will avail solutions for the business’s projects/products, enhance consumer satisfaction, and consequently boost revenue generation and profitability for the business.

Interpersonal Skills: A suitable candidate for the position must be helpful and service-oriented, be result-driven, be self-motivated and proactive, have a positive can-do attitude, be a team player, have an ability to work comfortably in a cross-functional setting, demonstrate comfort working with senior management and business stakeholders, have a natural ability to influence top leadership and management, be open and welcoming to change, be confident and self-assured, be highly organized, have an ability to handle multiple tasks and meet tight deadlines, and demonstrate an ability to remain calm in the face of uncertainty and adversity, inspiring the same in consumers and management.

People Skills: As a representative of the business externally to the business’s consumers and internally to key managerial personnel, the Senior Inhouse Consultant must be likeable and approachable, inspiring trust and confidence in others and inspiring others to believe in his insights and judgments.

JOB SKILLS REQUIRED FOR Senior Inhouse Consultant
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