Senior Frontend Developer

The Senior Frontend Developer is an essential part of the business. He oversees the activities of the junior frontend developer teams and works closely with the business’s backend developers. The Senior Frontend Developer implements the user interface and engineers the experience of every site/software being put out by the business.

The Senior Frontend Developer also builds out patterns and abstractions that emphasize the efficiency of sites/software. In the execution of his duties, the Senior Frontend Developer makes the most of tools such as React and SASS, and makes sure that the business’s sites/software are compatible with multiple browsers and multiple devices.

The Senior Frontend Developer constantly evaluates emerging technologies and avails strategic, innovative, and cost-effective solutions that increase the efficiency, reliability, and integration of the business’s sites/software, working in a semi-autonomous environment with prototyping technologies in order to resolve emerging site/software issues promptly, reporting directly to the Head of Engineering.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior Frontend Developer

Site/Software Development: The Senior Frontend Developer oversees the development of the business’ sites/software and is in charge of the latest processes and technology in order to build scalable, distributed, and fault-tolerant site/software systems. In this capacity, the Senior Frontend Developer applies usability principles and procedures as defined by UX/UI input.

He takes and emphasizes a consumer-focused approach in building sites/software and works with both senior and junior frontend teams in determining the prioritization and estimation of new features and improvements. The Senior Frontend Developer also builds prototypes systems that meet the project quality standards and requirements, and find and address performance issues prior to releasing the finished product to the backend team.

It is also the Senior Frontend Developer’s role to design and review code inclusive of efficient and reusable front-end infrastructure and components. He supports re-use through documenting common frontend components that save the business time in executing future projects.

User Interface/User Experience: The Senior Frontend Developer also leads the junior frontend team in building elegant and sophisticated user interfaces. The Senior Frontend Developer interacts and engages with consumers/users and involves technical support teams in understanding the needs of the consumer/user, availing insights that ultimately lead to an increased positive impact on consumer experience.

Collaboration: The role of the Senior Frontend Developer also plays a very collaborative role where he regularly collaborates with designers, developers, and product owners in order to avail interactive and scalable sites/software. He further collaborates with the user experience teams for the purpose of designing and implementing site/software experience.

In this collaborative capacity, the Senior Frontend Developer also works with junior frontend teams, mentoring them and guiding them through proper execution of their tasks. The Senior Frontend Developer will also work hand-in-hand with backend developers in building features and efficiencies for the realization of the anticipated end product.

The Senior Frontend Developer additionally provides technical leadership and documentation to senior engineering leadership and key stakeholders, continuously informing them on progress and important details of projects at key phases of site/software development.

Knowledge: The Senior Frontend Developer will also identify and keep abreast of technical markets and concepts. It is his duty to identify and communicate frontend best practices to the team, enhancing efficiency and performance across the department. He researches and evaluates new methodologies and technologies that improve the quality, reliability, and performance of the frontend department’s site/software development systems and processes.

Other Duties: The Senior Frontend Developer will also perform other duties as he deems necessary for the proper execution of his duties and duties as delegated by the Head of Engineering, Director Engineering, Chief Technology Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Senior Frontend Developer

Education: The Senior Frontend Developer has to have a bachelor’ degree in Computer Science or any other relevant field. The same in practical experience is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had at least 5 years of working experience in a frontend development department, preferably working in a junior frontend development capacity. The candidate will also have had sufficient experience with functional programming and Javascript libraries.

He will have had experience with Javascript frameworks such as React, Angular, Ember, and Backbone as well as vast experience building complex web user interfaces. The candidate will demonstrate a keen understating of user interaction and design principles and standards. He will have significant knowledge of visual aesthetic components and elements such as fonts, layout, color, graphics etc.

A suitable candidate will also have a proven track record of shipping quality products to consumers and experience in pushing a frontend team forward through new technologies, methodologies, and processes, evolving the business’s culture in order to stay ahead of the curve and offer the business a competitive edge.

The Senior Frontend Developer must additionally be an exceptionally good coder with high familiarity in server-side web frameworks, for example, Django and Express.js. This individual will also need to be highly familiar with cross-browser compatibility issues and demonstrate design and user interface/user experience skills.

Communication Skills: Communication skills are imperative for the Senior Frontend Developer, both in written and in verbal form. He plays a highly interactive role where he works with numerous cross-functional personnel, where clear communications will greatly determine how sensitive information is exchanged between these parties, which will in-turn determine how effectively cross-functional and interdependent duties are executed, hence determining the success or failure of the site/software.

The Senior Frontend Developer will also need effective communication skills in his supervisory role to junior frontend teams as well as in his duty to draft progress reports for senior engineering leadership and key stakeholders.

Technology/Software: A candidate for this position must be technologically adept. The Senior Frontend Developer must also highly proficient in CSS3, HTML5, Javascript. He must also be greatly proficient in web technologies such as AngularJS, Bootstrap, RxJS, React.JS, Knockout, and Redux.

He will also demonstrate a deep understanding of CSS pre-processing platforms, inclusive of SASS. The Senior Frontend Developer will also have an excellent understanding of partial page updates and AJAX.

Interpersonal Skills: Certain personal attributes will differentiate a candidate and make him more suited for this role. A suitable candidate will be consumer-oriented, be a team-builder and team player, have an ability to work in a fast paced and highly collaborative position, and be highly organized and have an ability to multi-task and meet tight deadlines.

He will also have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, be open and welcoming to change, have excellent creative and strategic skills, have exceptional problem-solving skills, and have an ability to remain calm and composed in times of uncertainty and stress.

People Skills: The Senior Frontend Developer must also be a likeable and approachable person who easily builds lasting and meaningful connections with others. He will be a people person who inspires trust and confidence in others who will then readily follow in his insights and directives.

JOB SKILLS REQUIRED FOR Senior Frontend Developer