Senior Data Analyst

The Senior Data Analyst oversees the activities of the junior data analyst personnel and reports directly to the Head Data Analyst. The Senior Data Analyst develops business solutions through the constant modification of the existing business intelligence solutions. The Senior Data Analyst additionally designs, codes, debugs, tests, documents, and supports server based applications such as SQL consistent with established business requirements and specifications in order to deliver the highest possible value to the business.

The Senior Data Analyst oversees and conducts the conversion of data into insights that will lead to informed business decisions. He works directly with stakeholders and the business’s top management and executives within the assigned departments. The Senior Data Analyst will have to handle multiple simultaneous tasks, prioritize work, and remain functional under pressure, and aggressive timelines.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior Data Analyst

Management and Strategy: The Senior Data Analyst plays a minor managerial role where he oversees the activities of the data analyst personnel and ensures the efficient execution of their duties. In this position, the Senior Data Analyst develops clear and well-structured analytical plans and analyzes large data-sets and this will include, analyzing administrative data, insurance, billing claims, and other data-sets and statistical analysis of a mildly urgent/sensitive nature. The Senior Data Analyst also plays a part in shaping the business’s data infrastructure, inclusive of data-warehousing, reporting, and analytics platforms.

He identifies, communicates, and endeavors to resolve data gaps that impact the fulfillment of the business’s functional requirements. The Senior Data Analyst also identifies, evaluates, and documents potential data sources in support of project requirements within the assigned departments in the business. It is also his responsibility to build and operationalize processes that ensure timely data-loading and maintain accuracy and relevance of data used within the data department.

Support: Like the junior Data Analyst, the Senior Data Analyst plays a supporting role in the business where he develops logical and conceptual data flows that are in support of departmental project requirements and guides various business departments in appropriate and effective use of data. The Senior Data Analyst supports and executes change management activities with regard to data analysis across business departments.

He also mines the business’s database in search of critical business insights and communicates his findings to the relevant departments and the business at large. He additionally identifies and communicates risks and issues in projects/programs initiated by the assigned departments and communicates this information to the relevant leadership. The Senior Data Analyst uses data to guide assigned business departments through all programs and initiatives, enabling continuous improvement in data quality, departmental performance, and overall business performance.

Collaboration: The role of the Senior Data Analyst is also a highly collaborative role. The Senior Data Analyst works within and across the business in order to understand the business’s functional and data requirements. He works with senior data department management in ensuring constant compliance with standards and to effect change where merited. In his collaborative capacity, the Senior Data Analyst further works with the business’s departmental heads, management, and key stakeholders, in developing detailed business requirements, conducting gap analyses, creating functional designs, and guiding the business’s leadership through analytical data processing when needed.

Analytics: The Senior Data Analyst proactively plays an analytical role where he is responsible for developing KPIs within the business for the purpose of identifying trends and evaluating the success of the business’s initiatives. The Senior Data Analyst additionally develops models and ad hoc reports, sharing observations and recommendations with senior data management, executives, and stakeholders for further consideration.

In this capacity, the Senior Data Analyst builds statistical models, diagnoses, validates, and improves the performance of these models over time in addition to creating efficient and reusable SQL code meant for the improvement, manipulation, and analysis of data. The Senior Data Analyst is also tasked with the regular maintenance and upgrade of data warehouse servers such as SQL.

Other Duties: The Senior Data Analyst also performs similar duties as he deems fit for the proper execution of his duties and duties as assigned by the Head of Analytics, Director Analytics, Chief Data Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Senior Data Analyst

Education: The Senior Data Analyst has to have a bachelor’s degree (master’s preferred) in Data Science, Computer Science, Information Technology, Economics, Information Systems, Statistics, Applied Math, Business Administration, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: The Senior Data Analyst has to have had at least 5 years in a data analyst position, preferably working as a Data Analyst in a fast-paced and dynamic business setting. The Senior Data Analyst will also have had experience working in report creation, modeling, and trend forecasting. A suitable candidate will have a strong background in SQL as well as experience performing administrative tasks on servers such as SQL.

The Senior Data Analyst will also demonstrate an ability to create, troubleshoot, and enhance the business’s data loadings. He will additionally have a clear understanding of key IT business systems, reporting and analytics, general ledger management, and data warehousing. A suitable candidate will demonstrate strong working knowledge of reporting tools such as Oracle Business Intelligence, Tableau, or any similar tools.

Communication Skill: Communication skills for the Senior Data Analyst are a must have and this is both in written and verbal form. The Senior Data Analyst will need excellent communication skills in passing down instruction to the junior Data Analyst and any supporting personnel, which will be a significant factor due to the high collaborative nature of the position as well as the supporting role that he plays with departmental heads and management. The Senior Data Analyst will also be required to draw reports for the departmental heads, management, and key stakeholders. These reports have to be clear, convincing, informative, engaging, unambiguous, and uniquely tailored to suit different audiences.

Computer Skills/Ms Office/Software: The Senior Data Analyst must possess exceptional computer skills and demonstrate proficiency in using Ms Word, Ms Excel, PowerPoint, which are all necessary for the creation of visually and verbally engaging reports, for the various assigned departmental heads, management, and stakeholders. The Senior Data Analyst will also demonstrate skills in SQL server reporting services, Salesforce, analysis services, Tableau, or any other data visualization tools.

Analytical Skills: A candidate for this position must demonstrate a deep interest in research and data analysis, drawing actionable insights form raw data and information to help further the business’s cause.  The candidate will be skilled in statistical and econometric modeling, performing quantitative analysis, and technological data mining and analysis techniques.

Interpersonal Skills: The candidate must further possess certain personal traits that make him even more suited for the role. The candidate will have an entrepreneurial mindset being willing to be accountable for the business’s performance, he will have exceptional attention to detail, have an ability to handle multiple tasks and meet tight deadlines, have creative and innovative problem solving skills, be self-motivated and proactive, and demonstrate calmness during time of uncertainty and stress.

People Skills: The Senior Data Analyst plays a very interactive role and to effectively execute his duties he must have a natural ability to get along with people and establish strong and meaningful relationships with others. This will guarantee collaborative personnel, departmental heads/management, and key stakeholders gain trust in his abilities and that junior data analyst personnel readily follow in his directives and trust in his judgments and insights.

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