Senior CRM Manager

This role of the Senior CRM Manger is to provide the junior CRM team with support and expertise in the execution of all CRM programs and campaigns. The Senior CRM Manager reports to the Head of CRM on CRM activities and campaign performances. He must constantly understand the consumer needs and issues and formulate viable consumer relations solutions and guide the implementation of those solutions in the CRM department and collaborating departments.

The Senior CRM Manager is also tasked with delivering and overseeing highly integrated consumer marketing communication campaigns that are focused on increasing the revenue per active consumer, increasing multi-channel transactional visits, and the reduction of churn of valuable consumers.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior CRM Manager

Management and Strategy: The Senior CRM Manager is tasked with planning and overseeing execution of CRM strategies in a manner that ensures effective and seamless delivery. The Senior CRM Manager also builds, implements, and grows multi-faceted loyalty reward programs for the purpose of ensuring that there is strategic alignment, brand compliance, and delivery of value to consumers, which will encourage increased levels of acquisition and loyalty.

He also develops and manages the business’s consumer portfolio and serves as the senior contact in ensuring that there is organic growth in the business’s loyal consumer base. The Senior CRM Manager also manages the growth of revenue from the consumer base through the delivery of outstanding and measurable consumer communications, retention, and loyalty.

At this capacity, the Senior CRM Manager is also tasked with advocating for and instilling performance quality standards in junior CRM personnel, essentially growing a departmental work culture.

Analytics: The Senior CRM Manager also plays an analytical role where he is responsible for department performance reviews, capacity planning, conducting CRM system audits and analyses, and cost/benefit analyses. He evaluates the consumer data, that is, program engagement, consumer behavior, rewards redemptions etc. and conducts user experience analyses and business performance metrics that are associated with CRM programs and campaigns. The CRM manager is also responsible for providing strategic guidance to CRM strategies for the purpose of driving maximum ROI.

Collaboration: The position of Senior CRM manager is also highly collaborative and because of this, the Senior CRM Manager drives regular communication with colleagues in various key business departments in order to ensure optimal awareness of consumer marketing programs and initiatives. The Senior CRM Manager works with the Sales team in an effort to drive integrated consumer relations activities that drive multi-channel revenue growth for the business.

In addition, the Senior CRM Manager also works with key stakeholders in interpreting the performance of all CRM marketing activities, departmental financial issues, and consumer behavior indicators for the purpose of strategy development and the formulation of program/campaign approaches and solutions.

Consumer Relations: The Senior CRM Manager is also tasked with gathering consumer information in first-hand by directly taking initiative to interact with consumers and acquire feedback on CRM approaches and also to ensure that the business’s consumer relations campaigns are effective and that they are facilitating the execution of successful marketing campaigns and enabling consumer retention and loyalty for the business. The purpose of this is also to provide insights to the business on key improvement areas in CRM programs and campaigns.

Knowledge and Opportunity: The Senior CRM Manager is also tasked with the identification of opportunities for CRM campaign advancement. At this capacity, the Senior CRM Manager takes the initiative to learn the workings of current and emerging channels of consumer marketing in order to give the business a competitive edge over its competition in terms of consumer acquisition and retention. The Senior CRM Manager also champions for consumer-focused overall business objectives that will keep consumers considered in all business activities, therefore, increasing the chances for higher consumer acquisition and retention rates for the business.

Other Duties: The Senior CRM Manager will also perform other duties as he deems fit in the execution of his functions or duties as assigned by the Head of CRM, the Director of Performance Marketing, the Chief Marketing Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Senior CRM Manager

Education: The Senior CRM Manager must have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Public Relations, Business Administration, Information Technology, Economics, Finance, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: The Senior CRM Manger will have had a working experience of over 5 years in a consumer related capacity, for example in Public Relations or with the Sales department in a fast-paced and dynamic business setting. However, the ideal candidate will have amassed experience working in a CRM capacity, preferably as a CRM Manager. The candidate will also have a successful and proven experience working with a business team from the beginning of a project of significant value from its conceptualization to its completion.

A suitable candidate will also have a proven experience in driving measurable revenue growth through consumer marketing delivery as well as experience in enhancing a cross-functional team’s ability through transformational culture or coaching. He will also have a proven significant and successful experience working in a highly competitive business environment executing consumer acquisition, engagement, and retention approaches and strategies.

Analytical Skills: The Senior CRM Manager must also have deep analytical skills and a keen understanding of data strategy and consumer acquisition strategies. He will also demonstrate a highly acute approach in consumer marketing activities and link them back to the financial performance of the business. A suitable candidate will have strong quantitative skills that are coupled with a solid acumen, particularly in consumer loyalty, direct marketing, offer management, data mining, interactive marketing, database marketing, and email marketing.

He will also possess the ability to perform consumer and campaign performance analyses and articulate the findings in intelligent reports that will be used in the formulation and revision of CRM strategies by senior CRM management and key stakeholders.

Communication Skills: Communication skills are also a necessity in this position, both in written and verbal form. The Senior CRM Manager interacts with various collaborating and cross-functional personnel and because of this, it is necessary that he posses exceptional communication skills that will facilitate clear conveyance of important and sensitive information to these personnel as well as junior CRM personnel. This clear communication will guarantee that duties are efficiently executed with minimal complications.

Additionally, the Senior CRM manager prepares reports on analyses that he presents to senior CRM management and key stakeholders. He must, therefore, be capable of conveying even the most technical findings in a clear, convincing, and easily digestible manner. Most importantly, communication skills are important in order to facilitate smooth interactions between the Senior CRM Manager and consumers. In order to gather accurate and beneficial information and feedback from consumers, the conveyance of information between these two parties has to be concise and unambiguous.

Ms Office/Software: The Senior CRM Manager also needs to be proficient in Ms Word and PowerPoint for the purpose of creating both verbally and visually engaging reports and presentations for CRM management, collaborating personnel, and key stakeholders.

Interpersonal Skills: A suitable candidate for this position will demonstrate a sense of passion and pride in consumer-relations, he will have a positive attitude and can-do attitude, he will not shy away from change or unfamiliarity, he will be self-motivated and inspire the same in others, he will be comfortable working in group/cross-functional settings, he will be able to prioritize and met deadlines even when working on multiple projects, and display composure in the face of uncertainty or stress.

People Skills: The Senior CRM Manager must be able to build strong relationships with others. He must be an approachable and relatable person, which will enable smooth interactions between himself and his peers, his juniors, and more importantly, consumer.

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