Senior Content Marketer

The Senior Content Marketer has the primary duty of overseeing all content marketing initiatives across various platforms. He also drives sales retention, leads, and positive consumer engagement. The Senior Content Marketer has a unique blend of writing and editorial skills, technological expertise, and exceptional business acumen.

The Senior Content Marketer partners up extensively with the sales team. He is extremely familiar with prevalent Consumer Relationship Management (CRMs) measures and with popular selling models such as Challenger.

The Senior Content Marketer sets out to establish the business as a thought leader, drive lead generation and nurturing, compel consumer engagement, educate prospects and social influencers, and create a sense of urgency for the consumers to engage in the business’s content, product, and activities.

The Senior Content Marketer collaborates with different departments in the formulation of high-impact marketing content inclusive of sales enablement resources, whitepapers, infographics, videos, web content, case studies, blog sites, fact sheets, and social media content targeted at the business’s audience.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior Content Marketer

Content Creation: The Senior Content Marketer plays an active role in the development of the content for the business throughout the product’s lifecycle. At this capacity, the Senior Content Marketer plays a leading role in the development of a high quality product by being a thought leader and nurturing leads, which will result in sales enablement and retention.

In addition, the Senior Content Marketer is charged with maintaining the editorial content creation calendar in order to ensure that content publications are aligned and comply with the marketing strategies in place. The Senior Content Marketer also ensures that all content put out by the business is consistent in terms of quality, style, voice, and that it is optimized for search and user experience purposes in all channels.

Analytics: The Senior Content Marketer also plays an analytical role where he measures and reports on the effectiveness of content to the Head of Content and Director of Communications. This is for the purpose of improving and enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of the content on sales and revenue generation. At this capacity, the Senior Content Marketer leverages data from the business’s internal data database, available market data, and credible third-party insights in order to develop content topics and themes that establish the business as a thought leader in the market, accelerate the sales cycle, and power marketing programs.

The Senior Content Marketer, at this capacity, is also supposed to develop a firm understanding of the consumer segments, preferences, behaviors, as well as internal processes and data in order to deliver loyalty-building and impactful content that drives expansion of the business’s consumer base, which in turn increases sales and revenue.

Collaboration: The Senior Content Marketer is also tasked with working collaboratively with the content editing, product marketing, sales, and other departments within the business in order to ensure that all the content produced by the business is always aligned with the business values and objectives. The Senior Content Marketer also works closely with these departments for the purpose of fact-gathering, idea generation, conducting research and, formulation of content-related guidelines to apply across the business.

Additionally, the Senior Content Marketer works with the design team in the development of creative concepts that will ensure alignment between content and design. He also works with the legal and compliance departments in ensuring that all content created falls within the regulatory guidelines of the business and of the market. In addition, the Senior Content Marketer consults with the Head of Content, the Director of Communications, and the business’s stakeholders in identifying appropriate content audience, channels, timing, and messages.

Goal and Objectives: The Senior Content Marketer is also tasked with the definition of goals and desired results for the content marketing department based on the overall business objectives. The Senior Content Marketer translates the business’s value proposition into content topics and themes that increase consumer engagement and drive awareness for the business/product. At this capacity, the Senior Content Marketer builds content and promotion plans that are inclusive of content mapping for online channels with a focus of content optimization and reuse.

Media Relations: The Senior Content Marketer is also responsible for playing a lead role in the writing, overseeing, and coordination of communications directed at the media. These communications are in the form of direct mail, email, social media, speeches, interviews, recorded messages, newsletters, service communications, process documents, and so forth. The Senior Content Marketer tailors these communications from the business’s point of view, in a manner that markets the business and the product to the consumers in the process.

Required Qualifications of the Senior Content Marketer

Education: A candidate for this position will have a Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in Marketing, Business Administration, Journalism, Public Relations, International Relations, Information Technology, Psychology, Law, English, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable.

Experience: The Senior Content Marketer will have had at least 5 years of working experience as a content editor or held a position in the marketing team, preferably as a Content Marker. A suitable candidate for this position will have had vast experience in content creation, social media management, and video editing in complex business setting.

Analytical/Creative Skills: A suitable candidate will also have excellent analytical skills coupled with an ability to apply logic in addressing work-related issues. The Senior Content Marketer has to portray a deep interest in research and conducting analyses, creating reports and presentations, and an ability to calculate the ROI on each piece of content that the business puts out. The Senior Content Marketer also possesses high creative abilities that enable him to produce engaging and compelling content within the budget allocated. He is also conversant with the preparation of long-form content such as case studies and marketing collateral that will give insight into avenues for improvement and enhancement of the business’s consumer engagement.

Communication Skills: The Senior Content Marker plays an extremely interactive role in the content department and in the business. He collaborates cross-functionally within the business, works with senior content management, produces content, and oversees media directed content on behalf of the business. As such, his communication skills must be exceptionally good both in written and verbal form.

This is to ensure that conveyance of information internally and externally is clear, concise, and unambiguous. Additionally, the Senior Content Marketer must possess the ability to grasp complex and technical product concepts and translate them into messages that non-technical audiences such as the consumers will easily understand.

Ms Office/Software: A candidate for the position of Senior Content Marketer must possess excellent skills in Ms Word and PowerPoint, which he will use in creating both verbally and visually engaging content, reports, and presentations. He will also need to be proficient in certain softwares that will aid in the creation of high-quality and engaging content, for example Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, Avid, Premier, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Technological Savvy: A candidate for the position must display high competency in the latest technology, technological appliances, and softwares. In today’s world most consumers will be found in online communities and traditional marketing methods are being replaced by digital methods such as social media marketing. For this reason, the Senior Content Marketer must demonstrate a deep interest and understanding of new and developing technologies. He must also show proficiency in the use of key social media platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for this position must possess certain interpersonal skills that enable the smooth execution of functions. A Senior Content Marketer must have an ability to handle multiple simultaneous tasks with ease, be able to work independently as well as with a team, have an ability to excel in a fast-paced and deadline-oriented setting, have a vision that is in line with the business’s, and is highly adaptable to change in the market.

People Skills: People skills will also ensure that a Senior Content Marketer is able to form strong and meaningful relationships with media personnel, collaborating personnel, stakeholders, and consumers. Excellent people skills will also manifest themselves in the content allowing him to make meaningful connections for the business even beyond person-to-person interactions.

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