Senior Content Editor

The Senior Content Editor of the business is essentially an idea generator; his main purpose is to coach the content team. The Senior Content Creator has a keen eye for detail and he outrightly recognizes the difference between great content and content of a low quality. He is willing to lead and guide the junior editorial team to the realization of great content.

The Senior Content Editor is an individual that recognizes the field of content creation intimately, inside and out, and, in a healthy manner, dominates any debate regarding excellent content creation within the business. A good Senior Content Editor has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a desire to inspire junior editorial personnel, constantly improving the business’s content and enhancing the audience’s engagement.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior Content Editor

Content Creation: The Senior Content Editor plays the primary role of overseeing and ensuring the development of great content, both in written as well as visual form, from the idea conceptualization to the publishing. The Senior Content Editor spotlights the business and the product with interesting story lines that will captivate and pull in the target audience. The Senior Content Editor leads the junior editorial team in brainstorming content creation material and strategies that will attract an audience and encourage them to stick around for subsequent publications.

At this capacity, the Senior Content Editor plays a mentorship role to the junior editorial team, assisting them in improving the clarity, consistency, and conciseness of their consumer-oriented, topic-based content. The Senior Content Editor will also inspire and motivate the junior editorial personnel towards excellence in content creation that transcends the set standards.

Social Media: This is where large portions of the target audiences can be found and, for this reason, the Senior Content Editor is tasked with garnering a vast social media following and essentially making efforts to become a social media influencer representing the business. The Senior Content Editor actively participates in social media, creating business/product marketing content relevant to the target audience. In addition, the Senior Content Editor is responsible for gathering the support of renowned social media gurus; gurus who help in the promotion of the business’s content all around the world through social media.

Current Affairs: The Senior Content Editor is also tasked with being a hound for information and staying on top of every new and developing aspect relevant to the business. The Senior Content Editor keeps the content department up to date on unfolding and developing standards of journalism, technical language usages, and new channels for reaching audiences; ensuring that the business’s content is always fresh, up to date, and relatable to the audiences.

Collaboration: The Senior Content Editor’s position, like the Content Editor’s, is a collaborative one. At this capacity, the Senior Content Editor collaborates with writers and cross-functional teams like the PR department and the Marketing department in the formulation of content strategies as well as the evolution of content creation standards and processes. The Senior Content Editor also works closely with the SEO department in enhancing the content’s outreach to relevant audiences. At this capacity, the Senior Content Editor will also work with the business’s stakeholders for the purpose of determining appropriate schedules for content production projects, setting contents priorities, and balancing workloads effectively.

Analytics: The Senior Content Editor must also be highly analytical. He measures the content’s progress against key traffic and engagement objectives necessary for achievement of targets. In addition, the Senior Content Editor regularly evaluates both external and internal databases in order to ensure that the content being put out by the business is accurate, up to date, and in line with the business’s messages, values, and goals.

At this capacity, the Senior Content Editor also conducts research on difficult and unfamiliar technical material, breaks it down and produces coherent and well-structured content that is easily digestible by non-technical audiences.

Other Duties: The Senior Content Editor takes up other responsibilities as he deems fit for the effective performance of functions. He will also perform additional functions as delegated by the Head of Content, Director of Communications, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Senior Content Editor

Education: A candidate for the position will have a Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in English, Journalism, Public Relations, International Relations, Communications, Marketing, Psychology or any other related field. An equivalent of this educational requirement in working experience is also acceptable.

Experience: A suitable candidate for the position will have had well over 5 years of working experience working in a content editing position for a business and conducting developmental and substantive language edits on technical material. In addition, the candidate will have had proven experience managing a team of content developers and editors in fast-paced business setting. He must also demonstrate experience and interest in content research and analytics.

As a social media influencer representing the business, a candidate for the position will have vast experience in using and navigating social media platforms in order to reach audiences. These platforms include, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Communication Skills: As the Senior Content Editor overseeing the junior editorial team in the performance of their content related functions, the Senior Content Editor has to display exceptional communication skills both in written and in verbal form. The Senior Content Editor interacts regularly with stakeholders and other collaborative personnel and for the facilitation of efficient execution of duties by each of these parties, communication has to be clear, concise, and unambiguous. Communication skills are also necessary for any direct interactions between the Senior Content Editor and media outlet personnel, external personnel, and most importantly, the consumers.

Ms Office/Software: The Senior Content Editor will need to display excellent skills in Ms Word, which will be his primary editorial tool. He will also need to show proficiency in PowerPoint, necessary for the creation of verbally and visually engaging presentations and reports presented to senior content editors, collaborating personnel, and business stakeholders.

On top of this, the Senior Content Editor will be conversant with various photo and video editing softwares such as Final Cut, Avid, Premier, and Photoshop.

Creative/Analytical Skills: A suitable candidate will portray a high level of creative and analytical skills. He must be a person who deeply enjoys conducting research and the developing engaging and captivating stories and content that is appealing to the target audience and keeps the business/product ahead of its competition in terms of content and information.

The best candidate will be the individual who thrives in taking ideas and raw information and processing it into something new, unique, and captivating for the audience. In addition to this, the candidate will have a deep understanding of content metrics, strategies, and trends that will guide the performance of status analyses on the content produced by the business as well as analyzing the engagement levels and content issues.

Interpersonal Skills/people Skills: A suitable candidate will also possess certain interpersonal skills that will enable smooth performance of his functions. A Senior Content Editor needs to; be self-motivated and inspiring to others; be able to work efficiently with others in a group setting; be able to work independently and with minimal supervision; have a constant thirst for the acquisition of knowledge; and be adaptable to change.

On the other hand, a Senior Content Editor must possess outstanding people skills, which make him likeable, relatable, and able to establish and long-lasting relationships and connections with people he encounters. This quality will spill over to the content he produces, enabling him to establish connections with the audience through that content on behalf of the business/product.

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