Senior Brand Marketing Manager

The Senior Brand Marketing Manager works collaboratively with the junior brand marketing personnel to ensure the effective and efficient execution of functions. The Senior Brand Marketing Manager formulates and develops deliverables that support brand marketing programs/campaigns as well as the business’s overall objectives. These deliverables are distinctive, consistent, and powerful and are usually in support of the business’s established brand image and brand promise. The role of the Senior Brand Marketing Manager is a mix of design and production work in both offline and online brand marketing strategies/approaches.

The Senior Brand Marketing Manager also monitors and enforces brand usage guidelines and applies project management practices in overseeing the execution of brand marketing programs within the department. The Senior Brand Marketing Manager works to influence positive consumer brand experience and the business’s revenue achievement through enhanced consumer acquisition and retention.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior Brand Marketing Manager

Management: The Senior Brand Marketing Manager plays a managerial role in the brand marketing activities of the department by overseeing the creation of engaging designs and content for the business’s marketing programs in order to ensure proper and consistent communication and embodiment of the brand’s identity and reach to the audience. The Senior Brand Marketing Manager plays a leading role in the management of all offline branded collateral production inclusive of hardcopy sales collateral, branded promotional items, and so forth. He also supports the continuous improvement of online user-centric designs on the business’s websites and online pages, he oversees the maintenance of the business’s digital design assets.

At this capacity, the Senior Brand Manager oversees the establishment and building of relationships inclusive of selection process, vendor management, and vendor evaluation and review. The Senior Brand Marketing Manager also oversees major branding aspects of the department such budget, strategy, timeline, and the determination of approaches to creative execution of programs.

Collaboration: The role is a highly collaborative one and, as such, the Senior Brand Marketing Manager collaborates with the business’s sales and acquisition teams for the purpose of conceptualizing, designing, and building cross-platform media for websites and online pages, search and social campaigns, electronic marketing, among other acquisition and awareness campaigns.

He also works collaboratively with the business’s web and social media teams in enhancing user experience and brand image communication approaches. The Senior Brand Marketing Manager additionally works with external agencies, partners, and cross functional groups within the business.

The Senior Brand Marketing Manager will also collaborate with senior brand marketing management in creating and implementing strategic approaches for branding programs that are in support of key brand growth areas. He also builds strong networks with key/thought leaders in the market and monitors industry developments that stand to impact the business.

Strategy: The Senior Brand Marketing Manger also plays a strategic role in the business by taking a lead role in designing the format of content and brand material such as newsletters, event graphics, landing pages, marketing brochures, data sheets, white papers, digital, print ads, infographics, solution briefs, and other collateral pieces that will serve to better attract the consumers the brand.

He is responsible for the development of creative innovative marketing programs based on the business’s overall strategies. The Senior Brand Marketing Manager also formulates and facilitates tactical plans through the provision of appropriate promotional materials, he works across all marketing mix elements and employs appropriate channels of communication.

Analytics: The Senior Brand Marketing manager has also been tasked with playing an analytical role. In conjunction with senior brand marketing management, he reviews and analyzes any new or revised brand design wording or architecture against current market trends in order to realize the probable impact of the approach at hand.

He also ensures completion of market analyses and monitors competitive activity (competitive analysis) in the market in addition to conducting financial modeling and gap analysis that will facilitate the prioritization of new opportunities, offer the business a competitive advantage, facilitate the development of new concepts, campaign strategies, and brand marketing programs.

The Senior Brand Marketing Manager is also responsible for the generation of reports and presentations on the performance of brand marketing campaigns and programs, which he presents to senior brand marketing management to be used in the enhancement of campaigns and the formulation of new campaigns.

Other Duties: The Senior Brand Marketing Manager also performs other duties as he deems fit in the execution of his duties and duties as delegated by the Head of Brand Marketing, Director of Brand Marketing, Chief Marketing Manager, or the employer.

Required Qualifications of the Senior Brand Marketing Manager

Education: The Senior Brand Marketing Manager has to have a bachelor’s degree (master’s preferred) in Marketing, Business Administration, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had experience of at least 5 years in digital design, website management, online marketing, paid marketing, or brand marketing preferably working in the position of a Brand Marketing Manager in a fast paced and highly competitive business environment. He will also have a proven and successful experience working with a team on a high-value business project, where he portrayed successful project management and time management skills.

A suitable candidate also has a proven ability to deliver projects from conceptualization to completion on time and even exceeding projected results. The candidate will also have vast experience applying and designing social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare. However, the Senior Brand Marketing Manager also has to be equally proficient in offline branding strategies and approaches.

Analytical/Technical Skills: The candidate must also possess exceptional analytical skills, being proficient in the use of Adobe Creative Suite 6, InDesign, Illustrator, and other softwares that enable the creation of brand marketing materials. He will also possess vast knowledge and skills in CRM systems, databases, and marketing automation. The candidate will also portray exceptional strategic thinking capabilities as well as an interest and capacity for learning strategies and system evaluations.

Ms Office/Software: The Senior Brand Marketing Manager must also be highly proficient in Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel that will be also be a necessity in the creation of verbally and visually engaging branding materials, reports, and presentations for the department, collaborating personnel, relevant stakeholders, and external partners.

Communication Skills: A candidate for this position must possess outstanding communication skills that will be necessary in the conveyance of clear, concise, and unambiguous information down the line and facilitate smooth and efficient execution of duties by junior brand marketing personnel and collaborating personnel. Communication skills will also be a necessary during interactions with external partners and vendors and also in the creation of reports derived from various research and analyses of the brand marketing programs and the market environment.

These reports are presented to senior brand marketing management, collaborating personnel, relevant stakeholders, and external partners and must, therefore, be clear and understandable, bringing out even the most complex of concepts in a simple, digestible, and convincing manner. He will have skill in tailoring his messages in a manner that relates and resonates with the audience at hand.

Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for this position has to be a creative and strategic thinker, have the capacity to prioritize and manage multiple tasks and meet their deadlines, have exceptional problem-solving skills, have a positive can-do attitude, work comfortably in a group setting, be proactive and have a thirst for knowledge, have an ability to deliver results exceeding the anticipated results, and display composure under stress.

People Skills: The Senior Brand Marketing Manager will also have an ability to influence and manage relationships, establishing long-term and meaningful external connections on behalf of the business. People skills will also enable smooth cross-functional interactions and execution of duties, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance if the brand marketing department.

JOB SKILLS REQUIRED FOR Senior Brand Marketing Manager
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