Senior Advertising Sales Manager

The Senior Advertising Sales Manager is responsible for the delivery of advertising results for the business and overseeing all activities of the junior advertising sales management. The Senior Advertising Sales Manager is responsible for establishing and developing close relationships with the business’s consumers and deploying advertising strategies.

He focuses on the growth of advertising division’s revenue and reports directly to the Head of Advertising.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Senior Advertising Sales Manager

Management: The Senior Advertising Sales Manager plays a managerial role where he is accountable for and ensures that the junior sales advertising personnel are efficient in order to effect ad sales volumes and in turn ensure business KPI’s are met and exceeded. The Senior Advertising Sales Manager is also responsible for ad copy approval and deals with any arising issues.

In his managerial position, he shows interest in the management of his department in order to constantly meet and exceed sales targets. The Senior Advertising Sales Manager drives advertising sales efforts across allocated group of consumers, sectors, agencies, and regions, selling all of the business’s products, platforms, and events.

The Senior Advertising Sales Manager also plays a major role in the recruitment of the junior sales advertising personnel in order to guarantee the proper execution of key functions leading to the efficiency of the department at large.

Strategy: The Senior Advertising Sales Manager plays a vital strategic role in the advertising sales department where he is in charge of forecasting advertising sales revenue and implementing strategies to be employed by the department. The Senior Advertising Sales Manager ensures the efficient employment and maintenance of any system that supports sales advertising activities.

In this position, the Senior Advertising Sales Manager also maintains and services a client database of all potential advertising avenues that aid in the strategic decision-making and target-identification process in the advertising sales department.

Relationships: The Senior Advertising Sales Manager develops relationships with key media agencies and ensures that the business is considered for important campaigns and exposed to new consumers alike. The Senior Advertising Sales Manager maintains a strong sales pipeline through the building of effective relationships, lead generation, and call management.

He is tasked with driving trade, agency, and consumer direct relationships for the purpose of maximizing revenue across the business as well as designing and proposing creative solutions, advertorial ideas, and sponsorship packages to potential agencies.

In this capacity, the Senior Advertising Sales Manager establishes relationships with consumers and prospective consumers by playing an active role in business events, seminars, and workshops as well as establishing direct contact with these prospects in an attempt to promote the business.

Collaboration: Senior Advertising Sales Manager is a highly collaborative role where its occupant works closely with the business’s IT, product, marketing, research, CRM, analytics, sales and other departments in aligning sakes promotion initiatives that disarm any potential conflict of interests and ensure a unified front in reaching for sales targets as well as the business’s overall targets and objectives.

Additionally, he also collaborates with senior advertising sales management in the formulation and approval of advertising strategies to be employed by the department.

Knowledge and Opportunity: The Senior Advertising Sales Manager is tasked with maintaining a detailed and current knowledge of the business’s consumer and competitive activity. He is meant to be highly knowledgeable about the consumers, competitors, market, and products in order to be able to develop sales solutions and selling points to the consumers. The Senior Advertising Sales Manager keeps the advertising sales department up to date with the latest trends and advertising best practices, hence, offering the business a competitive edge in the market.

In this capacity, the Senior Adverting Sales Manager regularly sources leads from competitive consumer publications, digital sources, or live trade events and seminars on a regular basis identifying areas of the business to capitalize on sales opportunities. The Senior Advertising Sales Manager will also take the initiative to make outgoing sales calls to lapsed and potential business clients to in order to maximize on sales revenue and hit/exceed targets.

Research and Analytics: The Senior Advertising Sales Manager plays an analytical role in the department. He conducts and uses industry research to create sales messages and advertising strategies. He also plays an active role in the advertising department, generating performance reports, analyses, and industry trend analyses for senior management, which leads to the formulation of sales advertising strategies and improvements.

Other Duties: The Senior Sales Advertising Manager performs other duties as designated and performs other similar duties as are fit for the execution of his functions and duties as delegated by the Head of Advertising, Director of Advertising, Chief Sales Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Senior Advertising Sales Manager

Education: The Senior Advertising Sales Manager has to have a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or any other related field. The equivalent of this requirement in working experience is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had at least 5 years of working experience in an advertising sales capacity in a fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, preferably working as a junior Advertising Sales Manager. The candidate must also have an understanding of both print media advertising as well as digital advertising.

An ideal candidate for the position will have had proven and successful experience working in telesales, handling consumers, retaining them and luring new consumers to the business, hence, enabling achievement of sales targets. A suitable candidate will also have a strong history of managing key account relationships and facilitating the retention of such consumer relationships with the business.

Communications Skills: Strong communication skills are a necessity for this position, both in verbal and written form. These skills will be crucial for effective consumer interactions and participations as well as participation in sales events, workshops, and seminars. The Senior Advertising Sales Manager is a direct representative of the business and the image he brings forward will be the image that the business will be associated with.

Communication skills are also necessary since the performance and effectiveness of the junior advertising sales personnel will be highly dependent on the clarity of information and instruction conveyed down the line. Communication skills are also a necessity in drafting clear, concise, and understandable reports, presentations, and advertising materials along with having an ability to tailor even the most complex messages in a manner that relates to the audience at hand.

Ms Office: The Senior Advertising Sales Manager must also demonstrate proficiency in the use of Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel, which will be necessary for the creation of both visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations for the senior sales advertising management, junior sales advertising personnel, senior sales executives, relevant stakeholders, and collaborating personnel.

Technological Savvy/Analytical Skills: In a world where consumers have assimilated the use of technological communication channels and appliances in their day to day lives, a Senior Advertising Sales Manager will need to be technologically competent with these appliances and channels in order to better drive advertising programs through these channels and reach consumers much more effectively.

In addition to this, the Senior Advertising Sales Manager must demonstrate a keen interest in analyses and drawing inferences from raw data and information. The candidate must demonstrate an ability to conduct market, consumer, and competitive research that leads to the improvement advertising strategies and approaches as well as the creation of new advertising campaigns that in turn lead to increased sales volumes.

Interpersonal Skills: A candidate will also have high integrity, be consumer-oriented, be self-motivated and inspire the same in his team, be proactive and highly energetic, and have the ability to work in and cross-functional setting. He must also be comfortable working in group settings, be highly creative, have high-level attention to detail, and demonstrate calmness under stress and in times of uncertainty.

People Skills: The Senior Advertising Sales Manager has to have an ability to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships with consumers. He must be an approachable individual with excellent negotiating and persuasive skills that lure consumers and prospective consumers to the business, therefore, furthering the business’s sales agenda.

Good people skills will also make it much easier for junior personnel to follow in his directives and for senior management to trust in his judgment and insights.

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