The primary responsibility of the Recruiter is to enable the business to solve strategic staffing issues through the development of the right staffing placements and candidate-pool. The Recruiter utilizes the business’ operational processes for screening, interviewing, hiring, and placing employees.

The Recruiter is also responsible for the planning and execution of recruitment activities, representing the business at career events/fairs, and maintaining strong relationships with the community around the business. The Recruiter additionally coordinates all outreach efforts, securing talent from the community’s candidate pools and facilitating all affirmative action efforts.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Recruiter

Management and Recruitment: The Recruiter is essentially in charge of the management of full-cycle recruitment activities, these are sourcing, interviewing, screening, and closing. This includes evaluating candidates for core values and culture fit just as much as for skill level, experience, and knowledge. The Recruiter additionally monitors the daily placement tracking and manages employee relations effectively concerning proper counseling and coaching of employee issues.

Documentation: The Recruiter is also tasked with maintaining proper records in the recruiting department. In this position, the Recruiter maintains accurate information and documentation related to employee disciplinary actions keeping them updated in department’s operational software systems. In this capacity, the Recruiter accurately maintains and updates applicant and employee data within the department’s operational software systems. 

The Recruiter is also tasked with the maintenance and processing of paperwork for any of the business’s injury reports, inclusive of follow-up updates, drug testing results, and so forth. The Recruiter additionally maintains and updates job descriptions for each job position within the business, making adjustments with the business’s evolving needs. The Recruiter additionally takes initiative in creating and maintaining social media identities that promote open roles and foster candidate engagement and interaction, for example, by opening a LinkedIn account for the business.

Interviews: The Recruiter is also responsible for conducting interviews with potential candidates in an attempt to evaluate their work ethic, abilities, and skills within the guidelines of the business process and best placement selection. In this capacity, the Recruiter designs and grows interview processes for the purpose of enhancing training processes within the business. The Recruiter screens each applicant/candidate through verification of references, conducting background checks, and administering job related assessments and tests.

Strategy/Tactics: The Recruiter plays a role in the establishment of recruitment tactics and strategies within the recruitment department. In this position, the Recruiter pushes the boundaries on sourcing and hiring tactics through the innovation of new and creative ways of attracting talent to the business.

He adapts quickly, changes the perception of the business hiring priorities, formulates new strategies and tactics for filling new roles, and brainstorms with senior recruitment management in hiring managers to create sourcing strategies for each position. It is the Recruiter’s responsibility to put measures in place that ensure that each potential candidate has stellar experience/skill in the position for which they are being considered for, hence guaranteeing quality hires for the business at all levels and positions.

Collaboration: The position of the Recruiter is also a collaborative position where he works closely with the marketing department in building and growing brand awareness as well as supporting recruitment efforts. He also partners with support personnel in talent resourcing from a consultative and strategic perspective.

He additionally partners with the Payroll Manager in completing and processing payroll functions, timecard entries, and collection. The Recruiter will also liaise with senior recruitment management in the creation and constant improvement of recruitment strategies and tactics.

Other Duties: The Recruiter also performs similar duties as delegated by the Senior Recruiter, Head of Recruiting, Director of Recruiting, and the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Required Qualifications of the Recruiter

Education: The Recruiter must have a High School Diploma or G.E.D. College Coursework or a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related any other related field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had at least 2 years of working experience in recruitment or in any other human resources position that has related responsibilities, preferably working as support personnel of the recruiter in a highly competitive and dynamic environment.

The candidate will also have had some experience working with applicant tracking systems. A suitable candidate will also demonstrate knowledge and experience of state legislation that is concerned with hiring and employment practices. The candidate must have gathered some expertise in behavioral interviewing and applicant screening. He will also demonstrate strong customer service abilities and an innate desire to increase business opportunities in the business’s market by actively engaging himself in the surrounding community.

Communication Skills: Communication skills are necessary for this position, both in written and in verbal form. The Recruiter will need excellent communication skills in order to represent the business, accurately convey its messages to potential talent, and draw information from candidates/applicants for a position. The clarity of his communication on both these cases will determine the quality of hire that the business makes and the capacity for the business to acquire and retain the best talents in the market.

Communication skills will additionally be needed for effectively conveying messages between the recruiter and collaborating personnel across the business. The Recruiter is also required to maintain and update recruitment data and materials, for example job descriptions. These materials must be clear, concise, and easily understandable, which will ensure the attraction of only the most relevant and suitable candidates to the business.

Computer Skills/Ms Office: A suitable candidate for this position must also have excellent computer skills and demonstrate high proficiency in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, all necessary for the creation of visually and verbally engaging recruitment materials for candidates, senior recruiting management, and collaborating personnel. He will further have experience working with communication software such as Skype through which he can initiate interviews and discussions with long distance talents and candidates.

Interpersonal Skills: Certain attributes will make a candidate even more suited for the position, therefore, the candidate for this position must be highly organized and be able to manage multiple tasks and meet tight deadlines. He must also be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, have an ability to independently make sound screening and hiring decisions, and be comfortable addressing large groups and working in a cross-functional setting.

This candidate must have a strong attention to detail, have a proactive approach to tasks, maintain a high sense of urgency, accuracy and detail in his executions, conduct himself with high integrity, and demonstrate calmness in times of uncertainty and stress.

People Skills: The Recruiter will also demonstrate an ability to build strong, meaningful, and lasting relationships with candidates and identified talents, employing them to bring their talents to the business. As a potential representative of the business, the candidate for this position must be a likable individual who is easy to talk to and who inspires comfort and trust in others, hence invoking the same perception of the business in candidates’ view.

Career path