Product Marketing Manager

Any company will constantly introduce new and update current products into the market in order to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Whether the company deals in high-tech appliances and devices such as phones ormanufactures shoes, the company will need a successful marketing strategy that will ensure the survival of their product in the market.

Product Marketing Managers in general terms, help the company spread word of their new products and are responsible for coming up with the best ways to present the world with a product’s branding, value, andmessage. The Product Marketing Manager leads fellow marketers in guiding a product through its life cycle, bringing forward a consistent marketing vision and direction for the product.

Objectives and Responsibilities of Product Marketing Manager

Product Production: Oversees the product’s development through the process of mass production; advising on quantities of production, as well as communicating any obstacles and timelines to stakeholders.

Keeps Stakeholders Informed: Along with the marketing team, educates internal and external company stakeholders on the features and benefits of the products.

Pricing: Influences the product’s pricing through the utilization of market research data; reviewing the production and sales expenses; and anticipatedsales volume.

Product Launch: Responsible for the product’s launch; plans the launch of the new product and oversees the cross-functional implementation of the launch plan.

Product Demand Generation: In charge of product demand generation. Develops the strategy that drives demand for the product in the market.

Product Promotion: Delivers speeches and presentations both internally and externally in promotion of the product’s story.

Product Content Creation: As the marketing manager, it is his duty to know the product better than anyone. Therefore, he is tasked with the creation of product content, for example, performing case studies, creating product videos, blog posts, running forum product discussions. All to articulate the product’s value to the world.

Messaging and Positioning: Develops product messaging and positioning that distinguishes the product and sets it apart in the market.

Consumer Purchase Trends: Takes charge of market intelligence and researches on consumer purchase trends, which aids in the formulation of strategies that attract consumers over the company’s competitors.

Geographical Strategizing: Develops messaging for the local, regional, as well as global product campaigns that effectively resonate with each particular region in its own unique way.

Product Market Data: Assesses the product market data by reaching out to customers through field salespersons and evaluating the sales call results.

Sales Team Support: Assist members of the sales team in processing prospective client calls where there is a deeper demand for product description/promotion.

Product Market Share: Determinesthe product market share through collaboration with sales director in order to come up with to product sales strategies.

Competitive Edge: Endeavors to understand the market through competitive analysis; becoming an expert in the product’s category, finding the product’s competitive edge, and presenting findings to relevant executivesin a straightforward manner.

Product Evolution: Contributes to the development and evolution of products by analyzing product performance and consumer demands/needs.

Public Relations: Spearheads the public relation face of the company. Acts as a relationship liaison between the company and the world outside.

Required Qualifications of Product Marketing Manager

Educational Background: Must have a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree or equivalent working experience.

Experience: Experience with a fairly reputable consumer brand. For example, an electronics company, sports merchandise company, or entertainment organization.

Track Record– Possess experience and a history of success in product marketing, digital marketing, product management, development of extensive marketing campaigns and, product launches.

Communication Skills: Have exceptional written and verbal communication skills. The product marketing manager role demands a lot of writing and presenting. In essence constantly selling an idea to people, both internally and externally.

People Skills: Posses excellent people skills that facilitate easy interaction with staff, colleagues, cross-functional teams, prospective clients, and other third parties.

Team Player: Must be in his element working in a collaborative team capacity. The role demands an ability to harmoniously work across departments and functions in order to bring the product to life. The role is at the core of the organization and as such, product marketing managers are in constant communication with prospective clients as well as colleagues.

Flexibility: Must be flexible enough and willing enough to engage in a lot of travelling. The role is time-intensive and may take its toll if a person is not ready for this aspect of it.

Common sense is paramount.

Microsoft Office Proficiency: Be an expert in the use of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Adobe Proficiency: Be an expert in the use of Adobe CS 5.

JOB SKILLS REQUIRED FOR Product Marketing Manager
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