Performance Marketing Manager

The Performance Marketing Manager is primarily responsible for the management of digital accounts. He is a person with a keen interest in keeping the business abreast of emerging technologies and developments in the digital industry and sharing that knowledge and information with the rest of the performance marketing department.

The Performance Marketing Manager drives the marketing department’s commercial performance through systematic campaign-specific results and overall measurement. The Performance Marketing Manager works closely with all marketing teams in target-setting as well as post-campaign evaluations.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Performance Marketing Manager

Management: The Performance Marketing Manager plays a leading role in the management of digital projects inclusive of online planning and insight, online promotions, content production such as videos, online display advertising, web building and design, and social media. The Performance Marketing Manager also manages high quality acquisition programs, campaigns, and activities across the business’s online platforms.

He additionally ensures that projects within the marketing department are delivered in a timely manner and that they are always in line with the business’s guidelines, quality standards, and objectives.

Collaboration: The role of the Performance Marketing Manager is a collaborative role and, as such, he collaborates with the engineering, IT, search marketing, and operations departments in an effort to optimize programs, campaigns, and landing pages, based on the real-time performance and the ROI.

In this collaboration, he builds in-house marketing automation for the purpose of enhancing the marketing department’s efforts. The Performance Marketing Manager also ensures that leads are converted into consumers through well-crafted campaigns and close partnership with the sales department.

Additionally, the Performance Marketing Manager will work with internal production professionals and project managers in the delivery of activity, from proposals, design, and actual build. The Performance Marketing Manager also partners up with senior performance management and key stakeholders in reporting back on the effectiveness of programs and campaigns, conversion rates, and online sales. At this capacity, the Performance Marketing Manager also works closely with the Public Relations department in an effort to gain a clear consumer perception and better understand their needs.

Strategy: The Performance Marketing Manager is also tasked with making efforts towards reaching as many consumers as possible by building scalable multi-touch programs and campaigns that span not only online but also offline channels. In doing this, the Performance Marketing Manager employs the use of online ads such as Adwords, SEO, radio, email marketing, and content syndication. The Performance Marketing Manager also plays a key role in the planning and management of SEM, Email Marketing, and so forth.

Analytics: The Performance Marketing Manager is responsible for several analytical functions. He conducts research and analyses in order to deliver reports to the senior management on the performance of marketing campaigns and programs as well as conducting forecasting and estimations on the profitability of those campaigns. At this capacity, the Performance Marketing Manager also optimizes targeting and segmentation, as well as the allocation of budgets across multiple paid social channels inclusive of YouTube and Facebook in order to generate cost effective user actions.

At this capacity, the Performance Marketing Manager is also tasked with ensuring that appropriate measures are in place for the purpose of assessing consumer satisfaction. He actively participates in the support and development of new ideas by key marketing department personnel, for example, SEO, SEM, and CRM managers.

Finally, the Performance Marketing Manager develops reports on the performance of programs and campaigns as well as propositions for strategies and approaches, which he presents to senior performance marketing management.

Required Qualifications of the Performance Marketing Manager

Education: The Performance Marketing Manager must have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Information Technology, Computer Science, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable.

Experience: A candidate for the position will have had 3 years working experience in online acquisition marketing position. A suitable candidate will also have had working experience in a key marketing position, preferably as a SEO/SEM Manager. The candidate will also have had significant experience in building and scaling acquisition programs that target consumers as well as experience in media planning across a broad online media mix.

Analytical Skills: The Performance Marketing Manager will also portray a passion and exceptional analytical skills and demonstrate a fluency in acquisition of metrics, being able to evaluate and orchestrate large campaigns spanning numerous marketing channels. The Performance Marketing Manager will demonstrate proficiency in optimizing and executing SEM, PPC as well as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Display Advertising. He will be capable of determining key metrics, constantly reduce operational costs, and measure the success of performance strategies.

Additionally, the Performance Marketing Manager will be able to use consumer insights and human psychology to come up with and develop creative marketing acquisition tactics that can be applied throughout the department. As an additional bonus, the candidate for the position will possess excellent mathematical skills.

Communication Skills: A candidate for this position must also be a strong communicator both in verbal and written form. This is for the purpose of effectively reporting on programs and campaigns as required by senior performance marketing management. In addition to this, the position of Performance Marketing Manager is a highly collaborative position and for smooth execution of cross-functional duties, communication must be clear and unambiguous. He will also have an ability to translate complex information and data into clear and easily understandable reports.

Ms Office: The Performance Marketing Manager must also be extremely proficient in Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel for the purpose of creating both visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations meant for senior performance marketing management and collaborating personnel.

Adaptability and Creativity: The position requires that the candidate is highly adaptable and has an ability to learn quickly and come up with prompt solutions for marketing campaigns and programs. The reason for this is that the marketing field is constantly evolving and, as such, high levels of adaptability and creativity are necessary qualities in order to constantly keep the department/business ahead of completion in the marketplace.

Interpersonal Skills: The Performance Marketing Manager will also have exceptional interpersonal skills that will aid in the execution of his duties. He will have an ability to prioritize and meet deadlines when working on multiple projects with tight deadlines, be decisive, have a positive can do attitude, have a keen eye for detail, have initiative and be proactive going beyond the call of duty, have an ability to form logical cases that persuade consumers, have an ability to present recommendations and results to senior management with confidence, be consumer-oriented ensuring consumer expectations are always met by the marketing department.

People Skills: As an added bonus, a candidate for the position will have an ability to form meaningful relationships with colleagues, collaborating personnel, senior performance management, and even consumers. He will be relatable and likeable inspiring trust in others, who will then be willing to take up his insights, propositions, and follow in his judgment.

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