Manager Sales Operations

The Manager Sales Operations is responsible for sales forecasting, productivity, analytics, CRM maintenance, among other sales support functions. The Manager Sales Operations reports directly to the Senior Sales Operations Manager and the Head of Sales Operations.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Manager Sales Operations

Strategy and Management: The Manager Sales Operations plays both a strategic and managerial role in the sales operations department. His managerial role comes in where he oversees the activities of junior supporting sales personnel who work directly under him. He is responsible for the development and implementation of new procedures and processes that will bring about effective and efficient sales department operations. In this position, the Manager Sales Operations ensures that business at this level is conducted with integrity at all times and that behavior is aligned with the business’s overall values.

In this position, the Manager Sales Operations also creates and maintains a first-class sales culture that is focused on the delivery of results through the provision of coaching and development of the junior support staff. He also manages junior sales operations expenses and formulates sales operations strategies that will guarantee the delivery of internal gross margin goals.

Knowledge and Opportunity: The Manage Sales Operations is also tasked with remaining knowledgeable of business initiatives, key processes, and internal resources in order to enable the accomplishment of the department’s goals as well as those of the business as a whole. He also continuously conducts research and remains knowledgeable of the industry trends and competitive environment, constantly keeping the business ahead of competition.

The Manager Sales Operation creates opportunities for the business by gathering information and keeping the business up to date with the latest sales tools and industry best practices that will enable improvement in sales initiatives, grant the business a competitive edge and enable the achievement of sales goals and targets.

The Manager Sales Operations also develops an in-depth knowledge of the business’s core products through the successful completion of necessary sales training programs and the utilization of such knowledge in order to enable successful sales driving by sales personnel.

Analytics: The Manager Sales Operations also plays an analytical role where he analyses the business’s sales operations data and leverages important information in the development of strategic sales operations approaches in order to ensure that the junior sales operations team consistently meets or exceeds daily/weekly/monthly/annual sales performance metrics.

In this capacity, the Manager Sales Operation also completes sales activity reports, sales forecast presentations, and profitability reports meant for senior sales operations management meant for strategy formulation and fact-based decision making.

Collaboration: The role of the Manager Sales Operations is also a highly collaborative one and, as such, he works closely with internal sales support departments, for example, the marketing department, customer support department, CRM department, and the product development department. The Manager Sales Operations will work closely with the marketing department in creating and implementing successful marketing campaigns that maximize the business/product’s visibility in the market.

He works with the customer support, CRM, and product development departments in driving cross-functionally aligned strategies that drive sales and ensure achievement of departmental targets as well as the overall business targets and objectives.

Other Duties: The Manager Sales Operations also performs other duties as assigned by the Senior Sales Operations Manager, the Head of Sales Operations, the Director of Sales, the Chief Sales Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Manager Sales Operations

Education: The Manager Sales Operations must have a bachelor’s degree in Sales, Marketing, Finance, or any other business related field. An equivalent of this educational requirement is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have a minimum of 2 years working in a sales or marketing position, preferably as a junior sales operations support personnel. A suitable candidate for the position will have had experience working in a sales support team that had an excellent sales track record and quota attainment.

The candidate will also have had experience working with CRM tools in order to monitor the effectiveness of approaches, departmental performance, and lead generation. A suitable candidate will additionally have a proven and successful ability to formulate strategies that lead to the achievement of departmental goals and targets.

Communication Skills: The Manager Sales Operations must also possess exceptional communication skills that will facilitate smooth communications with colleagues, senior sales operations management, and collaborating personnel. The clarity of his communications will be a major determinant of the performance and effectiveness of the junior sales operations support staff. The Manager Sales Operations will have an ability to speak clearly and persuasively in both positive and negative situations on top of having an ability to listen and consider others people’s inputs.

Communication skills will also be necessary for drafting reports and presentations for senior sales operations management. The Manager Sales Operations must be able to communicate complex concepts messages in simplified, convincing, and easy to digest terms.

Analytical Goals: Analytical skills will also be necessary for this position. This will enable fact-based decision making and the use of processed data in achieving sales objectives and driving execution. In this position, the Manager Sales Operations follows up on sales activities to the successful completion of sales initiatives and programs and delivers timely and accurate sales activity and performance analyses and reports.

He will also need excellent analytical skills in building forecasts and maintaining an accurate and comprehensive client and prospect database, continuously conducting fact-based acquisition and retention strategy analyses and formulation.

Ms Office: The Manager Sales Operations must demonstrate proficiency in the use of Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel, which are necessary for the creation of visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations for the senior sales operations management, collaborating personnel, and junior sales operations support staff.

Business/Sales Acumen: The candidate for this position will also have business/sales acumen and will have an ability to remain cool under pressure. He will additionally be prepared for whatever actions the existent clients and prospective clients take, bringing forward thoughtful questions and insights that will enhance the effectiveness of sales personnel.

Interpersonal Skills: There are certain attributes that the Manager Sales Operations must possess that will enable him to effectively perform his duties. Therefore, a candidate for the position must be consumer-oriented, be self-motivated, have an ability to work comfortably in a group setting, have integrity in every aspect of his work and dealings with others, be flexible and welcoming towards change, have the ability to multi-task and meet tight deadlines, and display calmness and composure in uncertain and stressful situations.

People Skills: A suitable candidate for this position will also have an ability to establish and maintain strong and effective relationships and partnerships with consumers, prospects, colleagues, collaborative personnel, senior sales operations personnel and so forth.

As a representative of the business, the candidate must be a likeable and approachable, inspiring trust in others who will be more willing to bring their business to the organization and, therefore, enabling the achievement of the sales department goals as well as the business’s overall targets and goals.

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