Manager Marketing Operations

The role of the Marketing Operations Manager is to focus on the strategy, design, execution and operations of the business’s lead management processes, marketing databases, marketing automation solutions, and tracking performance in order to plan, report, and conduct analyses. The Marketing Operations Manager is agile and has a passion for data, metrics, and reporting.

The Marketing Operations Manager also excels in operations that facilitate scalability, predictability, and efficiency of marketing operations. This is an engaging and hands-on role and the Marketing Operations Manager, therefore, is an individual who is highly capable of operating and excelling at the strategic and tactical positions.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Manager Marketing Operations

Strategy: The Marketing Operations Manager is tasked with driving the marketing operations strategies at the junior level. In this position, the Marketing Operations Manager analyzes existing data and information as well as historical trends in order to provide early insights into best practices and new trends that guarantee data quality across marketing metrics and operations. The Marketing Operations Manager is also responsible for the implementation of ongoing key marketing systems such as Eloqua and leading the integration with the sales department. The Marketing Operations Manager also plays an active role in the enhancement of all marketing operations in order to facilitate lead generation, nurturing, and implementation.

At this capacity, the Marketing Operations Manager also plays the function of optimizing conversions website traffic, landing pages, lead content generation, and calls-to-action. He also builds targeted marketingprograms for prospects with a view of steering them in a consumer-maturity journey, which will lead to increased consumer loyalty. The Marketing Operations Manager also develops and drives the marketing database strategies and execution in relation toconsumer growth, segmentation, data cleanliness and completeness.

Management: The Marketing Operations Manager plays the role of driving sales and ensuring proper management of marketing alignment initiatives and processes that will support exceptional lead management, enhanced data quality, and improved lead quality. He also manages all marketing operations with the main focus of enabling efficient lead scoring, campaign tracking, lead management, database health, targeting, segmentation strategies, and alignment with sales initiatives.

The Marketing Operations Manager manages and pulls key marketing metrics, inputting these measurements into reports that measure the performance of the marketing team as a whole. He additionally manages various offline marketing programs that range from content marketing to targeted outbound programs inclusive of calls-to-action, template designs, and content used in the business’s email sends and landing pages. The Marketing Operations Manageris additionally responsible for the management of marketing reporting of day-to-day campaign activities, reporting from basic campaign tracking to attribution models.

Analytics: The Marketing Operations Manager also plays an analytical role where he provides ad-hoc analyses and insights on all ongoing marketing activities. For example, he conducts research where there has been a deviation from standard marketing practices or the introduction of new marketing approaches and strategies in order to advice marketing and sales departments on best practices and the most suitable marketing approaches.

At this capacity, the Marketing Operations Manager also provides senior marketing operations managers and the Chief Marketing Officer with ongoing analysis reports for marketing investments, actively monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on the status of marketing initiatives, program ROI, consumer acquisition, consumer retention, and activity. He additionally prepares and presents key marketing KPI insights and data on relevant marketing operations to the senior marketing operations management and executive marketing personnel.

Collaboration: The position of the Marketing Operations Manager is also collaborative and, as such, the occupier of this position works closely with the sales department as well as the finance department in ensuring optimal exploitation of the marketing budget in achieving targeted sales and revenue outcomes. The Marketing Operations Manager coordinates with market strategist in the creation and management of marketing campaign process for the purpose of driving leads from both consumers and prospective consumers.

The Marketing Operations Manager will also coordinate with the senior marketing operations management and the Chief Marketing Officer in consultation and management of both offline and online marketing channels.

Other Duties: The Marketing Operations Manager also performs other duties as delegated by the Senior Manager Marketing Operations, Head of Marketing Operations, Director of Marketing Operations, the Chief Marketing Officer, or the employer.

Required Qualifications of the Manager Marketing Operations

Education: The Marketing Operations Manager will have a bachelor’s degree in a business related or technical field such as Marketing, Information Technology, Public Relations, Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Administration, Computer Science, or any other related field. The equivalent of this requirement in working experience is also acceptable.

Experience: A candidate for this position will have had at least 4 years working experience in a marketing capacity playing offline, digital, and analytical marketing roles. The candidate will demonstrate proficiency in the use of paid media tools such as Google AdWords, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn etc. He will also have experience working with website supporting tools, for example, Analytics, SEO tools, and Content Management Systems.

A suitable candidate will demonstrate a deep interest in conducting quantitative analyses and forecasting program results. The candidate will also have proven and successful experience and expertise in CRM solutions and marketing automation. The Marketing Operations Manager will similarly have expertise in lead scoring, ROI, leading volume trends, forecasting, and SaaS experience.

Communication Skills: Good written and verbal communication skills are a must for this position. Being a highly interactive and cross-functional position, the effectiveness of both the marketing operations and collaborating departments will be highly dependent on the clear and concise conveyance of information and instructions by the Marketing Operations Manager.

Additionally, the Marketing Operations Manager will regularly prepare program analysis reports, which will be presented to senior marketing operations management, collaborating personnel, and the Chief Marketing Officer. He must, therefore, be capable of conveying even the most complex concepts in simplified, easy to understand, and digestible terms.

Ms Office/Platforms: The Marketing Operations Manager must be extremely proficient in Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel, which will be necessary in the creation of visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations. He will also be proficient in Google Analytics, WordPress, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and Google AdWords.

Analytical Skills: The Marketing Operations Manager must portray a high comfort level and thrive working with marketing automation tools. He must be a results-driven individual with a strong ability to conduct quantitative data analyses in order to determine ROI, forecasting, program effectiveness, and lead volume trends. A candidate for the position, therefore, has to be a metrics-focused marketer who has a deep interest and love for analyzing and understanding data in order to inform marketing decisions.

Interpersonal Skills: The Marketing Operations Manager will be a creative and strategic thinker, have exceptional attention to detail, be highly organized, be highly methodical, be a strong team player, be able to multitask and handle multiple simultaneous projects, have exceptional problem skills, be self-motivated and proactive, and display composure under stress.

People Skills: A candidate for this position also has to possess exceptional people skills, making him an approachable and relatable individual, which will aid in the establishment of strong and meaningful relationships with others. This will aid in extensive cross-functional functions that the Marketing Operations Manager has to engage in, hence, enabling smooth execution of the position’s functions.

JOB SKILLS REQUIRED FOR Manager Marketing Operations
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