M&A Vice President

The M&A Vice President plays a leadership role in the M&A department and partners with internal resources and junior M&A personnel in order to support transaction progress through binding approval. This is inclusive of due diligence input and organization, fit definition, valuation parameters, internal approval processes, integration planning inputs, and strategic fit analysis etc.

The M&A Vice President is also responsible for overseeing and supporting the creation and analysis of business and financial cases for M&A activity and the creation of integration plans. The M&A Vice President will be responsible for the management of M&A projects through various stages of the transaction and will report directly to the director M&A.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the M&A Vice President

Leadership/Supervisory Role: The M&A Vice President is a leader in the M&A department and in this position; he defines the departmental strategic direction, culture, and actively leads all activities. In this position, the M&A Vice President authorizes and also initiates business development meetings with prospective business mergers and acquisitions.

He also plays a leading role in prospecting by hunting new strategic prospects through existing industry business relationships. The M&A Vice President also provides overall integration leadership to the business, inclusive of leading acquisition management and setup, leading functional work streams, and providing M&A mentoring to junior personnel.

As a departmental leader, he drives the development and enhancement of M&A methodologies and approaches within the department. The M&A Vice President also actively participates in the recruitment and retaining of M&A personnel in order to maintain an optimum performance and success streak in the business’s merger and acquisition initiatives.

As mentioned, the M&A Vice President will also play a mentorship role to key personnel in the M&A department, ensuring the constant improvement in skills, and essentially readying them for occupation of his position in the future.

Strategy: The M&A Vice President also plays a strategic role in the M&A department where he maintains an understanding of the business’s investment needs and endeavors to turn those needs into tangible engagements and proposals. The M&A Vice President guarantees that all M&A decisions are robustly challenged and financially viable while simultaneously adhering to the business’s transaction standards.

In his strategic role, he also leads the development of M&A tools and processes as well as the creation of work plans and risk assessments for M&A prospects. Here he applies effective and efficient internal control and risk management systems, where he directs action plans to correct ineffective controls.

The M&A Vice President also attends networking events and actively builds a professional network and affiliate network within the business’s industry that will be handy for future merger and acquisition initiatives.

Analytical Skills: The M&A Vice President has analytical responsibilities and in this position he is responsible for leading commercial and financial analysis that will inform sensitive M&A decision making. He is tasked with assessing operational human resources and finance investment strategies of the business and comparing these with the respective organizational structures and operating models of the prospective mergers and acquisitions in order to determine compatibility.

The M&A Vice President provides timely and objective financial/commercial analyses of prospective mergers and acquisitions. This is inclusive of structuring options for transactions and the review of potential strategic acquisitions options, disposals, and restructuring. The M&A Vice President will also be required to write analyses reports, reviews, and recommendations for senior M&A management for decision making purposes.

Collaboration: The role of the M&A Vice President is a collaborative one and here he works with senior business development leadership and the legal department in defining departmental strategic direction, culture and in decision making.

The M&A Vice President will also work with junior M&A personnel, providing guidance, leadership, and constantly imparting best practices as required in order to effectively execute transactions in accordance with the business’s standards.

He additionally works collaboratively with the senior management and executives of prospective businesses throughout the transaction process. He also works with this external business leadership in implementing processes and technology that support efficient and convenient transition for both parties.

Knowledge: The M&A Vice President maintains the business’s M&A activities within up-to-date best practices and processes and also maintains these activities within the confines of legislative and regulatory processes and policies.

Other Duties: The M&A Vice President performs similar duties as he deems fit for the proper execution of his duties and duties as delegated by the Director M&A, Chief Business Development Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the M&A Vice President

Education: The M&A Vice President must have a master’s degree (Phd degree) in Business, Accounting, Finance, Economics or any other related field. An equivalent of this requirement in working experience is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have at least 7 years of working experience in an M&A position in a highly competitive, fast-paced, and dynamic business environment, preferably working as an M&A associate. The candidate must also have a strong and demonstrated understanding of a business’s M&A process coupled with vast experience and knowledge of accounting, capital management, actuarial, legal, and M&A transactions.

He must be adept and experienced at running complex merger and acquisition integrations and possess vast knowledge in equity buyouts. A suitable candidate for this position will also have a proven and successful track-record acting as a business developer with extensive prospecting of mergers and acquisitions for a business. The candidate will be a proven leader with an ability to lead an M&A team through the entire life cycle of a merger or acquisition transaction.

A suitable candidate will have a strong project management methodology background, inclusive of schedule, scope, change management, risk management, planning and analysis.

Communication Skills: Holding a leadership position in the M&A department, the M&A Vice President will need to have exceptional communication skills, which will determine the clarity with which he conveys information to junior M&A personnel, in turn determining the efficiency and performance of the junior department and the entire department at large.

The M&A Vice President will also require communication skills in his collaboration with prospective business leadership, facilitating smooth merger or acquisition negotiations and improving the chances of transaction success. These skills are also imperative in internal collaborations with senior business development leadership and other collaborating departments.

He will also need to possess excellent communication skills in drawing reports, reviews, and recommendations that he will present to senior M&A leadership for consideration and decision making

Ms Office/Software: The M&A Vice President must also be highly proficient in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, and PowerPoint, which are necessary for the creation of both visually and verbally engaging reports, reviews, and recommendations for senior M&A management and collaborating personnel.

Analytical Skills: The M&A Vice President must also have exceptionally strong analytical, financial, and analytical skills. He will be able to process raw information and data, translating it into actionable insights that lead to highly informed and accurate merger and acquisition decision-making.

Interpersonal Skills: The M&A Vice President must have exceptionally strong organizational skills, be detail oriented, have an ability to hand multiple projects and meet deadlines, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, be open and welcoming to change, and demonstrate comfort working in a constantly evolving setting.

He must also be self-motivated and proactive, have exceptionally strong problem solving skills, work comfortably with senior business executives, and demonstrate an ability to be calm in times of uncertainty, inspiring the same in junior personnel and prospective business leadership.

Leadership/People Skills: A candidate for this position must have strong leadership, having an ability to form strong and meaningful relationships with others and an ability to influence top business leadership. As a representative of the business to prospective mergers and acquisitions, the M&A Vice President must be an approachable and likeable individual who brings out a similar image of the business.

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