Head of Performance Marketing

The Head of Performance Marketing has a primary function of implementing effective marketing campaign execution in all digital performance acquisition channels across search engines, social, and display advertising and the exploration of opportunities that will expand, not only the business’s online, but also offline marketing channels.

The Head of Performance Marketing demonstrates superior technical expertise and organizational capabilities in project and campaign management, market research, communications evaluation, data modeling, relationship skills, and commercial awareness.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Head of Performance Marketing

Leadership/Supervisory Role: The first and most prominent role of the Head of Performance Marketing is his leadership role over the junior marketing team, that is, the Performance Marketing Manager and the Senior Performance Marketing Manager. The Head of Performance Marketing spearheads, strengthens, and oversees the acquisition efforts of the marketing department.

On top of this, the Head of Performance Marketing plays a mentorship role to key performance marketing personnel, assisting in the execution of their functions, ensuring that their professional skills are consistently growing, and that they are ready to take up the duties of the Head position in his absence or retirement.On top of this, the Head of Performance Marketing also reviews the performance of junior performance marketing personnel and ensures appropriate appraisal is done for outstanding performers.

Strategy/Opportunity: The Head of Performance Marketing plays an active role in the formulation of the business/brand’s growth strategies through ROI-based consumer approaches and data-driven acquisition strategies.He develops effective performance management arrangements that support the achievement of the business’s overall targets, goals, and objectives.

In addition, the Head of Performance Marketing is in charge of identifying management information that is necessary for ensuring that the performance across all marketing priority areas can be monitored accurately and that any hindrances to strategies are discovered at an early stage.

At this capacity, the Head of Performance Marketing also determines the necessary pace of improvement in marketing performanceacross a wide range of targets and standards, inclusive of settingappropriate milestones to be delivered.The Head of Performance Marketing will also play a leading part in the identification of opportunities that improve the productivity and efficiency of programs and campaigns.

Collaboration: Develop, in conjunction with the Director of Performance Marketing, effective incentives to support the achievement of targets and standards. At this capacity the Head of Performance Marketing develops strong and effective working relationships with junior performance marketing personnel in order to bring about a positive environment that promotes the achievement of departmental goals and the business’s KPIs.

In addition, the Head of Performance works closely with the sales department in order to ensure that there is a shared goal of improving marketing program and campaign performance and also in revenue targets for the business. He also partners with the HR department in selecting key personnel for the performance marketing department.

This is done in an effort to facilitate exceptional execution of duties within the department by handpicking the best candidates to the best of his judgment. The Head of Performance Marketing also works closely with the senior performance marketing management in the formulation of targets, strategies for marketing campaigns, and departmental budgetary allocations.

Analytics: The Head of Performance Marketing plays a major analytical role in the marketing department by managingthe department’s tracking, data analysis, and testing consumer acquisition channels. He is also tasked with the creation and optimization of a wide range of forecasting tools that integrate research insights and sets of data.The Head of Performance Marketing is alsoresponsible for assessing pilot programs, their effectiveness, and long-term value for money.

At this capacity, the Head of Performance will also develops new and creative marketing program toolsthat facilitate the tracking of consumers’ at a more individualized level as opposed to simply tracking whole general demographics.

Other Duties: The Head of Performance Marketing also performs other duties as he deems fit for the proper execution of his duties or duties as assigned by the Director of Performance Marketing, the Chief Product Officer, or the employer.

Required Qualifications of the Head of Performance Marketing

Education: The Head of Performance marketing must have a master’s degree (Phd preferred) in a business related or technical field such as Marketing, Information Technology, Business Administration, Computer Science, or any other related field. The equivalent of this requirement in working experience is also acceptable.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had at least 7 years of experience working in a performance marketing position in a business within a fast paced and dynamic market environment, preferably as a Senior Performance Marketing Manager. In addition he will have a proven and successful track record of leading a cross functional team from the beginning to the end of a project, achieving challenging targets and standards. A suitable candidate will also have proven experience in managing both offline and online marketing programs and successfully delivering improvement in a business’s marketing performance.

The candidate will also demonstrate evidence of identification of opportunities and points of improvement in a performance marketing department and setting up measures todeliver solutions in order to effectively address poor performance and maximize on the successful delivery of departmental objectives.The Head of Performance Marketing will also have proven experience working in advanced research and analysis roles in performance marketing within a fast-paced and highly competitive business environment.

Analytical/Technical Skills: The Head of Performance must portray a keen interest and ability to conduct research and analyses on large and complex data-sets in order to realize appropriate strategies and solutions for programs and campaigns. He will be extremely passionate about the potential of research, insight generation, and analyses that willeffectively transform marketing programs throughout the business.The Head of Performance Marketing will have a sound understanding of direct response metrics and an ability to measure program/campaign ROI and a proven ability to manage paid social campaigns such as Twitter ads, Facebook ads among others.

A suitable candidate will also demonstrate an ability to conduct analyses and create comprehensive reports and presentations to be presented to senior performance marketing management, reports which will lead to the establishment of actionable solutions and the establishment of performance tracking systems among other actions.

He will also be extremely proficient in formulating SEO and SEM strategies and approaches for large consumer websites and have an ability to work with analytical tools such as Google Analytics and SQL. The Head of Performance Marketing has to have the capacity to conceptualize, execute, and optimize complex paid media acquisition programs and also have substantial data modeling, financial, and statistical skills.

Communication Skills: This is an absolute necessity for the Head of Performance Marketing. Being among the departmental leaders, it is necessary that the Head of Performance Marketing have an ability to articulate instructions down the line for effective execution of duties by junior performance marketing and collaborating personnel.

Additionally, communication skills will be necessary in creating reposts and presentations that are to be presented to senior performance marketing management and key stakeholders.He must have an ability to articulate complex information in a simple and clear manner that is easily understandable in addition to being able to clearly and convincingly defend the proposals and conclusions resulting from those reports.

Ms Office/Software: The Head of Performance Marketing must be extremely proficient in Ms Excel, Ms Word, and PowerPoint that are a necessity in the creation of creating visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations for senior performance marketing management, collaborating personnel, and key stakeholders.

Interpersonal Skills: The Head of Performance Marketing must be consumer-driven, always looking to meet consumer demands, have exceptional problem solving skills, be self-motivated and inspire the same in others, be proactive and thirsty for knowledge, have an ability to prioritize and meet deadlines even when working on multiple projects, be brave in going for informed experimentation, have a knack for delivering results, and display calmness and composure under stress and in uncertain situations.

Leadership/Skills: It is also necessary that the Head of Performance Marketing possess exceptional leadership skills, being able to move and inspire a cross-functional team and guide it towards a unified objective and with a unified vision. He will also be an approachable, relatable, and likeable person, who inspires trust in others, making it easy for junior performance management and collaborating personnel to follow in his direction.

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