Head of SiteOps

The Head of SiteOps plays a leadership position in the SiteOps department, overseeing the activities of all SiteOps teams. The Head of SiteOps plays a leading role in the management of the departmental activities and is also responsible for the design, structure, function, and the implementation of regular site updates.

The Head of SiteOps is a web manager who promotes the business’s mission through the enhancement of digital presence, ultimately driving business growth through SEO, best practices, and user experience enhancement.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Head of SiteOps

Leadership/Supervisory Role: This is the most prominent role of the Head of SiteOps. In this position he undertakes all activities regarding to the management of the business’s web platforms and strengthening of information exchange within the engineering department and across the business.

The Head of SiteOps identifies the SiteOps departmental priority issues and opportunities through conceptualizing of new solutions and the proposition of appropriate web platforms. The Head of SiteOps coordinates the business’s websites and ensures that there is consistency in content and that there is frequent content upload.

The Head of SiteOps also carries out regular quality control on the websites by ensuring conformity with all internal rules and policies as well as ensuring consistency in presentation across business web pages through the promotion of uniform formatting, fonts, images, icons, and layouts.

The Head of SiteOps is further tasked with monitoring feedback and responding by leading the department in the development of new and specialized webpages. The Head of SiteOps will also act as the liaison between top engineering leadership and the SiteOps department and provides senior leadership with important information developed form a focal point, leading to informed decision making at the top.

In this leadership position, the Head of SiteOps will also act as a mentor to key SiteOps personnel, encouraging their professional growth, and essentially readying them for occupation of his position in future.

Strategy: As a departmental leader, the Head of SiteOps plays a strategic role where he ensures the implementation of digital communication strategies through the business’s websites. He achieves this through the establishment, maintenance, and development of user-friendly, intuitive, and technically efficient web pages for the business.

The Head of SiteOps also contributes to the design of cutting-edge web communication strategies in the business, working closely with senior engineering leadership and other engineering departments in shaping exciting web strategies.

Collaboration and Relationship Management: The Head of SiteOps plays a collaborative and interactive role. He maintains partnerships with both internal and external parties, externally with website hosts and internally with key departmental personnel. The Head of SiteOps builds capacity amongst junior SiteOps personnel and other engineering personnel in regard to web strategy by raising awareness and providing training for the purpose of ensuring enhanced outreach, engagement, and growth of the business’s websites.

He works closely with the web developers, both fronted and backend, in an effort to facilitate the implementation of new websites and features. The Head of SiteOps also stays abreast of the customers’ journey and experience with the business’s websites. He takes direct responsibility for the site architecture and a consumers’ journey, guaranteeing that they have an insightful and easy experience.

Analysis: The Head of SiteOps also plays an analytical role where he monitors the business’s websites, analyzing relevant information through tools such as Google Analytics and providing comprehensive reports to senior engineering leadership.

In this capacity, the Head of SiteOps identifies gaps and provides proposals for the improvement and increment of web traffic. The Head of SiteOps actively monitors the performance of the business’s websites, troubleshooting, and identifying potential issues prior to their occurrence.

Content creation: The Head of SiteOps also has the responsibility of managing web-platforms by ensuring that effective and efficient content management systems are in place. He sets standards and compatibility, which ensures site accessibility for all consumers/users.

Knowledge and Innovation: The Head of SiteOps also maintains knowledge in the department, enabling adoption of industry best practice practices. He also plays an innovative role, constantly keeping up with all the latest developments in web marketing for implementation in the website strategies.

Other Duties: The Head of SiteOps performs similar duties and duties as delegated by the Director IT Operations, Chief Technology, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Head of SiteOps

Education: The Head of SiteOps must have a master’s degree (Phd preferred) in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in practical experience is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had a minimum of 7 years working experience in a SiteOps capacity within a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment, preferably working as a Senior Manager SiteOps. The candidate will also have gathered experience in public information, digital media strategy, web development, and web management as well as a strong background in the development and maintenance of effective internal IT processes.

This candidate must also demonstrate experience working and influencing content management systems, for example, Drupal and WordPress. He will further demonstrate vast experience and knowledge in Google Analytics and have a Google Analytics certification. A suitable candidate will also have a proven and successful experience leading a SiteOps team in the course of the management and support of client-facing websites.

Communication Skills: The Head of SiteOps will need exceptional communication skills both in verbal and written form in addition to excellent listening skills. He will need communication skills in his leadership position where the clarity with which he conveys instructions and sensitive information to junior SiteOps personnel will determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire department.

The Head of SiteOps will also need exceptional communication skills and listening skills in his highly collaborative role where clarity in communication will determine the efficiency with which collaborative tasks are handled. Further, listening skills will ensure that the Head of SiteOps gathers accurate information from the business’s clients, leading to actionable insights into points of improvement in the business’s websites. The Head of SiteOps will finally need great communication skills in drafting clear, concise, and convincing reports for senior engineering personnel.

Technology/Software: A candidate for this position must be technologically adept and demonstrate superior computer skills. He must also have functional knowledge of CSS, HTML, Adobe Suite, JavaScript, jQuery among other tools. He will further need vast knowledge and understanding CRM and SalesForce software usage and concepts.

The candidate must have an understanding of SQL and .Net servers as well as proven experience with databases design and SQL. The candidate will also demonstrate an ability to build sites and software on Drupal or SharePoint.

Interpersonal Skills: The candidate must be highly analytical, highly organized and procedural, work comfortably in a cross-functional environment, work comfortably in a with business senior leadership, be a strategic and creative thinker, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, be proactive and self-motivated requiring minimal supervisor, and have an ability to remain calm and composed in times of uncertainty.

Leadership/People Skills: A candidate for this position must have demonstrated leadership skills, having an ability to influence cross-functional teams as well as business top leadership. The Head of SiteOps will an ability to form strong and lasting connections with others, which will inspire trust and confidence in others making them more inclined to follow in his directives and trust in his insights.