Head of PR

The Head of PR (Head of Public Relations) is responsible for leading outward PR strategies and plans that promote key initiatives and promote the business/product’s image and reputation.

The Head of PR works especially close with external investors and partners, the finance department, HR departments, and other key business partners in developing and executing initiatives that address the business’s corporate issues. The Head of PR also serves as one of the key media contacts and representatives for the business.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Head of PR

Leadership/Supervisory Role: First and foremost, the Head of PR is the leader of the PR team; that is inclusive of the PR Manager and the Senior PR Manager. The Head of PR is responsible for setting goals, role delegation, setting objectives, establishing priorities, and administration of grade and salary adjustments.

In this position, he plays an active role in the recruitment and management of the PR department staff members in an effort to ensure efficient and effective execution of duties within the department. The Head of PR is also responsible for the creation and promotion of a departmental culture that promotes integrity, high performance, continuous improvement, and commitment to quality throughout the department.

At this capacity, the Head of PR will also act as a mentor to the junior PR personnel using supportive and collaborative approaches to build and support their skills on a continuous basis and to prepare them to take up the his leadership position in his absence or retirement. Also, in conjunction with the Director of Communications, the Head of PR monitors and appraises high performing PR personnel.

Strategy: The Head of PR leads junior PR Managers in the development, implementation, and integration of strategic communications plans that advance the business’s brand identity in the market. The Head of PR will also play the role of broadening awareness of these strategies and increase visibility of PR programs and priorities within the organization and to key stakeholders.

At this capacity, the Head of PR also play an active part in the creation of marketing strategies in conjunction with the marketing team in order to enable the cultivation and enhancement of strong and meaningful relationships with the target audience, external partners, and key media outlets, which favorably positions the business/product in the market.

Analytics: As the head of all internal and external relations in the business, the Head of PR researches and identifies emerging issues and challenges that are facing the business or product. The Head of PR further partners with management teams throughout the business for the purpose of formulation and execution of strategies, solutions, and opportunities pertinent to those issues.

Content Creation: It is also the Head of PR’s responsibility to oversee the creation of the business’s content; for example, newsletter, blogs, social influencers, annual reports, and other marketing collateral materials. In addition to this, the Head of PR oversees all online web content and communications as well as social media interactions. The reason for his is to ensure that all content put out by the business, both in print and online, is edited to conform to the business’s overall values and messages.

Media Relations: The Head of PR leads junior PR managers and acts as the business/product’s spokesperson and lead point person in conventional media interactions, such as newspaper interviews, ensuring a positive portrayal of the business at all times. The Head of PR exercises his judgment in prioritizing media opportunities, making necessary coordination with appropriate persons in organizing and preparing presentations, speeches, talking points, and other external media relations materials.

At this capacity, the Head of PR actively engages, cultivates, and manages press relationships that ensure the coverage of the business’s/product’s programs, events, public announcements, among other projects. He is also in charge of the day-to-day communications activities inclusive media budgeting, planning, and auditing on top of providing marketing counsel to publication departments in order to ensure that positive impact of each publication towards the business.

Collaboration: It comes as no surprise that the Head of PR position is a collaborative one. It is also a highly interactive one; the Head of PR is the business/product’s spokesman and the business’s primary representative to media outlets, the consumers, external partners, and business stakeholders. The Head of HR collaborates internally with departments such as Legal, Finance, Marketing, Publications, and HR departments in the performance of his functions.

Other Duties: The Head of HR also performs other duties as is necessary for the effective performance of his duties and duties as delegated by the Director of Communications or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Head of PR

Education: A candidate for the position of Head of PR must possess a Master’s degree (Phd preferred) in Business Administration, Marketing, Law, Journalism, International Relations, Public Relations, Information Technology, Communications, and English. A working experience of this equivalent is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A suitable candidate will have had over 10 years worth of experience working in a high ranking PR position, for example, as a Senior PR Manager. The candidate will also have a proven and successful role in a staff management position, preferably the management of a PR team in at least 5 years of his total experience. Additionally, a Head of PR needs to have had a successful track record in garnering positive media coverage for a business or product in a complex business setting/market.

Communication Skills: As mentioned, the Head of PR plays a lead role as the primary representative and spokesman of the business/product both internally and externally. The Head of PR will interact on behalf of the business with numerous media outlets, external partners, and most importantly the consumers. Internally, the Head of PR will have to lead the PR team and effective communication will ensure efficient and effective execution of functions within the department.

He will also have to make numerous presentations to the Director of Communications, key stakeholders, and the media. For this reason, the candidate for this position must demonstrate exceptional communication skills that will ensure clear conveyance of the business’s messages and a positive portrayal of the business in general. The Head of PR must also possess an ability to communicate complex and technical messages in simple terms that different audiences can relate to.

Ms Office: The Head of PR draws regular reports and makes regular presentations to various audiences and must, therefore, be proficient in Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel. This is for the purpose of ensuring the creation of creative and engaging content that is both verbally and visually captivating to the audience.

Analytical/Creative Skills: A candidate for this position must also portray superior analytical and creative skills that will enable him to develop enterprise-level PR and communication strategies as well as creative and engaging business and product messages that appeal to the consumers, media outlets, potential consumers, and external partners.

Leadership Skills: As the head of the PR department, The Head of PR must possess leadership qualities that enable him to move, drive, and motivate a team to successful completion of its goals and objectives. The Head of PR must also have a keen eye for PR and communications talents that he will draw in to make up the PR department. He must also be able to inspire a group into pushing their limits and producing outstanding results.

Technology/Web Savvy: The world, and especially the consumers, has become increasingly technologically oriented. Media outlets are also embracing online channels as a primary avenue for conveyance of their messages The Head of PR must therefore show a deep interest and skill in new and emerging technological appliances, softwares, and applications, which are necessary for accessing large segments of media outlets, consumers, and potential consumers.

Interpersonal/People Skills: Interpersonal skills are an absolute necessity for the Head of PR which ensure his various interactions are smooth and uncomplicated and also to ensure the effective execution of his leadership role. Some of these interpersonal skills are being self-motivated and inspiring others to do the same, being a great problem solver, exceptional negotiation skills; being proactive and going beyond the call of duty, being an eager learner, willing to learn new market trends and to learn from others.

People Skills: A suitable candidate will also have outstanding people skills. As the lead representative of the business to the media, consumers, external partners etc, the Head of PR must be extremely likeable and relatable, able to build strong, meaningful, and lasting relationships with any audience. This is because to the world, the Head of PR will be an exact depiction of the business/product.

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