Head of Content

The role of the Head of Content revolves around oversight of the activities of the content department, topic generation, as well as working with closely with the content team in the creation of excellent day to day experiences for the consumers and other audiences through the content.

The Head of Content is the direct supervisor of the Content Editor, Senior Content Editor, Content Marketer, and Senior Content Marketer. The Head of Content is also very much in tune with technology, technological advancements, and current affairs and ensures that the whole content department is up to date for production of relevant and relatable content.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Head of Content

Leadership: The primary role of the Head of Content is the development and optimization of the content department. In this role, the Head of Content ensures that all the business’s narratives and message are in support of the content strategies and editorial decisions that he formulates along with the Director of Communications, Chief Marketing Officer, and key stakeholders. He also oversees the development and management of the business’s brand standards and content style guides, as well as the overall expression of the business’s corporate identity in the content it puts out.

At this capacity, the Head of Content will also lead and inspire the development of first-class content by the content department personnel along with other production means inclusive of videos, infographics, blogs, and data visualization in order to ensure optimal delivery of content to target audiences across multiple channels.

The Head of Content also acts as a mentor to key content department personnel, ensuring a steady, gradual improvement in their professional skills and gearing them up for the occupation of his position in future.

Strategy and Analytics: The Head of Content also develops and oversees an integrated content strategy that encompasses channel selection and focus, editorial governance, and metrics to be applied and aligned with the business’s overall objectives. He is also responsible for the creation of the editorial structure within the content department in order to ensure that all content across the business is integrated and aligned to support business objectives. The Head of Content enables structured content creation capabilities through the implementation of models and processes for sourcing information, analyzing, and creating content.

The Head of Content is also charged with designing and implementing measurement systems that actively measure, manage, optimize and communicate the performance of the content put out by the business against the business’s operational objectives and strategies.

Research: The Head of Content plays an active role in research and in this capacity he formulates questionnaires and surveys, gathers information from key industry figures in an attempt to determine the validity of proposed topics and themes for the business’s content. Also, the Head of Content conducts research on the competitive environment and gathers market data for the business and uses the results to come up with well informed topics and themes for content creation.

Consultancy: The Head of Content also plays a consultancy role for the Public Relations Department and Product Marketing department offering strategic counsel in their content planning, development, as well as overall strategies for key events and projects inclusive of major business conferences, and other key initiatives. At this capacity, the Head of Content also chairs advisory board meetings along with the content team.

Media/Social Media: The Head of Content oversees all the content put out by the business to the media through, direct mail, email, interviews, collateral, speeches, recorded messages, newsletters and so forth.

The Head of Content also manages and oversees all of the business’s social media channels in regard to content, promotion, consumer engagement, customer service, performance management, and listings. He also expands and oversees the social media development tools and processes in order to facilitate actionable insights that inform strategic decision-making for the business’s social media presence and content.

Collaboration: The Head of Content also plays a collaborative role by partnering up with the marketing team to support marketing activities such as product branding, content, and messages. The Head of Content will also partner with the sales team for the purpose of developing sales content and the identification of target consumers and potential markets.

Other Duties: The Head of Content will also perform other duties as are necessary for the effective execution of his duties and other duties as directed by the Director of Communications or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Head of Content

Education: The Head of Content management must possess a Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Business Administration, English, Public Relations, International Relations, Information Technology, Law, Psychology, or any other related field. A working experience of the equivalent is also acceptable.

Experience: A suitable candidate will have had experience of over 10 years working in a high ranking position in the field of communications, preferably as a Senior Content Editor or Senior Content Marketer. He will also have had experience in the management of a team, leading that team to successful accomplishment of its goals. The Head of Content must be an individual who has additionally had vast experience and success driving and managing social media strategies for a business in a highly competitive environment.

Communication: The candidate for this position must demonstrate exceptional communication skills, both in written and verbal form. In his leadership capacity, the effectiveness of his department will be to the extent that there is clear communication and conveyance of important information from the top down. The Head of Content will also have a strong ability to engage and persuade varying audiences even on technical subjects. Also, the Head of Content needs to demonstrate an ability to clearly present complex business strategies concisely and persuasively to executives such as the Director of Communications and key stakeholders.

Leadership: The Head of Content must also possess strong leadership skills if he is to lead the content team to successful completion of its objectives. The Head of Content will have the capacity to manage internal and external meetings, chair advisory board meetings, have a strong understanding of management and communications competencies, and demonstrate an ability to drive a business’s culture through a department and have personnel work towards a unified vision.

Technological Savvy: The position of Head of Content is very much technologically inclined and for this reason, the Head of Content must demonstrate a keen interest and competency in technology, technological appliances, and relevant softwares. The Head of Content will additionally be highly knowledgeable on the best social media practices will have vast knowledge in the workings and navigation of key social media platforms as well as the competitive and regulatory landscapes of each of those platforms.

Analytical Skills: A suitable candidate will portray strong analytical skills, showing deep interest in research and analysis of business related content. The Head of Content will have the ability to calculate ROI on every bit of content produced by the business. He will also possess the ability to interpret website, blog, and social media data in gauging success of the business’s content and campaigns, and communicating meaningful results to communications executives. He will have an ability to transform raw information and data into intelligence, and that intelligence into action.

Ms Office/Software: A candidate for the Head of Content position must possess excellent skills in Ms Word and PowerPoint, which he will use to create verbally and visually engaging content, reports, and presentations directed to executives and shareholders. He will also need to be proficient in certain softwares, which will aid in the creation of high-quality and engaging content, for example, InDesign, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, Avid, and Photoshop.

Interpersonal Skills: The interpersonal skills that a candidate for this position must possess are; exceptional collaboration skills, having time consciousness and being able to finalize projects within given time-frames, exceptional organization and multitasking skills, having an ability to prioritize tasks, being commercially driven with a desire to increase the consumer base through great content output.

People Skills: The position being highly interactive, demands that the Head of Content be a highly relatable individual with the ability to engage easily with people and build strong and long lasting relationships especially with key individuals such as media personnel, senior executives and stakeholders, research partners, and the consumers.

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