Frontend Developer

The Frontend Developer has the main responsibility of producing, maintaining, and supporting the business’s web-based and software systems and platform. He takes part in all aspects of software/site development cycles, all the way from the gathering of the necessary requirements to product code development and maintenance.

The Frontend Developer works with other technology departments in continuously enhancing the user interface of the business’s software/site systems by maintaining a keen understanding of these systems’ functional needs. The Frontend Developer leads the business’s web-based and software development efforts and captures web-based system requirements inclusive of user interface, user experience, and usability requirements, playing a pivotal role in all phases of the software and site development lifecycle.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Frontend Developer

Site/Software Development: The Frontend Developer plays an active role in the business’s key website development. He oversees frontend development for the business’s websites and platforms by building sitemaps, prototypes, wire frames, and conducting the documentation that articulates the sites’ structures and organization. In this capacity, the Frontend Developer also implements any requested template, JavaScript, and CSS changes to the already existent websites.

He develops code using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS on responsive sites across multiple browsers, tablets, and other internet accessing devices such as phones in order to ensure accessibility of the site from multiple devices. It is also his duty to build reusable code and libraries that may be used in future and reduce site building workload for the business.

User Experience/User Interface: The Frontend Developer plays a leading role in the translation of the user interface/user experience design wireframes into actual code that produces visual elements of the website/software in progress. The Frontend Developer does this by applying responsive user interface design principles and ensuring the technical feasibility of these user interface designs for the best user experience possible.

In this capacity, the Frontend Developer also identifies user interface issues and implements solution that lead to a more streamlined user experience. However, he does not only apply existing user interface designs but is also innovative in developing new user interface features that might work best for the business’s site or software.

Troubleshooting and Testing: The Frontend Developer is tasked with defining, designing, and executing usability testing of sites/software. He plays a leading role in troubleshooting and fixing any frontend issues and tests the site/software for multi-device and cross-browser capability.

The Frontend Developer is also responsible for evaluating site/software specs prior to their implementation in order to ensure retention of design simplicity and ease of navigation. The Frontend Developer further reviews and coordinates feedback throughout the site/software development lifecycle where he ensures that all input is valid prior to submitting it to the backend team.

Collaboration: The role of the Frontend Developer is also a collaborative one and, as such, he employs the assistance of the senior frontend developers as well as the chief technology officer in designing frontend code and sensitive user interface designs. The Frontend Developer also liaises with backend developers, ensuring accuracy and synchrony in both the frontend and backend development at all stages of the site/software development.

In this collaborative role, the Frontend Developer will also works with the user interface department in designing and developing prototypes for usability testing of site and software features.

Knowledge: It is the duty of the Frontend Developer to maintain knowledge and a keen understanding of design trends and practices and assisting in the implementation of new design innovations in the business’s site/software.

Other Duties: The Frontend Developer performs similar duties as he deems fit for the proper execution of his duties and duties as assigned by the Senior Frontend, Head of Engineering, Director Engineering, Chief Technology Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Frontend Developer

Education: The Frontend Developer has to have a bachelor’ degree in Computer Science or any other relevant field. An equivalent of the same in practical experience is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: A candidate for this position has to have had at least 3 years of working experience gathering site/software development experience. In this time the candidate must have gained vast practical experience building and maintaining websites and becoming proficient in web markup inclusive of HTML5 and CSS. The candidate will also demonstrate a strong understanding of user interface scripting and JavaScript frameworks, inclusive of jQuery as well as a keen understanding of SEO principles.

He will further demonstrate a keen understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and mitigation measures for each of those issues. The candidate will also have an ability to utilize testing tools for the purpose of ensuring maximum consistency among a vast array of browsers and devices. He will also be highly experienced in user interface development and be highly experienced in the workings of AGILE/SCRUM, AngularJS, ASP.Net MVC, Grunt, SASS, or other frontend web technologies.

As a bonus, the candidate will also have some experience working on middle-tier and backend site/software development.

Communication Skills: Communication skills are important for the Frontend Developer who plays a highly interactive and collaborative role. The Frontend Developer will regularly liaise with senior frontend developers, backend developers, and the chief technology officer in developing site/software code and solving sensitive usability issues. For effective resolution of such issues, the communications between these parties must be clear, concise, and unambiguous.

The Frontend Developer will also need good communication skills in his interactions with the user experience/user interface team where there must be exceptionally good communication of site requirements, UX designs, and principles in order to realize the best possible user interface in the site/software.

Technology/Software: A suitable candidate for this position will also be extremely technologically adept. He will demonstrate exceptionally strong skills in Cloud software and be equally skilled in Adobe Suite and Ms Office. He will also possess strong JavaScript knowledge and be equally knowledgeable in one or more application frameworks, for example, React.

The candidate will further be skilled in the workings of CSS, HTML5, Core Java, J2EE, and have some skill in backend technologies such as Scala and Python.

Interpersonal Skills: Certain personal attributes will also make the candidate a preferred choice for the position. The candidate will be a self-starter, be curious and proactive, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, be user-oriented, have innovative problem-solving skills, be a team-player and a team-builder, be highly organized and detail-oriented, have an ability to prioritize multitask and meet tight and aggressive deadlines, and have an ability to remain calm and composed in the face of uncertainty.

People Skills: Due to the collaborative and interactive nature of this position the Frontend Developer must be a team-player and a people person. He must be able to form strong, meaningful, and lasting connections with others and have an ability to build trust and confidence in colleagues, seniors, and collaborating personnel, which will ensure cohesiveness and eliminate conflict of interests.