Director of Performance Marketing

The Director of Performance Marketing develops and leads strategies that lead to the generation of new leads and consumers through online and offline marketing campaigns. The Director of Performance Marketing is in charge of the entire Performance Marketing department in terms of all acquisition marketing, strategy management, execution, as well as optimization across channels.

The Director of Performance Marketing is responsible for the business’s day-to-day tactical and strategic operations and also support of sales and marketing analytics in order to drive performance improvements and reports directly to the Chief Marketing Officer.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Director of Performance Marketing

Leadership/Supervisory Role: The first and most prominent role that the Director of Performance Marketing has is leadership over the performance marketing department. In this position, the Director of Performance Marketing implements and manages both online and offline marketing programs that will enable the business to meet consumer acquisition targets, sales, margin, and overall goal achievement.

The Director of Performance Marketing also builds strategies and oversees optimization and measurement of consumer acquisition, cross-sell initiatives, and remarketing in order to deliver incremental sales, and enable consumer loyalty. The Director of Performance Marketing also plays a leading role, in conjunction with the IT department, in the selection and management of the business’s technology partners for the purpose of ensuring that the business is maximizing on marketing performance and profitably.

At this capacity, the Director of Performance Marketing leads the establishment of departmental goals, performance standards, procedures, vision, ethics, and culture. He also coordinates cross-functional input, deliverables, timelines, and communicates properly documented progress and issues of programs to the Chief Marketing Officer.

The Director of Performance Marketing does not only play a supervisory role, he also plays a mentorship role to key performance marketing personnel, offering assistance in the execution of their duties, and ensuring that their professional skills are constantly improving, readying them for taking up his position in the future. The Director of Performance Marketing additionally monitors and evaluates the performance of staff within the department and offers appraisal for outstanding performers.

Research and Analytics: The Director of Performance Marketing also plays a major analytical role in tracking and monitoring program performance against the business’s overall goals and objectives. He also provides weekly/monthly/annual policy and quote forecasts for all of the business’s products, evaluates scenarios for ROI performance, and communicates results and recommendations to the Chief of Marketing Officer and key stakeholders. The Director of Performance Marketing also leads efforts in the utilization of data-driven methodology, analyses, and measurement in order to improve the effectiveness of all marketing channels, paid search, email, direct mail, programmatic media, modeling, forecasting, and analyses.

Opportunity: The Director of Performance Marketing is tasked with conducting research and analyses, for example, consumer segmentation and competitive analysis that will guide the business in the realization of new opportunities and that will give the business a competitive edge over its competition in terms of consumer acquisition and retention.

Collaboration: The role of the Director of Performance Marketing is a highly collaborative one and in this capacity, he collaborates with senior performance marketing leadership in order to define strategic objectives, marketing budgets, and success metrics. In this collaboration the Director also creates tactical execution plans for each marketing channel for the purpose of achieving program/campaign objectives. The Director of Performance Marketing will also work closely with the design and engineering departments in designing tools and features that improve the business’s consumer acquisition and retention.

Additionally, the Director of Performance Marketing works closely with the HR department in employing key performance marketing personnel in an attempt to guarantee smooth and efficient execution of major functions in the department. In this collaboration he participates in the promotion, performance evaluation, training, counseling, and discipline of the recruits.

Finance: The Director of Search Marketing also plays a major role in managing the finances of the performance marketing department, managing assigned departmental budget and spending. He establishes, along with the Chief Marketing Officer, a marketing budget across marketing channels that will facilitate meeting of performance goals. The Director also monitors and controls all costs that are associated with business-wide digital marketing campaigns, initiatives, and pilot projects. The Director of Performance Marketing at this capacity will also test, optimize, and scale channels for growth efficiency.

Other Duties: The Director of Performance Marketing also performs other duties as are necessary for the proper execution of his functions and duties as assigned by the Chief Marketing Officer or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Director of Performance Marketing

Education: The Director of Performance Marketing must have a master’s degree (Phd preferred) in a business related or technical field such as Marketing, Economics, Finance, Business Administration, Information Technology, Computer Science, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had over 10 years experience in driving consumer acquisition across marketing channels such as PPC, Display, Paid Search, Paid Social, and Retargeting. He will also have had a history in driving a business’s growth with innovative demand generation and prospecting campaigns, working with Adwords and other similar platforms. He will have vast experience working not only with, ad-serving platforms and digital monitoring tools, but also with offline marketing tools and strategies as well.

A suitable candidate will have proven and successful experience managing a cross-functional team as both a player and a leader, being able to perform tasks and manage others to the successful completion of a project. The candidate must also have a proven and successful experience building and executing direct and digital marketing campaigns for a business in a highly competitive and complex business environment. As a bonus the candidate will also have had substantial experience managing the budget/finance of a high-value project leading to the achievement of that project’s financial targets.

Analytical Skills: The Director of Performance Marketing has to be highly analytical and data driven. A suitable candidate for the position will demonstrate a keen understanding and appreciation of research and analysis and the well-informed insights that emanate from it. He will be highly proficient in A/B testing, bidded media, and marketing program optimization. The candidate must also have an ability to track and report on key metrics that measure performance in programs and campaigns inclusive of traffic, revenue, conversions, and ROI. As a bonus, the candidate for the position will also be proficient in SQL.

A suitable candidate will be extensively familiar with social acquisition channels, inclusive of Youtube Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and Pinterest promoted pins. He will additionally display an ability and passion to continuously and consistently evaluate potentially lucrative acquisition channels for possible scaling and future testing.

Communication Skills: Communication skills are a must for the Director of Performance Marketing, both in written and verbal form. This is to ensure that as the leader of the performance marketing department, communication is clearly and concisely conveyed to junior performance marketing personnel which will lead to the efficient execution of duties within the department.

Communication skills are also necessary in creating progress reports, performance reports, and project/strategic proposal that the Director presents to the Chief Marketing Officer, relevant stakeholders, and external partners. He must, therefore, have the ability to convey even complex messages to his audience in a clear, easy-to-understand, and convincing manner.

Ms Office/Software: The Director of Performance Marketing must be extremely proficient in Ms Excel, Ms Word, and PowerPoint, which are necessary in the creation of visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations for senior performance marketing management, and key stakeholders, and external partners.

Interpersonal Skills: The Director of Performance Marketing will be consumer-oriented always striving to meet consumer needs, be detail-oriented and have strong organizational skills, he will be able to prioritize and work comfortably on multiple projects and meet deadlines, he will work effectively under pressure, he will be team-oriented using sound judgment in decision-making, he will have an ability to develop and achieve measurable performance goals that support the business’s overall goals and metrics, and he will demonstrate calmness in uncertain and stressful circumstances.

Leadership/People Skills: A candidate for the position must also portray exceptional leadership skills and an ability to influence and drive people towards a common goal. He will also possess and ability to build strong, effective, and long-lasting relationships both internally and externally.

He will be an approachable and relatable person who will earn the trust of his juniors who will then readily follow in his leadership. He will also gain the trust of his seniors and business stakeholders who will trust in his insights and judgments, hence, making the execution of his duties much more effective.

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