Director of Brand Marketing

The position of Director of Brand Marketing demands an individual who is action oriented and who has an ability to think strategically and who has a passion for tactical and detailed marketing execution. In this position the Director of Brand Marketing is responsible for the generation of revenue through the provision of efficient and effective brand marketing programs.

The Director of Brand Marketing is responsible for driving awareness, acquisition, and retention. The Director of Brand Marketing delivers this thorough the launch of multifunctional go-to brand marketing strategies for promotion of the brand/business within the market.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Director of Brand Marketing

Leadership/Supervisory Role: The primary role of the Director of Brand Marketing is to lead the brand marketing department and oversee all brand marketing activities. In this position, the Director of Brand Marketing defines the departmental vision and instills it in all levels of the brand marketing department to make up part of the working culture. The Director of Brand Marketing oversees the brand planning process inclusive of the definition of target consumers and the development of marketing mix and strategies on consumer brand-interaction in order to encourage increased purchase.

At this capacity, the Director of Brand Marketing also leads the development and refinement of the brand’s messages and creative designs in order to attract potential consumers. He also leads go-to-market planning and drives cross-functional collaboration within the business, for example, with departments such as CRM, public relations and so forth. The Director of Brand Marketing also leads consumer-facing communication approaches for the brand and serves as a primary marketing point of contact with the external business partners, enabling strong, collaborative working relationships.

The Director of Brand Marketing also plays a mentorship role to key brand marketing personnel, assisting in the execution of their duties upon request, ensuring their professional growth, and essentially preparing them to take up his functions in his absence or retirement.

Strategy: The Director of Brand Marketing also plays a leading role in the establishment of the business’s brand building strategies across all channels. This is done in collaboration with key brand marketing departmental leaders, the Brand Marketing Manager and the Senior Brand Marketing Manager, as well as the Chief Marketing Officer.

The Director of Brand Marketing additionally develops weekly/monthly/annual brand marketing strategies and monitors the performance of those strategies in order to make necessary updates and improvements. At this capacity, the Director of Brand Marketing also creates messaging strategies for key segments and provides junior brand marketing personnel with necessary brand and communications assets.

Analytics: The Director of Brand Marketing manages and maintains program specific research efforts inclusive of consumer insights, consumer segmentation, competitive intelligence, industry trends, and developments. The Director of Brand Marketing also manages the forecast and revenue delivery for the business’s product through monitoring performance and availing transparent weekly/monthly/annual reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer and relevant stakeholders on the performance of brand marketing program initiatives, their progress, and results. This is for the purpose of the formulation of new brand strategies, improvement of existent brand strategies, and the capitalization of the brand on any emergent opportunities.

Collaboration: The role of the Director of Brand Marketing is a highly collaborative position and, as such, he partners with the Sales department for the purpose of creating brand demand and marketing plans. He also works with external consumer insight organizations in identifying suitable campaign insights that will enable brand differentiation and offer the business a competitive edge in the market in terms acquisition and retention. The Brand Marketing Manager also partners with key marketing department teams in the development and management of consumer and potential-consumer messaging.

The Director of Brand Marketing additionally partners with the IT department, online managers, and other marketing department teams in the development, deployment, and enhancement of strategies across the program website, digital and social media, email campaigns, SEO/SEM etc.

At this capacity, the Director of Brand Marketing also works closely with the HR department in the development of effective recruitment approaches specific to the brand marketing department in order to guarantee skilled and efficient personnel for the brand marketing department, which will lead to smooth, effective, and efficient performance of duties within the department. The Director of Brand Marketing also works with the Public Relations department in order to gain traction in media outlets that play a major role in furthering brand awareness efforts.

Knowledge/Creativity: The Director of Brand Marketing is also tasked with keeping up with and understanding industry best practices and emerging strategies that will keep the brand marketing up to date and ensure the business a competitive edge in brand awareness, consumer acquisition, and retention. He also has a responsibility of developing new creative, innovate, and out-of-the-box approaches in applying the business’s messages.

The Director of Brand Marketing is tasked with becoming an expert in brand marketing on behalf of the business, constantly honing his skills and developing a deep understanding of consumer mindsets and barriers to brand marketing and subsequently offering the department creative and sustainable solutions.

Other Duties: The Director of Brand Marketing also performs other duties as he deems necessary in the execution of his duties and other duties as delegated by the Chief Marketing Officer or the employer.

Required Qualifications of the Director of Brand Marketing

Education: The Director of Brand Marketing has to have a master’s degree (Phd preferred) in Marketing, Business Administration, or any other related field. An equivalent of this educational requirement in working experience is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had at least 10 years of working experience developing creative and innovative marketing strategies that heavily leverage offline and online mediums/channels in facilitating effective brand marketing programs and messages, preferably working in the position of a Head of Brand Marketing.

The candidate must also have had experience in demand generation marketing tactics and strategies in addition to having vast experience in digital marketing channels and tactics inclusive of display advertising, SEM/SEO, social media, email, and so forth. A suitable candidate will have vast proven and successful experience managing a marketing team from the conceptualization of a strategy to its close. The candidate will also have proven and successful relationship building skills, having an ability to leverage partnerships across the business as well as externally.

Analytical Skills: Analytical skills are imperative for this position and a candidate must, therefore, portray an ability to enable data-driven decisions and show a deep interest and comfort working with ROI and metric-driven models. A candidate for this position will also show proficiency in CRM systems, databases, and marketing automation. He must also demonstrate proficiency in Salesforce, Google Analytics, Marketo as well as proficiency in the use of softwares such as Adobe Creative Suite 6, Illustrator, and InDesign which are necessary for the creation of brand marketing materials.

Communication Skills: The Director of Brand Marketing will also possess superior communication skills and must be display comfort interacting with senior executives and external business partners. The efficiency of the brand marketing department is highly dependent on the Director’s clarity in the conveyance of information and instructions down the line. These skills will also be necessary in the delivery of reports and presentations to the Chief Marketing Officer, relevant stakeholders, and external partners. The candidate must demonstrate sufficient skills that will enable him to tailor even the most complex messages in clear, understandable, and convincing terms.

Ms Office/Software: The Director of Brand Marketing must also be highly proficient in Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel, which are necessary in the creation of both verbally and visually engaging branding materials, reports, and presentations for the department, collaborating personnel, relevant stakeholders, and external partners. He must also demonstrate superior proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite 6, Illustrator, InDesign and other similar softwares, which he will employ in the creation of various branding materials.

Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for this position must demonstrate exceptional problem solving skills, have an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to the brand as his own, have exceptional organizational skills, be detail orientated, be a strategic and creative thinker with a keen eye for detail, display comfort working in cross functional settings both as a leader and a player, have an ability to think outside of the box and find creative and unorthodox program solutions that give the brand its edge.

The candidate must also be able to prioritize and complete multiple projects in a timely manner, be self motivated and proactive, and display composure and calmness under stress and uncertainty while inspiring the same in others.

Leadership/People Skills: A candidate for the position must possess exceptional leadership skills, being able to move and inspire a cross-functional group, leading it into a unified direction and with a common vision. People skills will also guarantee that he is able to establish meaningful and long lasting relationships with other people.

As such, he will be better positioned to establish quality relationships with external investors, media outlets, consumers, and external partners on behalf of the business, leading to enhanced brand awareness and revenue generation.

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