Director of Advertising

The Director of Advertising oversees all activities in the advertising sales, advertising operations, and the advertising technology departments. He is responsible for meeting all the business’ advertising goals and actively seeking for the development of new business for the business. The Director of advertising is responsible for growing market share in the business’s marketplace, which makes it a necessity that the Director of Advertising be a strong innovative leader.

He must be highly motivated and have the capacity to motivate, lead, coach and mentor a sales advertising force within a fast-paced business environment exceeding budgeted advertisement and sales goals. The Director of Advertising has vast experience in the application of both digital and print advertising.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Director of Advertising

Leadership/Supervisory Role: The most prominent role of the Director of Advertising is his leadership over the advertising department. In this position, the Director of Advertising oversees the recruitment of key advertising personnel and motivates existent personnel in the execution of their duties, encouraging them to surpass their goals.

It is also the Director of Advertising’s responsibility to ensure that weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual advertising goals are met. The Director of Advertising fosters a high-performance, customer-centric, and results-based departmental culture.

Apart from overseeing the activities of the advertising departments, the Director of the Advertising also plays a mentorship role to key advertising personnel, offering direct assistance in the execution of their duties where necessary and ensuring constant professional growth on their part, readying them for the assumption of his duties in his absence or retirement.

Strategy: The Director of Advertising develops advertising strategies that support sales plans, attract and retain new consumers, and encourage the spending rate of the business’ current consumers. It is also the role of the Director of Advertising to develop weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual sales quotas around which advertising strategies and solutions are built within the advertising department.

In this capacity, the Director of Advertising clearly communicates quotas and commissions that will ensure the success of advertising efforts and initiatives.

Collaboration: The Director of Advertising is a highly collaborative position where he works closely with the marketing department in order to ensure effective sales prospecting and alignment of marketing approaches to minimize conflicts of interest and to enable a unified front in reaching for overall business goals. The Director of Advertising also works closely with other sales executives, for example, executives overseeing content, product development, and customer support for the purpose of aligning sales priorities with the overall business strategies.

The Director of Advertising additionally works with the human resources department in determining the recruitment criteria of key advertising personnel in order to guarantee high quality personnel and smooth execution of advertising initiatives. The Director of Advertising will also work closely with the field sales personnel in order to ensure the provision of the highest quality customer support and to ensure proper follow up established sales strategies.

Knowledge and Opportunity: It is also the Director’s responsibility to gather ideas and feedback from the field leading to the formulation of more effective advertisement strategies and solutions. The Director of Advertising achieves this by relying on the business’s data insights, keeping up with relevant publications and through the attendance of relevant seminars and events where he gathers industry best practices that keep the business ahead of its competition by giving it a competitive edge. The Director of Advertising also develops new ways to navigate market shifts and competitive challenges, identifying emerging sales opportunities and establishing crucial relationships.

Analytics: The Director of Advertising drives strategic product decisions through the evaluation of market-trends and prospective analysis of the business’s product and revenue performance. In his analytical role, the Director of Advertising maintains and submits highly-detailed weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual pipeline reports on time to collaborating executives and relevant stakeholders. The Director of Advertising also has a duty in keeping the senior advertising management team well-informed by providing them with final timely sales projections, sales performance data, pipeline reports, and market trends in order to apply better management of their individual teams.

Other Duties: The Director of Advertising also performs other duties directed by the Chief Sales Officer or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Director of Advertising

Education: The Director of Advertising has to have a master’s degree (PhD preferred) in sales, marketing, or any other business related field. The equivalent of this requirement is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had a minimum of 10 years in working experience in a senior management position, preferably working as a head of advertising sales, head of advertising operations, head of advertising technology. The candidate will have vast experience working with modern advertising tools, platforms, and technologies. The candidate will also have had proven and successful experience managing an advertising team from the conceptualization of a campaign to the successful achievement of its objectives.

A suitable candidate will also have vast experience working with ROI, cost modeling among other quantitative techniques that educate and persuade potential consumers. As a bonus, the candidate will also have proven and successful experience navigating complex sales cycles as well as a background in business applications and familiarity with the workings of SaaS.

Communications Skills: Communication skills are an absolute necessity for the Director of Advertising. It is imperative that communication of his instructions and directives be crystal clear down the line in order to ensure efficient performance of the advertising teams and, hence, the entire advertising department.

Excellent communication skills are also necessary in the facilitation of communications between collaborative executives and personnel. Smooth communication skills in this case will enable effective and efficient performance of cross-functional duties due to the passing of clear and concise messages between these collaborating departments.

Communication skills are also going to be necessary for drawing of clear, unambiguous, and convincing reports for relevant stakeholders, senior advertising management, and collaborating personnel. The Director of Advertising must also demonstrate an ability to convey the most complex messages in a simplified and understandable manner, tailoring messages to appeal to different audiences.

Ms Office/Software: A suitable candidate for this position must be highly proficient in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Outlook, and WebEx, necessary for the creation of visually and verbally engaging reports, presentations, and materials for stakeholders, senior advertising management, and collaborating personnel. The candidate must additionally demonstrate proficiency in the workings of HTML, XML, and Javascript. A suitable candidate will also demonstrate proficiency in standard ad systems, for example, Google DFP, AppNexus, and OpenX.

Technological Savvy/Analytical Skills: Technology is a part of most people’s daily lives through the adoption of modern technological appliances and communication tools. To reach the business’s audience more effectively, the Director of Advertising must be technologically adept in order to effectively determine the most suitable tools, platforms, and channels to apply at each turn in.

A suitable candidate will, therefore, be an expert in one or more advertising platforms, for example, web, mobile, and so forth. However, the candidate must also demonstrate a good mix of technological know-how and business analysis skills. The Director of Advertising has to have superior analytical skills, conducting performance and competitive analyses, converting raw data and information into actionable insights and strategies.

Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for this position must be a strategic thinker, be consumer-driven and have a passion for serving others, be self-motivated and proactive, have a deep appreciation for user experience, and have an ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment. He must also be extremely well organized and have an ability to work on multiple projects, have exceptional problem solving skills, and demonstrate calmness and composure under stress and in times of uncertainty, inspiring the same in his juniors.

Leadership/People Skills: A candidate for the position must also demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, demonstrating an ability to move a cross-functional group towards a common direction. He must be able to establish long-lasting and meaningful connections with people in addition to being approachable and relatable.

This will enable junior and cross-functional personnel to trust him and for sales executives and stakeholders to follow in his insights and judgments.

JOB SKILLS REQUIRED FOR Director of Advertising
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