Director of Marketing Operations

The role of the Director of Marketing Operations is to manage the entire marketing operations department as well as teams that are closely aligned with the marketing and sales departments. The Director of Marketing Operations also monitors, measures, and analyzes the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and programs.

The position of Director of Marketing Operations is also to analyze the lead flow and working flow within the marketing department in order to guarantee the achievement of the department’s goals. The Director of Marketing Operations also works to deliver key insights and recommendations that optimize the performance of the marketing department and marketing programs/campaigns, and assists the marketing department as a whole in the achievement of its goals.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Director of Marketing Operations

Leadership/Supervisory Role: The first and most prominent role of the Director of Marketing Operations is to provide leadership to the marketing operations department. He leads the planning, budgeting, and forecasting of the marketing department andmanages marketing automation systems, for example, Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua for the purpose of generating, distributing, and reporting on leads.He establishes and maintains scalable processes within the department that guarantee best practices in lead and campaign management.

The Director of Marketing Operations also maintains campaign plans in order to facilitate easy reporting on program and campaign effectiveness.He also monitors and maintains data quality in the marketing database, appending data as necessary. At this capacity, the Director of Marketing Operations also plays a mentorship role, guiding key marketing operations in the execution of their duties when necessary, ensuring constant honing of their skills, performing performance appraisal for outstanding performers, and readying them for occupation of the Director’s position in the future.

Strategy/Opportunity: The Director of Marketing Operations, in conjunction with the Chief Marketing Officer, is also tasked with leading the marketing operations department in driving strong marketing strategies and availing opportunities that will lead to sales enablement and marketing alignment with processes and initiatives that support exceptional lead management and sales enablement. The Director of Marketing Operations also drives marketing database strategies, where he analyzes gaps in the business’s data, consumer acquisition strategies, and data quality practices.

The Director of Marketing Operations also provides the marketing team with ongoing analysis in relation to lucrative marketing investments and lays out the goals. He is tasked with keeping an eye out in the market for new practices and technologies that willimprove and optimize the marketing department’s performance and gives the business a competitive edge over other players in the market.

Analytics: The Director of Marketing also defines key marketing metrics and manages the process of packaging these measurements into reports and dashboards in order to determine overall performance of the marketing team and marketing programs. At this capacity the Director of Marketing Operations serves to create regular reports on marketing and sales initiatives, business impact, and effectiveness.

In this endeavor, the Director analyzes marketing and sales data, develops insights, and presentsrecommendations to the Chief Marketing Officer on areas for improvement and optimization. The Director of Marketing Operations is also responsible for running monthly/quarterly/annual marketing metrics reviews, consumer acquisition, program ROI, and contact acquisition, and penetration.

Collaboration: The role of the Director of Marketing Operations is highly collaborative, and as such, the Director works closely with the sales department in activities regarding the flow of leads from marketing to sales enablement. The Director similarly works closely with the IT department in conducting data analyses, data acquisition, database management, and marketing automation.

At this capacity, the Director of Marketing Operations also partners closely with the finance department in ensuring the creation of accurate ongoing budget allocations for the marketing operations department. He also works closely with the Chief Marketing Officer and key stakeholders in formulating and approving various marketing strategies, approaches, and campaigns prior to their launch.

Other Duties: The Director of Marketing Operations performs other duties as he deems necessary in the execution of his duties or duties as delegated by the Chief Marketing Officer or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Director of Marketing Operations

Education: The Director of Marketing Operations must have a master’s degree (Phd preferred) in a business related or technical field, for example, Marketing, Business Administration, Public Relations, Information Technology, Computer Science, or any other related field. The equivalent of this in working experience is also acceptable.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have well over 10 years in working experience in marketing with at least 5 of those years being in marketing operations, preferably working as a Head of Marketing Operations. The candidate will also have had experience in CRM solutions, marketing automation, and extended experience working in a digital marketing environment.

The candidate will also demonstrate knowledge of marketing best practices and multiple marketing channel execution as well as prior proven experience of successful management of large-scale marketing teams and programs. He will also demonstrate proficiency in offline marketing channels and programs and also in budget management/financial analysis.

Analytical Skills: A candidate for this position must be a results-driven individual with exceptional analytical skills in quantitative data analysis of program effectiveness, forecasting, and ROI. The candidate must also have analytical skills and mastery in the translation and reporting of data analyses. He will also be highly skilled in marketing automation systems such as Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo etc. and have the capacity to integrate those systems with marketing technologies. A candidate for this position must alsodemonstrate proficiency in tools such as Google Analytics, WordPress, Google AdWords, Facebook ads, among others.

Communication Skills: As the head of the marketing operations department, the performance and effectiveness of the department will be highly dependent on the clarity of his communications down the line, conveying important information and instructions to junior marketing operations management. A candidate for this position must, therefore, possess excellent communication skills both in verbal and in written form.

In addition, the Director of Marketing Operations prepares regular reports and recommendations on marketing programs, campaigns, and strategies directed to the Chief Marketing Officer, relevant stakeholders, and external partners. For this reason, it is necessary that he be in a position to tailor even the most technical and complex messages in simple, clear, understandable, and convincing terms.

Ms Office/Platforms: The candidate for this position must also be highly proficient in Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel, which will be necessary for the creation of visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations.The Director of Operations will also demonstrate high proficiency in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, LinkedIn ads, WordPress, Twitter ads, and Facebook ads as well as being proficient working with tools such as Salesforce, Adobe Campaign etc.

Interpersonal Skills: A suitable candidate will also possess several qualities that will aid him in the proper execution of his duties. He must have anability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines, be self motivated and inspire his juniors to be the same, work comfortably in a fast-paced environment and within group settings, have excellent time-management skills, have an ability to think creatively and strategically, have exceptional problem-solving skills, and have an ability to stay calm under stress and uncertainty inspiring the same in his juniors.

Leadership/People Skills: The Director of Marketing Operations must also be a strong team player with an ability to develop effective working relationships across the organization as well as externally. He will have an ability to inspire and move a cross-functional team in a unified direction and with a unified vision. He must be an approachable and relatable person that junior marketing operations department juniors will follow and who will organically earn the trust of the Chief Marketing Officer, key stakeholders, and external partners.

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