Director Inhouse Consulting

The Director Inhouse Consulting leads and oversees the activities of the entire inhouse consulting department and assists all business departments and central infrastructure areas of the business in finding solutions to issues of strategic importance and implements these solutions in on-going projects.

The Director Inhouse Consulting is a reliable advisor to top management and stakeholders across the business and contributes to the inhouse consulting department’s consulting and project expertise on a wide range of challenging issues, for example, launching innovative products and programs.

The Director Inhouse Consulting also offers high-value clients and consumers consultancy services that go beyond the capacity of ordinary consultancy teams with a view of enhancing consumer satisfaction and enabling improved and restructured revenue generation and profitability as well as program management.

Through in-depth consulting experience and a pragmatic, solution-oriented approach, the Director Inhouse Consulting is able to assist the business’s consumers on a wide variety of issues.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Director Inhouse Consultant

Leadership/Supervisory Role: His leadership position is his most prominent role and in this position, the Director Inhouse Consulting oversees all activities of the inhouse consulting department. The Director Inhouse Consulting brings rigor to consumers’ decision-making processes by performing detailed cost/benefit analysis, evaluating and presenting solutions, and driving consensus among key stakeholders.

He encourages the business’s consumers to develop new decision frameworks that will deliver value in multiple engagements within the business. In his leadership position, the Director Inhouse Consulting identifies the most important business issues, develops lasting solutions across functions, and establishes business competencies in projects that are essential for the implementation of strategies.

The Director Inhouse Consulting personally manages consumer engagements of high-value clients in order to guarantee satisfaction while simultaneously adhering to revenue and margin guidelines. The Director Inhouse Consulting is a thought leader and it is his duty to ensure the proper execution of resource planning, recruitment, training, and community building within the inhouse consulting department.

In this capacity, he also takes up the role of a mentor to key personnel within the department, training these individuals, assisting in the execution of their duties, and preparing them to take up his duties in the future.

Project Management/Strategy: The Director Inhouse Consulting plays a lead role in the development of the business’s projects. The Director takes up full responsibility for the development of the inhouse consulting team to support the overall business growth strategy. He is also highly involved in product development, project management, and organizational redesign, and process redesign.

In this capacity, the Director Inhouse Consulting takes up ambiguous and complex project/product/program issues and uses his research and business assessment capabilities to define the issues, drive innovative ideas, and recommend actionable solutions. In addition to providing conceptual and strategic support in the early stages of projects, the Director Inhouse Consulting provides support in implementation of the recommended changes, overseeing execution of the projects from beginning to end.

Consumer Relations/Consultancy: The Director Inhouse Consulting maintains and develops relationships with the existing consumer base by reaching out and listening to the consumers’ requirements. From the insights drawn from these interactions, the Director Inhouse Consulting defines, scopes, and plans new solutions that will adequately address their requirements.

This is inclusive of determining how to model existent and future business processes, identifying the organizational changes required to realize the consumers’ benefits. In this capacity, the Director Inhouse Consulting acts as a contact between the business and the existent and potential markets.

Analytics: The Director Inhouse Consulting also plays an analytical role where he identifies complex project/product/program issues and independently uses his competence in initiating analyses as the basis for recommending appropriate courses of action. From his various analysis findings, the Director Inhouse Consulting develops new conceptual frameworks and strategic approaches.

He continuously reviews business performances, conducting analyses, and identifying different points of improvement with an aim of enhancing performance while meeting and exceeding targets.

In this capacity, the Director Inhouse Consulting conducts meetings and prepares reports and guiding materials for relevant management, consumers, and potential consumers in order to improve project/product performance, enhance customer satisfaction, and to prospect for new business.

Collaboration: The role of the Director Inhouse Consulting is also a collaborative role and in this role, he works with junior inhouse consulting teams in developing solutions and recommendations for management across the business.

He also works with business development executives and stakeholders in making strategic departmental decisions as well as in sharing best practice and trends relevant to the business development department in order to improve overall departmental performance.

Knowledge: It is the duty of the Director Inhouse Consulting to gain and maintain a clear understanding of the requirements of consumers and businesses, enabling the formulation of suitable and balanced business strategies. He also keeps the department up to date with industry best practices, hence maintaining the optimal departmental performance at all times.

Other Duties: The Director Inhouse Consulting performs similar duties as he deems necessary for the effective execution of his duties and duties as delegated by the Chief Business Development Officer or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Director Inhouse Consulting

Education: The Director Inhouse Consulting must have a master’s degree (Phd preferred) in Marketing, Sales, Economics, Business, Business Administration, Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Design, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have at least 10 years of working experience in an inhouse consulting position within a fast-paced, complex, and dynamic business environment. The candidate must also have demonstrated and successful experience managing business projects, the candidate will demonstrate an in-depth understanding of project management and implementation concepts.

He will also have vast experience in organizational assessment and design as well as a proven and successful experience leading complex and cross-functional teams. The candidate will also have a proven record in managing, growing, and leading a consulting team, leading to enhanced business performance across a business as well as enhanced revenue generation and profitability.

Communication Skills: A candidate for the position will have excellent written and verbal communication skills that will be absolutely necessary for him in his leadership position. Clear conveyance of information and instructions down the line will mean equally good execution of tasks by junior consultancy personnel.

Communication skills will also be necessary for the candidate in his interactions with senior business executives as well as high-value business clients, facilitating smooth, clear, and satisfactory interactions that conclusively address the matters at hand. The Director Inhouse Consulting will additionally be required to draw reports and recommendations for management within the business as well as well as informative and guiding materials for consumers.

These reports and materials must be exhaustive, clear, engaging, unambiguous, and convincing, which will demand great communication abilities from the Director Inhouse Consulting.

Ms Office: A candidate for the position must be highly proficiency in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, and PowerPoint, which will be necessary for the creation of both visually and verbally engaging reports and informative materials for management, project/product management, executives, stakeholders, and consumers.

Analytical Skills: A candidate will also need to demonstrate advanced conceptual and analytical skills. He will possess strong problem identification skills, enabling him to spot fundamental issues in various business projects, conducting appropriate analyses, and launching lasting solutions leading to improved and enhanced performance.

A candidate for this position must be able to perform business performance analyses, consumer behavior analyses, market and competitive analyses, and draw actionable and practical insights.

Interpersonal Skills: The Director Inhouse Consulting will be a helpful and service-oriented individual, be consumer and result-oriented, be highly motivated and proactive requiring minimal supervision, have strong problem solving skills, be confident and self-assured, and be highly organized.

He will also have an ability to handle multiple simultaneous tasks and meet tight deadlines, be a team player, be comfortable working with business senior executives, and demonstrate an ability to stay calm and composed in times of uncertainty and stress, inspiring the same in his team, management, and consumers.

Leadership/People Skills: The candidate must possess exceptional leadership skills, demonstrating an ability to inspire and move a cross-functional group as well as an ability to influence senior management and executives within a business. The candidate must also be approachable and likable, inspiring trust in consumers, junior consultancy personnel, and senior management alike, leading to their inclination towards trusting in his insights, directives, and judgments.

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