CRM Manager

The CRM Manager is responsible for development, execution, and continuous refinement of multi-channel Consumer Relations and the development of programs, roadmaps, and Consumer Relation strategies. The CRM Manager focuses on the loyalty and retention marketing strategies.

The CRM Manager has a clear understanding of how to leverage consumer behavioral, lifestyle, transactional, and demographic data in order to deliver relevant marketing programs through multiple communication channels with a vision of growing consumer loyalty and increasing their lifetime value to the business.

The position of CRM Manager demands extensive cross-functional collaboration, good communication skills, excellent project managerial skills, creative skills, and a process-focused aptitude that will enable the CRM Manager to effectively execute multiple responsibilities and deliverables.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the CRM Manager

Management and Strategy: The CRM manager plays the main role of managing the business’s day-to-day consumer relations protocols, their refinement, CRM segmentation, onsite personalization, and product recommendation programs and platforms. The CRM Manager also manages key vendor relationship and databases, in formulating strategies, strategy execution, asset deliverable management, as well as the testing of all SMS, emails, among other multi-channel communications. The CRM Manager is also tasked with overseeing the creation of models against lifetime value, retention, churn, loyalty, and advocacy programs.

Along with senior CRM management, the CRM Manager plays an active role in the formation of ongoing CRM strategies as well as the weekly/monthly/annual departmental calendars that enable the continuous and consistent testing, learning, and optimization in order to maximize consumers’ lifetime value. The CRM Manager also structures CRM activities with a view of maximizing KPI improvement, ROI, and business impact.

At this capacity, the CRM Manager oversees and coordinates the implementation of new CRM campaign management tools inclusive of email service provider integration, frontend integration, and CRM integration with the internal IT department, third-party ecommerce providers, and email service providers. He also oversees direct communications with consumers and plays a leading role in deciding on the CRM platforms, structures, and architecture in order to guarantee that consumer relations are carried out seamlessly across the business.

Analytical/Technical Skills: The CRM Manager is tasked with business-wide consumer analytics and behavioral reporting, for example, he is responsible for the development of consumer segmentation models along with internal and external analysts and based on common characteristics inclusive of purchase history, consumer type, consumer behavior, and demographics. He drives the continuous optimization of on-site product recommendations, cross-selling and merchandising opportunities based on segmentation models and desired actions.

At this capacity, he also implements relevant, approved online marketing campaigns, as well as offers for cross-platform communications that are founded on segmentation models and the business’s goals. The CRM manager also provides strategic guidance to CRM strategies that will be inclined to drive maximum ROI. He also performs consumer Journey Mapping and analyzes business touch-points in order to increase the business’s commercial opportunities.

Collaboration: The role of the CRM Manager is also highly collaborative. The CRM Manager works closely with various departments in the business, inclusive of the senior management and key stakeholders in an effort to develop and launch suitable digital marketing initiatives. The CRM Manager also works closely with the IT department in an effort to better understand all CRM feeds and data flowing in and out of CRM program management tools. This is in an effort to ensure that all data is flowing properly and alert the CRM department of any issue in the CRM campaigns.

At this capacity, the CRM Manager will work with third-party vendors in order to improve consumer communications and remarketing campaigns. He also works closely with senior CRM management and key stakeholders in developing the consumer loyalty vision for the business and instilling that vision across the organizational departments and contact points, for example, social, web, mobile, email. He also collaborates with the senior management in building conversion metrics and ensuring consistency in all consumer contact initiatives and programs.

Consumer Relations: The CRM Manager also takes initiative in directly reaching out to consumers in an effort to gather feedback and ensure that the business’s consumer relations programs are effective and that they are of high quality and standards and also that they facilitate the execution of successful marketing campaigns enabling consumer loyalty.

Opportunity: It is the duty of the CRM Manager to guide CRM campaigns and introduce new capabilities for the purpose of meeting emerging business needs and market trends. At this capacity, the CRM Manager shares new and emerging CRM best practices across the business in order to give the business a competitive edge over competition in consumer acquisition.

The CRM manager is also tasked with conducting post-campaign analytics for the purpose of realizing recommendations for future CRM campaigns. He maintains a strong knowledge and understanding of the current and emerging eCommerce strategies, trends, and techniques that consistently give the business a lead in consumer acquisition within the market.

Other Duties: The CRM manager also performs other duties as delegated by the Senior CRM Manager, Head of CRM, Director of Performance Marketing, the Chief Marketing Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the CRM Manager

Education: The CRM Manager requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Information Technology, Public Relations, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, or any other related field. The equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had at least 2 years of experience in CRM marketing or advertising within a Sales team in a fast-paced and highly competitive setting. He will also have experience working with multiple communication channels in consumer interactions. A suitable candidate will also have had some experience in basic set-ups and development of corporate-level CRM programs and campaigns.

Analytical Skills: The CRM manager also has to possess strong analytical skills coupled with project management and planning skills. A candidate for the position must demonstrated a substantial knowledge in CRM segmentation, campaign management, direct marketing, offer management, data mining, interactive marketing, database marketing, and email marketing.

Communication Skills: Being a highly interactive position, the CRM Manger must have excellent communication skills that will ensure effective conveyance of information and execution of duties in a cross-functional setting. The CRM Manager will also create reports and strategic proposals that will be presented to the senior CRM management and, as such, he must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills that will ensure these reports and presentations are clear, concise, and convincing.

Most importantly he interacts with consumers for the purpose of gathering information on the effectiveness of CRM programs and campaigns, the CRM Manager must, therefore, possess excellent communication skills that will guarantee he is able to acquire accurate information and convey this back to the business, which will be subsequently used for improvement of CRM initiatives.

Ms Office/Software: The CRM Manager must be highly proficient in Ms Word for the purpose of creating not only verbally but also visually engaging reports and presentations for CRM management, collaborating personnel, and key stakeholders.

Interpersonal Skills: There are certain interpersonal skills that a CRM manager has to possess in order to ensure effective execution of his duties. A candidate for this position must be customer-service orientation, demonstrate an ability to work in a fast-paced environment with ease, be self-motivated and proactive, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, have critical attention to detail, be able to prioritize and meet deadlines while working on multiple projects, and have creative problem-solving skills.

People Skills: The CRM Manager must also have an ability to create strong, meaningful, and long-lasting relationships. He must be likeable and easily relatable in order facilitate cross-functional interactions and, most importantly, consumer relationships.

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