Corporate Finance Manager

The Corporate Finance Manager supports all of the the business’s finance issues, inspiring the finance department in identifying and generating new revenue streams, acting on potential opportunities, negotiating deals, and leading pitches.

The Corporate Finance Manager uses an analytical approach and methodical thinking in managing a range of transactional and advisory work within the finance department.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Corporate Finance Manager

Financial Management: The Corporate Finance Manager is responsible for defining the appropriate liquidity quantum that the business should maintain and the composition thereof, that is, cash, bank facilities, and so forth. The Corporate Finance Manager also manages the business’s gross debt portfolio through debt issuance and debt redemption, regularly updating the debt issuance.

He is also in charge of negotiating terms with the business’s financial service providers such as banks and arranging acquisition financing as necessary. The Corporate Finance Manager further defines appropriate capital structures for business arrangements while keeping in mind the business needs, risk management taxation, accounting, and legal/policy requirements.

The Corporate Finance Manager also takes part in the documentation and preparation of information memoranda, business plans, pitches, and so forth. He further plays an active role in the recruitment and training of new team members in order to ensure continued departmental effectiveness.

Financial Strategy/Modeling/Advising: The Corporate Finance Manager plays an active role in the finance analysis and valuation by developing high-quality financial models. He offers advice to management and shareholder teams on a large set of financial matter such as merger and acquisition initiatives, potential opportunities, and financial due diligence.

The Corporate Finance Manager additionally plays a strategic role in the implementation of the business’s financial strategies and projects across the business.

Support/Collaboration/Relationship Management: The role of the Corporate Finance Manager is also a highly collaborative and interactive role where he provides the all finance department teams support in ad hoc projects and initiatives. He also works closely with the corporate finance management and key stakeholders in long-term strategy formation, revenue budget setting processes, and the identification of new opportunities for the business.

The Corporate Finance Manager will also work with senior corporate finance management in developing financial modeling and analyses. The Corporate Finance Manager also develops and maintains consumer relationships in order to gain valuable insights on financial matters that affect the business’s performance.

He also liaises with the legal team in ensuring that financial transactions executed across the business are in compliance with state legislation and business policies and also to ensure the finance department stays up to date with any relevant developing legislation. The Corporate Finance Manager will also work closely with accounting teams in closing down financial end-of-period matters.

Knowledge & Opportunity: The Corporate Finance Officer identifies revenue generation opportunities for the business by identifying potential clients and investors. In this position, he develops business cases, pitches, and proposals for senior finance management and generates new client leads. The Corporate Finance Manager achieves this through networking and following up on the existing client contact base.

Other Duties: The Corporate Finance Manager performs similar duties as he deems fit for the proper execution of his duties and duties as delegated by the Senior Manager Corporate Finance, Head of Corporate Finance, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Corporate Finance Manager

Education: The Corporate Finance Manager must have a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Law, or Accounting. The equivalent of the same in practical experience is also acceptable. The candidate will also be better suited with CPA, ACA/ACCA certification.

Experience: The Corporate Finance Manager must have a minimum of 3 years working in a corporate finance capacity or in an accountancy capacity within a fast paced and dynamic business environment. The candidate will have had successful experience leading a finance/accounting team from the beginning of a financial period to its close.

The candidate will also demonstrate experience producing a full set of technical accounts as well as experience closing end-of-period accounts having complied with state regulations and accepted accounting principles. The Corporate Finance Manager must additionally have demonstrated analytical skills identifying and evaluating risks and opportunities that relate to long term finance contracts and corporate finance activities.

He will additionally have exceptionally good skills in financial modeling and have an ability to understand and interpret financial marketing instruments. A suitable candidate will have a deep understanding of accounting and tax standards as well as an understanding of financial and derivative instruments.

The candidate will additionally have a proven and successful experience in strategy consulting and advisory, leading a business into enhanced financial performance.

Communication Skills: The Corporate Finance Manager must additionally have exceptionally good communication skills both in written and verbal form. These skills will be vital in enabling the Corporate Finance Manager to clearly convey sensitive information to collaborating parties, senior finance personnel and stakeholders, and most importantly to the business’s clients.

He will also need excellent communication skills in drafting clear, understandable, and unambiguous proposals and recommendation for senior management, which will be used in financial decision making and strategy formation for the financial affairs and investments of the business.

Ms Office/Software: The Corporate Finance Manager must also possess exceptional computer skills and be highly proficient in Ms Excel, Ms Office, Ms Outlook, and PowerPoint, which will be necessary in the creation of financial reports and recommendations. He must additionally be proficient in the use of financial softwares such as software such as Oracle Finances, Expensify, and JD Edwards.

Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for this position must have a keen eye for detail, have excellent project management skills, be highly organized and result-driven, be highly enthusiastic and ambitious, be a self-starter, be proactive going beyond the call of duty, have exceptionally good negotiation skills, have exceptionally good problem solving skills, and demonstrate an ability to stay calm in times of uncertainty and stress.

People Skills: The Corporate Finance Officer must have an ability to form strong and lasting bonds with others. He must be a confident yet likable individual who inspires trust and trust in other people who then readily follow in his directives.

JOB SKILLS REQUIRED FOR Corporate Finance Manager
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