Content Marketer

The Content Marketer is an individual who has a deep passion for telling the business brand’s story in order to educate the business’s audiences across a breadth of media and content forms.

The role of the Content Marketer requires a person who is able to work in, and thrive, in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. The Content Marketer also has a high level of creativity blended with a passion for driving change in the business through technology.

The Content Marketer is also highly familiar with the best trends and practices in SEO, site development, and social media marketing. The role of the Content Marketer is also occupied by a person with a high level of creativity, project management skills, and attention to detail.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Content Marketer

Content: First and foremost, the Content Marketer is expected to ‘own’ the business’s websites and blog sites, being responsible for ensuring that it has compelling content, navigation, structure/design, localization, and landing pages that will make the business’s content easily digestible by the audience. The Content Marketer actively participates in overseeing content creation for various distribution approaches, inclusive of social media, websites, case studies, blogs, events, videos, email campaigns, and presentations.

At this capacity, the Content Marketer helps in driving growth of the business’s primary content databases by providing the business/product’s audiences with constant, helpful, and interesting content that is in-tune with their interests and needs.

SEO: The Content Marketer also plays an active role in SEO. In conjunction with the SEO department, he plays a leading role in the management of both on-page SEO and off-page SEO analysis and execution; improving organic search engine performance and setting goals based on click through rates, conversions, and traffic. This is for the purpose of ensuring that the content relates with the target audience and that the content actually finds the relevant audiences. The Content Marketer also alert and keeps the business up to date on the latest SEO trends and changes on key search engines.

Collaboration: The position of the Content Marketer is also a collaborative one, and apart from working with the SEO department, the Content Marketer also works with the Content Editors and the Marketing team in defining and creating resources and new content that supports segment specific marketing programs and enhances the business/product’s market awareness for the purpose of driving sales leads, and ultimately helping in sales growth.

The Content Marketer also works with product designers, content editors, product, and sales teams in producing relevant content that is up to standard and meets the stakeholders’ as well as consumers’ needs. The Content Manager will also partner up with editorial team in overseeing the editorial program schedule and the promotion of the business’s content outlet channels such as blogs.

Additional examples of projects that the Content Marketer works collaboratively in are such as; trade event support, infographic creation, creation of content support for sales and executive presentations, content production for web events, e-campaigns, and product sheets, and many more.

Research and Analytics: The Content Marketer also plays an analytical role; he is tasked with conducting research and developing an understanding of the business’s industry, the business/product’s unique value proposition, and it’s the product’s market differentiators. The Content Marketer also conducts extensive research on the challenges and priorities of the business’s consumers and prospective consumers; information that he imparts on the editorial marketing teams who in turn strategically align marketing content strategies with consumer needs.

At this capacity, the Content Marketer also formulates and conducts closed-loop analytics in order to understand how the business/product’s inbound marketing activity translates into consumers, which will in turn refine the Content Marketer’s process of turning in and reaching new consumers in the course his duties.

The Content Marketer identifies core objectives for the content and develops metrics and methods for measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of the content; he proceeds to prepare reports and result finding presentations on the performance and engagement of that content, which he presents to the senior content marketing management.

Social Media: The Content Manager also plays an active role in the creation and management of the business’s social media profiles and presence, inclusive of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube among other channels in order to expand the business/product’s online following. This is achieved by contributing to the business’s platforms through provision of helpful marketing content aligned with the interests and needs of the target audience.

At this capacity, the Content Marketer also actively engages in relevant social media discussions and forums as a representative of the business, reaching out to new and existent consumers and ultimately increasing the business/product’s following.

Other Duties: The Content Marketer also performs other duties as delegated by the Senior Content Marketer, the Head of Content, Director of Communications, or the employer.

Required Qualifications of the Content Marketer

Education: A candidate for this position must have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Journalism, Psychology, Information Technology, or any other related field. An equivalent of this educational requirement in working experience is also acceptable.

Experience: A suitable candidate for the position will have had prior experience producing and promoting content for a business in a capacity similar to that of a content editor or content marketer, for example, through thought leadership and social media presence management. The candidate will also have had experience supporting sales content and lead generation for a business/product’s campaigns.

He will also have had a proven and successful experience producing quality business/product content in a fast-paced and deadline-driven setting. In addition, a suitable candidate will have had proven experience working as a writer, producer, or blogger for a business’s official print and online publications.

Technologically/Digitally Literacy: The Content Marketer must also demonstrate a deep interest and understanding of technology, technological appliances, and software. A large part of consumers for any product will be found online, and digital methods of marketing are fast replacing conventional and traditional methods both in terms of popularly and effectiveness.

For this reason, a Content Marketer must be highly conversant and at par with the current technological/digital world. A suitable candidate will be conversant enough with technology to be able to develop content across a wide range of online and social media platforms. He will also already have a personal, active and well-rounded social media presence, with a deep command of several social media platforms and their best practices.

Communication Skills: The Content Marketer must demonstrate exceptional communication skills, which are an absolute necessity for effective performance of functions in this position. The Content Marketer interacts with consumers, stakeholders, and senior Content Marketers in the performance of his duties.

In order to have clear and concise conveyance of information between these parties, the Content Marketer must demonstrate great verbal communication skills that will enable him to relay even the most technical messages to no-technical audiences in a way they can understand and relate to.

Additionally, the Content Marketer will be making regular reports and presentations to senior content marketing teams and in order to ensure that the content in the reports is well-structures, engaging, and easily digestible, the Content Marketer will also need to possess excellent written communication skills.

Ms Office/Software: A candidate for the position of Content Marketer will also need to possess excellent skills in Ms Word. He will need to be equally proficient in PowerPoint, which he will use in the creation of not only verbally, but visually engaging content, reports, and presentations. In the creation of verbally and visually creative content, the Content Marketer also needs to be proficient in certain supplementary softwares, for example; Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, Avid, Premier, and Photoshop.

Creative and Analytical Skills: A candidate for the position will also demonstrate high creativity levels and a deep interest in market and consumer research and analysis. The Content Marketer has to be a creative thinker who is passionate in using data to inform content and marketing decisions for the business.

The candidate will be proficient in the use of Hubspot or any other similar marketing automation platform. He will also have the ability to use various key word tools, social media monitoring tools, conduct web analytics, conduct search ranking and optimization, and key algorithm updates.

Interpersonal/People Skills: A Content Marketer must be highly organized; able to work independently as well as with others; able to handle multiple projects with ease; prioritize work and meet even the tightest deadlines; and an ability to consistently ‘get the job done’.

The Content Marketer, being in a highly interactive position must also possess excellent people skills that will enable him to relate well with others and form meaningful relationships and connections with high-value persons such as consumers, social influencers, media outlet personnel etc on behalf of the business.

Career path