Advertising Technology Manager

As a member of the advertising team, the Advertising Technology Manager plans, manages, and monitors the technical implementation of video and display advertising units across numerous platforms, for example, web-apps on Desktops, Android, and iOS. The Advertising Technology Manager works on strategic projects that demand a deep understanding of the latest technologies in the Apps and Online world, apart from dealing with conventional advertising units.

The Advertising Technology Manager reports to the Senior Advertising Technology Manager and the Head of Advertising Technology. Besides the daily tasks, the Advertising Technology Manager works closely with several other departments in aligning technical constraints and market requirements and to lay the foundation for further growth in the business’s ad revenues.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Advertising Technology Manager

Management: The Advertising Technology Manager plays a minor managerial role by occasionally leading a junior team in the ad technology department. In this position, the Advertising Technology Manager prioritizes ad technology projects and assigns personnel to specific tasks in order to complete tasks effectively and in a timely manner while still maintaining high quality.

The Advertising Technology Manager has a priority to ensure that all activities of the junior ad technology team are inclined towards the achievement of the advertising and sales department’s overall objectives and targets. In his managerial position, the Advertising Technology Manager also leads the team in brainstorming efforts and avails solutions for any arising issues in the department.

Strategy: The Advertising Technology Manager plays a strategic role by developing the junior ad technology team processes inclusive of the management process for ad-related issues. In this capacity, the Advertising Technology Manager also sets up and manages ad units that utilize the business’s existing ad server setups.

The Advertising Technology Manager also builds new platforms for advertising projects and acquires new technological and digital advertising channels, platforms, among other possibilities that the business can exploit. He sets up technological measures that optimize the business’s sales process through effective advertisement from offer to invoice; this is coupled with the efficient exploitation of CRM tools.

Collaboration: The role of the Advertising Technology Manager is also highly collaborative. In this capacity, the Advertising Technology Manager is the lead voice between the sales department, finance and IT departments with regard to all ad technology projects. He also works closely with other advertising team managers in developing campaign workflows inclusive of ad campaign set ups, optimizations, and troubleshooting.

In this collaboration, he serves in training advertising, sales, marketing, and IT personnel in the use/execution of ad technology processes. The Advertising Technology Manager works with senior advertising technology management and ensures that they are kept informed of the progress of all technology related ad projects. In this capacity, the Advertising Technology Manager also makes the necessary coordination with third party vendors as is necessary.

It is also necessary that the Advertising Technology Manager provides support during site launches or updates, clarifying on all technical issues of technologically related advertising programs.

Analytics: The Advertising Technology Manager plays an analytical role, where he acts as an expert of the business’ ad technology capabilities, reporting metrics, proposing future enhancements and tool adoption, and understanding on behalf of the business how all these relate to the digital landscape as well as how they will boost advertising efforts and sales.

The Advertising Technology Manager plays the role of testing and measuring new types of ad technology products prior to their acceptance by the department. The Advertising Technology Manager additionally analyzes ad server reports in an effort to identify ad issues and improvement areas.

He evaluates technology-driven ad opportunities, organizes, consolidates, and makes sense of raw data and information, bringing forth actionable insights that lead to the realization of actionable strategies and solutions.

Knowledge and Opportunity: It is also the duty of the Advertising Technology Manager to identify any technical requirements, which ensures that all ad technology solutions support and meet sales and revenue excellence. In this capacity, he raises and provides early warning signs in case ad technology initiatives are redundant or ineffective.

At this capacity, the Advertising Technology Manager carries out market research and keeps the business informed on industry trends and best practices. The Advertising Technology Manager recommends new ad technology systems and discovers new and improved tools that lead to the achievement of greater efficiency in advertising technology for the business.

Other Duties: The Advertising Technology Manager also performs other similar duties as he deems fit for the proper execution of his functions or duties delegated by the Senior Advertising Manager, Senior Advertising Technology Manager, Head of Advertising Technology, Director of Advertising, Chief Sales Officer, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Advertising Technology Manager

Education: The Advertising Technology Manager must have a bachelor’s degree in Sales, Marketing, Computer Science, Software Engineering, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same is also acceptable for the position.

Experience: A candidate for the position must have had at least 2 years of working experience in ad technology, preferably working as junior support personnel of the ad technology department of a business in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment. The candidate must also demonstrate some experience in the integration of ads in apps or websites. He will also have gathered basic experience working with standard internet technologies, for example, HTTP, JavaScript, HTML, and XML.

A suitable candidate will also have had some experience working in display and video advertisement, for example, tracking, formats, and reporting. The candidate will also possess experience in the workings of online and mobile advertising as well as online ad serving across mobile, web, and video platforms.

Communication Skills: Communications skills, both in verbal and in written form, are absolutely necessary for the position of Advertising Technology Manager. Communication skills will ensure that the performance of all cooperating and supporting personnel is effective and that the execution of their duties is smooth and efficient. This is due to the clarity of information and instruction conveyed upon them by the Advertising Technology Manager.

The communication skills of the Advertising Technology Manager are also important for conveying technical information to collaborating personnel as well as other advertising teams in a manner they resonate with and can understand. These skills will also be important in drawing reports, presentation, and proposals, which must be drawn in a clear concise, unambiguous, and convincing manner.

Ms Office: A candidate for the position will demonstrate proficiency in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, and PowerPoint, which are necessary in the creation of both visually and verbally engaging reports, presentations, proposals, and materials for senior ad technology management, and collaborating personnel.

Technological Savvy/Analytical Skills: Being in a technological position, the candidate for the position must be highly technologically adept. He must be familiar with the workings of numerous web, app, and mobile platforms where technological advertising campaigns are launched. The candidate must also be highly proficient in the workings of HTTP, JavaScript, HTML, and XML.

The candidate will demonstrate an ability to analyze raw data and information and draw reports and recommendations that back up assumptions and drive results. He will also have an in-depth knowledge of the workings of ad serving technology, for example, template creation as well as the workings of DFP, DSM, and SSP platforms.

Interpersonal Skills: A suitable candidate will also be proactive, have an ability to work independently with minimal supervision, be comfortable working in a group setting, be open-minded and receptive to change, and have a constant thirst for knowledge. He must also have an ability to work independently as well as with a team, have strong attention to detail, understand and be able to communicate technical issues effectively, and demonstrate composure in times of uncertainty.

People Skills: The candidate must be a relatable, likable, and approachable individual who is capable of creating strong, meaningful, and long-lasting relationships with the people around them. This makes it easy to influence the junior ad technology and collaborating personnel while instilling trust in senior ad technology personnel who will trust in his insights.

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