Advertising Sales Manager

The Advertising Sales Manager primarily identifies, prioritizes, pursues and closes potential new consumers, ensuring that opportunities are maximized upon in order to facilitate the achievement of current and long-term sales profit and revenue plans. The Advertising Sales Manager performs duties inclusive of negotiation, and external and internal communication for the purpose of ensuring that all opportunities to drive sales volume are capitalized on.

The candidate handed this position will be responsible for advertising sales, inclusive of print and online advertising efforts. The Advertising Sales Manager will have a keen understanding of the market opportunities, industry, and audience for the assigned properties inclusive of growing and managing the market, establishing strategic partnerships, and closely working with consumers and prospective consumers in an effort to develop standards as well as unique advertising programs for the business.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Advertising Sales Manager

Management: The Advertising Sales Manager handles all of the business’s advertising campaigns from their conceptualization to their completion. He is tasked with driving the implementation of consumer plans across multiple products and teams. In his managerial post, the Advertising Sales Manager manages time effectively in order to prospect, grow the existent consumer base, follow up on prospective accounts, and manage the administrative junior department responsibilities.

In this capacity, the Advertising Sales Manager articulates the departmental values and vision as well as those of the overall business to junior advertising sales personnel working directly under his supervision.

Knowledge and Opportunity: The Advertising Sales Manager is tasked with identifying, prioritizing, and closing new consumers in order to meet the business’s ad sales revenue and profit targets. The Advertising Sales Manager develops, closes, and manages a pipeline of consumers and prospective consumers and expands these groups’ understanding of the business’s digital and publication platforms. In this capacity, the Advertising Sales Manager is responsible for ensuring the attainment of new business by employing aggressive advertising techniques.

He also represents the business in industry events, seminars, trade shows, workshops, and meetings to the external business partners and potential consumers in an effort to promote the business/product/service further. The Advertising Sales Manager gathers knowledge that keeps the business at par with the latest advertising trends and industry best practices, which keeps the business at par with competition and promotes the success of ad sales initiatives.

Strategy: The Advertising Sales Manager also plays a strategic role in the advertising sales department where he effectively manages the business’s ad sales pipeline and develops a strategy for the long-term sustained success of the ad sales department. In this position he assists in the planning, developing, and evaluating of new consumer-driven advertising initiatives on a consistent basis, developing and acting upon marketing opportunities, based on consumer needs in order to guarantee consumer satisfaction.

The Advertising Sales Manager also creates and continuously improves advertising sales materials, documentation, presentations as well as all of the business’s products, establishing individual goals for junior advertising sales personnel that ensure the success of advertising sales efforts at this level and the achievement of ad sales goals and targets.

Research and Analytics: The Advertising Sales Manager also plays a research role in the ad sales department for new advertising approaches that will lead to the capture of new markets. In the same capacity, he conducts analyses and evaluation of the existent advertising sales approaches and their effectiveness. The Advertising Sales Manager also conducts weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual sales pipeline management and forecasting.

In this role, the Advertising Sales Manager works with the analytics department in growing and developing the business’s sales advertising proposals and presentations for senior management.

Relationships: The Advertising Sales Manager is also in charge of developing and maintaining excellent relationships with consumers, external partners, and collaborating teams. He ensures strong and continuing relationships as well as continuing flow of information in order to deliver the business’s objectives. He develops and maintains a positive reputation for the business in the industry/market, establishing it as a leader and a reliable organization.

The Advertising Sales Manager also maintains healthy relationships with senior sales management through clear communication of the progress of sales advertising campaigns to this senior management and other key stakeholders, providing exceptional consumer insights with a focus on the needs of consumers.

Collaboration: The role of the Advertising Sales Manager is also a collaborative role, where he closely works with the key account department in building and maintaining high-value consumers to the business in order to achieve sales targets continuously. He also works hand in hand with senior advertising sales management in negotiating contracts with consumers on behalf of the business and in accordance with the business’s overall objectives. The Advertising Sales Manager additionally coordinates with the creative, production, and management departments in developing advertisement materials and catchy/attractive marketing concepts.

Other Duties: The Advertising Sales Manager performs other related duties assigned or as he deems necessary in the execution of his functions or duties as specified by the Senior Advertising Sales Manager, Head of Advertising Sales, Chief of Sales, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Advertising Sales Manager

Education: The Advertising Sales Manager has to have a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: A candidate for this position has to have had at least 2 years of working experience in advertising sales experience, working as junior support personnel in the department. The candidate will also demonstrate experience working with CRM systems as well as having experience working in digital/website advertising programs and campaigns or a comparable experience.

A suitable candidate will also have a proven and successful track record of influencing, meeting, and exceeding advertising sales targets as well as the business’s overall targets set by the business.

Communication Skills: Communication skills are an absolute necessity for this position, both in written and in verbal form. The Advertising Sales Manager has to have exceptional communication skills and even stronger negotiation skills in order to influence the growth of the sales volume for the business. Communication skills will be necessary for the Advertising Sales Manager during interactions with existent consumers and prospective consumers in terms of retention and acquisition respectively. Effective communication with the consumers will heavily influence their inclination towards the business and, therefore, influence advertisement sales performance.

The Advertising Sales Manager will also need exceptional communication skills if the junior advertising sales department is to be effective in its performance. These skills will also be necessary in the creation of advertising materials that will be used in advertising campaigns and ultimately impact the sales performance of the business. The Advertising Sales Manager must also demonstrate excellent communication skills that are necessary for drafting clear, concise, easy-to-understand, and convincing reports and presentations for senior management, relevant stakeholders, and collaborating personnel, demonstrating an ability to tailor messages uniquely for each group.

Ms Office: The Advertising Sales Manager must demonstrate proficiency in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, and PowerPoint, which are necessary for the creation of visually, and verbally engaging reports and presentations for the senior sales advertising management, senior sales executives, relevant stakeholders, and collaborating personnel.

Technological Savvy/Analytical Skills: In a world that has widely accepted technology and technological communication channels in their day to day lives, it is imperative that the Advertising Sales Manager be technologically adept in order to be able to effectively reach consumers and prospects through advertising campaigns launched on these channels.

A candidate must therefore be proficient in the workings of channels such as email, social media, and keep up with any up any upcoming channels. The Advertising Sales Manager also has to demonstrate a keen interest in performance analyses as well as the insights drawn from these. This is in order to constantly review advertising sales campaign initiatives, drawing constant insights on performance improvements.

Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for the position must be an excellent team player, be persuasive with an ability to overcome objections, be self-motivated, and have an ability to thrive in a fast-paced, environment. He must also have an ability to work effectively within a group setting, be highly creative, be target driven being able to work with minimal supervision, be consumer-oriented with a have a good sense of humor, and demonstrate composure in times of uncertainty.

People Skills: An Advertising Sales Manager must also have a natural/organic ability to establish lasting and meaningful relationships that will enable him to lure prospective consumers and retain existent ones in the business, leading to constant achievement of sales targets. He must be approachable and likeable, which will make it easier for supporting sales advertising personnel to follow in his directives and earn him the trust of senior management.

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